It’s Time to Reveal our August 2022 U-Pick Sewing Project!

It’s Time to Reveal our August 2022 U-Pick Sewing Project!

Welcome back to our U-Pick Sewing series! Are you ready to see what the winning project is? I hope you got a chance to vote every day because voting is now over and it’s time to find out which project won.

I’ll only have time to sew up one of these ideas and write the pattern for you. That’s why I always spend a lot of time trying to pick the projects to let you vote from. I want them to be fun and easy things that you really want to make!

So which project do you think won?

Remember, I haven’t made this yet or written the tutorial. You’ll have to give me a few weeks to work on it before I share the tutorial or pattern here on my blog.

This month, the voting was SO close! I had to keep checking back to see which project was going to win.

In the end, most of you (by a very slim margin) want me to make the Double Sided Zipper Case!

My Ideas for Sewing This Project

I can tell that you’re not afraid of sewing on vinyl, because our inspiration case has vinyl on one side and part of the top! Why should you be? It’s fun and easy to do if you follow my tips.

For the fabric on the rest of the bag, I think first I’ll try the fusing technique that I used on my DIY Hang Up Organizer. It will give us double sided fabric that is slightly stiff – perfect for a zipper case! We can then use matching fabric for binding the seams, which will make the bound edges less noticable.

Do you like the elastic loops? I imagine they must be for putting the case in a d-ring binder. I’m not sure if my kids or I would use the pouch that way, so let me know if you want them in the comments below.

Here are the specific materials I think I will use:

  • Regular quilting cotton – I think a fat quarter will be enough!
  • Handbag zippers (size 4.5 or 5) are my favorite. It looks like I’ll need two that are about 14” long. I always keep ByAnnie Zipper by the Yard on hand ( it is a YKK size 4.5 zipper that’s 4 yards long and comes with 16 pulls so you can use it to make up to 16 zippers in just the sizes you need) but I also have some pretty size 5 zippers with faux metallic teeth that I might use too.
  • As for vinyl, I’ll probably use gauge 14 thickness because it is so versatile. You can find it at the big box fabric stores, or use leftover vinyl from the packages that sheets and shower curtains come in

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t get mad at me if any of these ideas change as I develop my unique pattern.

Watch for my version of this double zipper pencil case in about a week. Then give me a week or so after that to draft the pattern and share it here on my blog. Make sure you are signed up for my free newsletter so you don’t miss it. You will be able to get the free printable PDF on that one day only! Of course you can also catch it later in my shop and I’ll also put it in the library of all the Optimized for Printing PDF Files.

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