Monday, when you are dragging, do something fun!

Monday, when you are dragging, do something fun!

 Since I was having a hard time getting myself motivated to get anything done, I decided to work on a long overdue project. We have been in this house now for a little over two years and I have yet to get the Master bedroom and bath the way I want them and as I had gathered most of the things, I decided to get that done-on Saturday!

This involved three trips to Wally world, to exchange things, and a trip to a secondhand store to buy a large picture frame. But I got the Master bedroom and bath exactly the way I wanted them except for one picture that needs to be reframed (might have that done professionally)

As you know I can hold onto things and repurpose things over and over.  I had to laugh as I perused the things was replacing.  Two gold bath sheets that were over 27 years old. A shower curtain that daughter had, had in her house before she got rid of it, and I nabbed it, that was at least 15 years old.

Of course, Kim got out her spray paint and went to town saving, lamp shades, a trash can that I know is over 20 years old, A picture frame and some decor and a shelf for the bathroom.  All of these things I have had for years, and they have been painted and repainted.

I love Navy and white I think it is so crisp and clean.  When I was in St. Louis at my niece's wedding, I picked up a duvet cover and sheets in a navy and white.  I needed to replace a set of sheets that were pilly and old. While I was with Sissy shopping, I was able to find some really nice regular pillowcases in navy and white stripe.

The pillows on our bed desperately needed replaced.  They were flat and awful.  My Sissie also had a mattress topper on her bed that I just loved.  After staying at nice places with nice linens I was inspired to do something about our bed. Here are the results and it is so comfortable.  The topper made all the difference on this old mattress.

I sprayed the lamp shades, and the lamps I found at Wal mart 75% off.  Even the clerk said she was thinking of getting the lamps I found for $5.76 a piece.  The old brass ones will go in the spare room. I also found this huge picture frame with glass for the girl's photo.  It was just in a cheap plastic frame that we had from an old poster.  I went to a secondhand store and bought the frame with the mat, and it was 50% off day so I purchased it for $4.36.  Then I spray painted the frame navy blue.  It now is matted and has glass and looks better.

This pillow was purchased in Hawaii, and I kept the dresser scarf, and the antique rocker with the same light grey upholstery that I did about a year ago. Now the green picture of hubs and I am going to have done by someone else. 

See the mirror?  That was on the servant's staircase at the big house that my stepdad was raised in, in Sweden.  He remembers the servants checking their uniforms and hair in it, before they went down to take care of things during parties or to serve dinner.  In the drawer were combs and brushes and lint remover for uniforms.  He and his brothers and sisters were relegated to the upstairs.

I spray painted the shelf and the wall plaque and replaced the rugs which I know were 15 years old.  I had the master bath in our old house done in sage green and gold, for 22 years.  I think I got the goody out of my things. I am really happy with this and so is hubs.

I did want to put up room darkening shade and reuse long navy curtains from Lil sis's house but hub's nicked that idea.  He just like the windows the way they are, and I do have to take his feeling into account.

So, it was a busy all day getting things painted and placed where I wanted them.  I am happy and this will last a long, long time, I am sure.

On Sunday we did the missionary loop.  I had made a huge pot of stew on Saturday, and we ate off that.  I am taking the remainder to Lil sis for her boyfriend for dinner along with homemade biscuits.

By the way I had 3 wedding dresses come in today and I have to get one that came in last week ready for a fitting tomorrow.  Lots of hand work. So, no rest for the wicked here.  I want to make a large batch of Sour cream sugar cookies to frost with Schmills and Kelsa this week.  So, Kim is back on the run again. I am so glad she is back.

By the way last Friday after Nate picked up Kelsa, I slept all Friday afternoon.  It was lovely no clients.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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