Mother’s Day Ideas for Special Ladies

Mother’s Day Ideas for Special Ladies

It is that time of year when we celebrate our mothers. Sometimes, we have other special ladies in our lives that we want to celebrate as well. Here are some ideas and suggestions for creating a special day for that special lady.
I don't know about you, but I always appreciated the special gifts that my children made for me. I took a couple of pictures to share some with you. Of course, over the years there have been many others, but they have been carefully put away and I can't access them at the moment.
Candles and vases have always been popular. These ones are a little worse for wear, but they still grace the shelves as a reminder of my children.
A little paint and glitter can turn a simple picture frame into a work of art. This was done by my granddaughter.
Word art is another great way to create something special. Here are some samples.

As I thought back over my days of teaching, I remember doing so many special crafts and activities with my students. Unfortunately, I didn't keep pictures of them. Here are some of the ideas that you might be interested in trying.
A recipe book with special recipes from family members
A calendar with special photographs and dates
A small jewelry box made of popsicle sticks
A modge podge flower pot with a plant
A collage
A book of poems or special memories
A pencil holder made from a tin can with cinnamon sticks around the outside

This word art was created for a different purpose, but it could also work for this occasion. Just add a picture of Mom and a special word that is her power word. Mine is Believe, so this was the one I created.

Here are some booklets, certificates, and special coupons that I created. You can find them my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click on the images below to get them.

Special cards are also a hit for most moms. Here are a couple that I created today.
Here are some other products that I created a few years ago. Sometimes we have a special lady we want to honor. These writing papers, cards, and covers are also useful for them.
Click on the image below if you would like a sample card and writing sheet.
Hopefully these ideas and products will help you to celebrate your special day with a loved one.
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