Moving into a new home...


I am no stranger to moving. Let’s just say I have probably moved more times than years I have been alive. I’ve lived in many cities (New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco, Austin, Dallas and Houston). I’ve moved across the country, across two of the largest states a few times over and I can remember every single home that I lived in. And exactly two weeks ago today, we moved into our new home. There is nothing more exciting for me than moving into a new home, a fresh slate, fresh sheets, a new start, not to mention, a new decorating project.
They say moving is one of the most stressful life changes that humans experience. However, unlike most people, I actually enjoy moving and I find that after every move, I feel more inspired, alive and ready for more in life.

Because this move has been a little bit of a different experience for me, I felt compelled to make some notes about what I experienced and learned from the process.

I’m typically the type that likes to move in and unpack quickly. I like to be set up and settled in my new home as soon as possible. I like to make sure the bed is fresh and new, kitchen is stocked and ready for guests and my bathtub is complete with candles and face masks. It usually feels like a whirlwind and I don’t pay much attention to what I’m bringing into my new space.


This move, we decided to be mindful, to take our time deciding what should stay, what should go, where things should get placed and what we want to create with the space. We decided to be intentional with how we set things up and what energy each piece brought into our home.

I will add that I’m very lucky that my love is open to my woo-woo ways. I think I hooked him with just one episode of Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. Next thing I knew, he was the one pushing me to thank things for what they’ve given me in life and then give them away. He helped remind me that our new home is an opportunity to create our new life, to begin to create new habits, new structures in our life. For example in our new home, we have plenty of space for more dishware, so we could actually entertain a larger amount of people in our home. We have more space for an extra recycling trash in our kitchen. It’s the small everyday habits that lead to your lifestyle. We intentionally made decisions based on the people we want to be, not based on how we’ve done things in the past.


So, we set the intention of using this move as a way to elevate to our next level. To intentionally create space for new memories, opportunities and habits for our family.

With each box I unpacked, I made more of an effort to connect with everything I allowed into the home and felt myself easily letting go of things that did not represent my best and highest self. We discussed and connected with the memories of where we’ve been and we allowed our home to help refine and edit our things and be the creator of where we are going.

The energy in our home is lighter and brighter than where we lived before. We can physically feel the way a cleansing of clutter feels. Even the smallest things feel more elevated in our new home, a high vibe for us and our little baby boy sleeps better in our new home than he had the week prior in our old space.


Looking back over the last 3.5 years of living in the same high rise building in 3 different apartments, I realized more than ever how each place carried along with it a different theme in my life. I was incredibly emotional thinking about how much that building had to do with so many of my life’s unforgettable memories…writing my book, creating new ideas, falling in love, becoming a mommy, etc. Each chapter is defined by the home in which the memory was created.

When I first moved into the building, see photos here , I had absolutely no idea where it would lead me to today. It makes that old saying really ring true…”it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The home is such an important part of the journey, isn’t it?

When I experienced those huge life changes, my space was painted in all black, my home was curated with ornate, glamorous decor and it smelled of Sandalwood & Myrrh. I can transport to that place when I need to go back and remember those memories. My beautiful home helped with that. When I think back on the places I lived that I didn’t put much thought into decorating and curating, the memories within that space aren’t as clear and impactful.

In your new home, you get to create the signature of your space, the stamp / brand of that chapter in your life. Are you creating the backdrop of your life to support your dreams?

(Pink lights in our new kitchen)


I find that a lot of times people hold off on painting or making renovations to their home until they move in to their dream home or until they finally purchase a home. But it’s so important to remember that ANY space you live in WILL be permanently attached to the memories it holds.

You can get creative with the way you style your space. Paint and fabric go a long way! There’s a really cute book by my friend Chelsea, Rental Style that can give you some ideas if you’re not wanting to make permanent changes. Try to remember that setting up your home should be a process, not an all-at-once event. Here’s a few things you can think about when you are planning to move into a new home:

  1. How does the natural light work in this space? Will you need to invest in some lighting. I personally love the HUE lightbulbs, you can choose from the rainbow of colors that you want to see in your space. Colors of light can heal, enhance and uplift you, instantly.

  2. How does the wall color make me feel? Do I need to add some colors that comfort me? The fastest and easiest way to do this is fabrics. Work on getting drapery and window treatments done first. They make a huge difference in how cozy a home feels.

    3. How does the chi enter the home? Naturally, I like to asses the Feng Shui in the space before I even think about moving in. However, if you’re just getting started or have just moved in, the most important point is the entrance. It’s where the energy comes in the home Aka where new, exciting opportunities enter your home. If you make sure to clean up and decorate your entryway, you will ensure that only positive energy enters the space. I like to keep black tourmaline at the entrance of my home, it protects bad vibes from coming in. You can learn all about how to decorate your home with crystals here.

    4. Flowers will help you settle in more quickly. Flowers hold a lot of energy, really abundant, powerful energy. So, you’ll definitely want to bring in your favorite flowers with you when you move in. Moving can be stressful, daunting and draining. Flowers will help to combat those low level vibrations and pull you into your most abundant, beautiful energy.

Even if you are convinced you aren’t living in your dream home you might as well make the best of what you’re living with right now. I can promise you that when you do begin to do that, you’ll be amazed by how much faster you become a magnet to your desires & dreams! What is your home saying about your desires?

(pretty tulips on our dining table)


One of the things on our list is a bigger dining table. However, we have a list of several things we want for our new home. So, how are we supposed to not feel overwhelmed when the list feels so long? My favorite way to keep my mindset from experiencing anxiety and overwhelm when moving into a new home is to make an actual plan for the things that that I want to buy. I do all of my notes and lists in my bullet journal so that I keep it all in one place. I begin by making a big list of the experiences at home that are most important to me.

For example:

  1. Comfortable sleep

  2. Family dinners + entertaining

  3. A place to focus when working at home

  4. Organization for shoes

    …….you get the idea of the list.

    Then you can draw a line down the middle of page and on the right you can make a list of the items you want to purchase to fulfill your home priorities.

On our list, we put sleeping at the TOP of our list, so our first investment was in a brand new mattress, this incredibly beautiful bed, new sheets and pillows. Next on the list is family dinners at home with room to entertain more people so a dining table is the next priority on our list. When you make your list this way, you can really be mindful about your decisions, budget accordingly and estimate when you’ll be making the bigger purchases.

And then you can go down the list as each new month comes up to purchase the smaller things and scratch them off your list. It’s also very helpful so that you can make smarter purchases that all go together instead of buying things at random. Having a plan helps you to stay on budget, make smarter decisions and most importantly it keeps your mind organized and free or random stressful thinking.

I hope you found this post to be helpful, I think you will like this post, too.

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