Mini Handheld Automatic Wireless Printer

Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Printer, Copier, & Fax Machine Circuit Boards
Price: 399.99

This handheld printer is suitable for printing digital, code, bar code, picture, time, date, counter or logos, etc. Comes with a high-definition quick-drying black ink cartridge. This handheld printer can print on a variety of materials, meet a variety of demands printing work.

The handheld printer can 360° print a variety of contents, including Text, Variable Serial Numbers, Symbols, Qr codes, Variable Barcodes, Pictures, Time, Production Date, Counter, etc. Comes with a high-definition quick-drying black ink cartridge. A handheld inkjet printer can be printed on many materials, such as cartons, stone, wood, pipe, metal, glass, plastic, clothes, etc. When printing on a curved, uneven, or rough surface, using the assistive tools sheet metal positioner can have a better printing performance. Great for manufacture, retail, warehouse, logistic, designing workshop, T-shirt DIY studio, etc.

Standard Language: English
Application surface: Glass bottom, Teabox bottom, Bottled detergent bottom, Food Bag, Steel pipe, Aluminum Foil bag, Paper, Paper Bag, Capsule, Paper Tube, Wood Board, Grain board
Voltage: 110V/220V
Dimensions(L*W*H): 21.7CMX13.8CMX5.4CM
Weight: 1.5 KG
Print Dimension: 1-12.7mm
Ink Type: 42ml fast dry solvent ink
Printing Lines: 1-12 lines
Ink capacity: 42ml(can print over 200,0000 2mm size letters)
Print speed: 70m/minute
Memory: Built-in 16G

Package Included:
Please see the image for reference.