Monday January 17  2022 Catherine Cetta

Monday January 17 2022 Catherine Cetta

Theme:  CODE SWITCH (60. Say "See you mañana," e.g. ... and a hint to each set of circles)

18. Coen Brothers' "Best Original" Oscar-winning output for "Fargo": SCREENPLAY. Penal code.

24. Weather warning on your cellphone, e.g.: TEXT ALERT. Tax code.

39. Informal name for the classic painting "Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1": WHISTLER'S MOTHER. Morse code.

50. Sleight-of-hand swindle: SHELL GAME. Legal code.

Boomer here.  

In Minnesota, CODE rhymes with COLD and that's what we get in the North Star State. I have a couple of visits to the VA this week for sessions in physical therapy and occupational therapy.  I am pretty sure I can limp through the first one, and since the only occupation I have now is the Monday blog, we will see how the therapy works. Next week ---- Radiation !


1. Toon frames: CELS.  We just do not see as many cartoons on TV as when I was a kid.

5. Honking birds: GEESE. I do remember these guys honking up at North Star Lake.

10. U.S. state that hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics: UTAH.  Famous for the Mormon religion.

14. Declare openly: AVOW.

15. Comparable to a beet: AS RED.  Or as a radish.

16. Prefix with physics: META.

17. Like collectible coins: RARE.  Like a sirloin steak too.

20. Roll with the punches: ADAPT. Cassius Clay was the Greatest. 

22. Egypt's Mubarak: HOSNI.

23. Before, to a bard: ERE.  "And I heard him exclaim ERE he rode out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,"

26. Lukewarm: TEPID.  That would be me, using my walker.

28. Detroit labor gp.: UAW.  United Auto Workers. They get a lot of attention.  Prices of cars are going through the roof right now.

29. Amtrak express: ACELA.  I have never been on Amtrak.

31. Add, as to a list: APPEND.

35. To's counterpart: FRO.

36. "__ girl!": encouraging words: ATTA.

42. Ships' records: LOGS.  Need a few for our fireplace.

43. Yalie: ELI.

44. Like favorite car radio stations: PRESET.  I have one station PRESET, but mostly I listen to Simon and Garfunkel, courtesy of  Desper Otto.  Our new Santa Fe does not have a CD player.

45. Ibsen's "__ Gabler": HEDDA. Or Ms. Hopper.

47. Actor Stephen: REA.

48. Siri counterpart: ALEXA.  Ask and she will tell you where to go.

56. Green expanse: LEA.

57. Greek i's: IOTAS.  Too small to count.

59. Shipwreck site: SHOAL.

63. Rice-like pasta: ORZO.

64. Small bills: ONES.  The first ONES were issued in 1862 with a Salmon Chase photo

65. Freeze over: ICE UP.  I am sure that every lake in Minnesota had this feature today 

66. Resign, with "down": STEP.  I can think of a name or two, but nooo politics.

67. Senator's helper: AIDE.

68. Mississippi quartet: ESSES.  YESSSS indeed.

69. Stun with a zapper: TASE.


1. Diamond weight: CARAT.

2. Sidestep: EVADE.

3. "I speak for the trees" Seuss character: LORAX.

4. Won every game: SWEPT.

5. Fuel from a pump: GAS.

6. Abstain from: ESCHEW. If you had trouble with 68 across, maybe you might CHEW on a few ESSESS

7. There's one in "beleive": ERROR.  I before E, except after C or when sounded like A like in Neighbor and Weigh.  4th grade spelling.

8. Reel from a bang on the head: SEE STARS.  Too cold here to sleep under the STARS.

9. Biblical garden: EDEN.  Home of previous Vikings Coach Bud Grant, EDEN Prairie Minnesota.

10. Strike caller: UMP.  Casey at the Bat was dealing with a blind one. 

11. Mind readers: TELEPATHS.

12. Gaming brand since 1972: ATARI.  I wasted many hours playing on mine.

13. Cut and collected in bales: HAYED.

19. After-dark period, in ads: NITE.  Crossword spelling. Can't you write NIGHT??

21. Tease: TAUNT.

25. Served, as soup: LADLED.  I just tip the pan into the bowl.

27. Delight to the max: ELATE.

30. Force, as to do something: COMPEL.

31. Boring tool: AWL.  We sold these at Graybar but I was never sure why an electrician needed one.

32. Vietnamese soup: PHO.

33. Stubborn in a porcine way: PIG-HEADED.  Again NOOOO politics.

34. Southeast England county: ESSEX.

35. Thu. follower: FRI.  The end of the work week for many.

37. Golf driving aid: TEE.  I have hundreds in the bag.  I use wood, not plastic.

38. Part of MoMA: ART.

40. Stretchy things: ELASTICS.  In the hospital the VA gave me STRETCHY socks that had little pieces of rubber sewn into them for a grip on the floor.  They did not work!  I had to be very careful getting out of bed.

41. Grad school grillings: ORALS.

46. Speaker's stand: DAIS.

47. Save: RESCUE.

48. Big name in foil: ALCOA.  I am sure everyone uses aluminum foil.  But there is also a market for huge diameter Aluminum Wire. 

49. "Madam Secretary" star Téa: LEONI.

51. Despises: HATES.  Not a word in my vocabulary.  Unless you are talking about Cancer.

52. Halloween sheet wearer: GHOST.  Bad for trick-or-treaters,  They need to SEE where they are going.

53. Big blood vessel: AORTA.  Thankfully mine still works.  I cannot say that for my other body parts.

54. Lab rats' challenges: MAZES.

55. Say "I do" without the ado: ELOPE.

58. Bruise, to a tot: OWIE.  I seem to have an OWIE in my left instep.

61. Opposite of WNW: ESE.  "East is East and West is West"

62. Some PCs: HPS.  Short for HICCUPS?


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