My Thirty and a Giveaway

My Thirty and a Giveaway


Last week, Janie started our thankful for posts for November and her list was simple and glorious. Jana's post was wonderful as well, full of the things that make her grateful right now. I've been doing the #30daysofgratitude on Facebook this month and although I worried about finding 30 things, so far it's been a snap because I am so very blessed. 

So, in the spirit of Janie's list and the month of November being a time to especially recognize how rich we are, here are 30 simple things, in no particular order, that remind me daily, of my sumptuous life:

  1. Books
  2. Snow
  3. Our peach tree
  4. Pie
  5. Work days with Liz
  6. Sitting on the dock dangling my feet in the bay
  7. Boat rides
  8. Hydrangeas
  9. Beer-30s
  10. Freshly sharpened pencils and new notebooks
  11. Writing first thing in the morning
  12. My writing sweater, the one with the holes
  13. Having guest authors on my blog
  14. Walking the 'hood with my neighbor Mary
  15. Long talks with Moe
  16. Any time spent with Grandboy, Son, and DIL
  17. Flannel sheets
  18. Pandora playing the music I love
  19. The scent of snow as it falls
  20. My office
  21. French butter
  22. Mani/Pedis
  23. Royalty checks
  24. Getting notes from readers
  25. The pool
  26. My Christmas cactus is blooming
  27. Old Christmas movies, new Christmas movies
  28. Coffee first thing in the morning
  29. I'm still moving
  30. Cuddling with Husband
I could have gone way past much abundant joy in my life and this exercise has made me realize that the list of unjoyful things would be much harder to make. Talk to me. Tell me at least three simple things that make your life rich. On Saturday, I'll randomly choose a commenter and make their life richer with a $5 Amazon gift card.

Stay well, stay safe, wear your mask, and most of all, stay grateful!

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