Kitchen Boa Pattern With Custom Designs!

Kitchen Boa Pattern With Custom Designs!

Person wearing a kitchen boa scarf with lemon fabric and custom Infusible Ink designs.

Sew and customize an easy kitchen boa pattern with sublimation or Infusible Ink!

Crafts can be more than cute, they can be functional! This kitchen boa pattern is the perfect example. The scarf keeps handy towels at easy access and looks nicer than a rag over the shoulder. With some simple sewing and sublimation steps, you can make the perfect gift for your favorite chef — especially if that’s YOU! We’ll cover both Infusible Ink and printed sublimation designs, so you can pick the technique you prefer. I’ll share free files for both! Sublimation is a great way to customize your kitchen boa so you can wash the scarf without worrying any design bits will get damaged.

Watch the full step-by-step kitchen boa sewing and decorating tutorials:

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