My Goals for 2021: Week 41 of 52

My Goals for 2021: Week 41 of 52

This post contains affiliate links. I just realized there are only 11 weeks left in 2021!  Eek!  I’ve completed several of my goals, but there are several, namely blog related goals, that I haven’t really started on.  I better get busy!

Here are my goals for 2021: Week 41 of 52:

My 2020 Weight Loss Results
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What I Accomplished This Week

Walk an average of 28 minutes a day for six days this week.

No.  I was on track for this, but then I had to skip Thursday (and I already skipped a day earlier in the day) because I was thought I was getting a second opinion from the mold remediation company, and he was scheduled to come early.  Only problem was that there was a miscommunication, and he’s actually not scheduled to come until next week!  I exercised 152 minutes this week over 5 days, giving me 30.4 minutes per day.

Find five topics to write about for my freelance work.


Give the girls their quarterly grades.

Yes!  Our first quarter is officially in the books, and we’re ready to start our second quarter next week.

Create the girls’ assignments for next quarter.

Yes.  This takes me about 5 to 8 hours for each girl, but then, for the rest of the quarter, all I have to do is look at their assignment sheet and know what is due any given day.  I have no planning to do for 10 weeks after I complete their quarterly assignments.  It’s wonderful.

Have another freezer cooking session for me.

Paleo Freezer Cooking October 2021

Yes!  I took advantage of some cool days this week, and now I have a rotation of about five meals in the freezer for me.  Then, I just need to pull out my own homemade freezer meal when I serve the family something I can’t eat right now.

Take a virtual college tour with Bookworm.

No.  We’re waiting.  I’m hoping that numbers of cases will continue to drop so we can get a fuller, in-person tour experience.  (Right now, the campus tours are outdoors, and prospective students aren’t allowed indoors.)

Goals for This Week

Here are my goals for next week:

  • Walk an average of 30 minutes a day for five days this week.
  • Find five topics to write about in October for my freelance work.
  • Plan out the next five blog posts for Mom’s Plans and write the first two and schedule them.
  • Go to bed by 9:30 every night.
  • Get a second opinion on the mold situation (this time from the owner of the company).
  • Stock up and organize the pantry.  (I’m planning a trip to Trader Joe’s this week as well as placing an order with Butcher Box; I went to Costco last night.  My plan is to stay mostly out of the stores for the next two months during the Christmas shopping frenzy.)
  • Find two slow cooker recipes to make next week.
  • Update two blog posts for SEO.

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