Kickstarter’s New Campaign Is the Sign It’s Time to Start That Side Project

Kickstarter’s New Campaign Is the Sign It’s Time to Start That Side Project

There’s an idea you have always put off, thinking: If I only had more time. Over the past couple weeks, though, circumstances have changed. You now find yourself with a few spare hours to devote to a side project. And Kickstarter wants to help you get it done.

The crowdfunding site has launched a new campaign, Inside Voices, all about celebrating the creative work you can do from the comfort of your own home. Creations like zine PDFs, album downloads, Zoom performance invites, and poetry newsletters can be submitted directly to the site, where they’ll be organized on a special landing page—so you can get some more eyes on your work and reap the financial benefits, too. The types of projects featured vary widely, from an assortment of social distancing achievement stickers to a collection of pottery inspired by the concept of home to a card game with built-in mindfulness benefits.

Need a bit more inspiration to get your vision off the ground? Here are some activities you can turn into your next big idea.

Knit a Cool Collection
One person can only wear so many scarves. If the #Knitflix trend has your needles in constant motion, you might as well make some yarn creations that others can enjoy. Abstract afghans, colorful pot holders, and eclectic crocheted bags are all covetable crafts.

Share Your Best Recipes
Do your friends always ask for the secret ingredient in your famous baked rigatoni? Have you mastered the art of flower-pressed pasta? Share your cooking secrets by way of a cute downloadable zine.

Upgrade Your Spare Textiles
Now is the time to hone your nature dyeing skills to make the most of your food scraps and upcycle the cotton tote bags, spare pillowcases, and old T-shirts that have been collecting dust in your home. Getting resourceful never looked so good.

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