Peek Into My Week : Meal Planning

Peek Into My Week : Meal Planning

I love seeing how people set up different systems that work for them and while meal planning around here isn’t perfect (far from it in the summer), I thought you might like to see what’s working for us right now. I’m sharing a couple helpful resources and the new Weekly Menu Planning Notepad from the shop. I hope this peek inspires you and helps you find success in your meal planning.

Homekeeping Planner / Menu Planning Notepad / BH&G Meal Planning Magazine / Favorite Cookbooks

I’ve kept this ‘magazine’ in my purse for a couple months and keep pulling it out while waiting for appointments and sports practices, etc. It’s a phenomenal resource and better than most meal prep books I’ve seen. Worth the higher than typical magazine price – I found it at our local Target, here it is on Amazon too.

I love cookbooks, like really love them. If you would prefer to look for recipes online, I do that too but I still love thumbing through a cookbook for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite cookbooks. When I find a recipe that I want to try online I will print it out and if it makes it into the rotation for our meals, it goes into our recipe binder. I have a printable Dinner Rotation & Meal Planning Guide here in the shop too – this includes the printable recipe binder I use.

You’ll also notice that all the *new* paper products (and some other paper products) are marked down to celebrate the launch – grab them before the price goes back up 7/15!

You’ve got to see how the Menu Planner Notepad works – I use it next to my Homekeeping Planner as I plan out the week. I jot down the plan first on the notepad, make the shopping list, take note of anything that I might want to hold over for next week and then transfer the meals into my Homekeeping Planner. When I’m ready to go to the store or place a grocery order, I tear off the list and take it with me. The Menu Planner portion can be hung on the fridge or a bulletin board or put on the cookbook holder. It’s my favorite tool – so handy and a great small-ish sheet that can remind and be accessed by those inquiring about ‘what’s for dinner?’

What’s working for you for menu planing this summer? Have a favorite go-to meal? Share it in the comments!

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