“I Always Locked My Bedroom Door At Night”: 72 Interesting, Weird, And Creepy Roommate Stories

“I Always Locked My Bedroom Door At Night”: 72 Interesting, Weird, And Creepy Roommate Stories

It’s 2am, and you’re fast asleep. Dreaming about the amazing pizza you had for dinner and the leftovers you’re going to have for lunch tomorrow. You’re curled up in bed snug as a bug in a rug, and your phone is playing meditation music to help you stay relaxed all night during your slumber. Then BOOM. The front door slams shut, and suddenly you’re awake. You hear the stomping of footsteps echoing through the apartment, and the glass jars in the fridge clang against one another as the door is opened swiftly and then slammed shut. What in the world could that be? You muster up the strength to step out of your bed, slip on your robe and walk to the kitchen to find your roommate, drunkenly devouring your leftover pizza, along with a trail of muddy footprints leading from the front door to the fridge… “Good morning!”

If you attended university or you live in a city where rent prices are ridiculously high, chances are you have experience living with roommates. They might have started off as strangers and quickly become your best friends, or started as your best friends and quickly transformed into your arch enemies. You never know exactly what you’re going to get from a roommate, because you never truly know a person until you live with them. 

One curious Reddit user recently asked others to share their most interesting roommate stories, and boy, did they deliver. We’ve gathered some of the wildest, funniest and most disturbing experiences people have had with roommates down below, so you can either relate to the pain of being stuck in an awful living situation or be thankful that you no longer have to deal with roommates. Be sure to upvote the stories that resonate with you, whether they’re the most wholesome or most terrifying, and let us know in the comments below if you have ever lived with a fascinating person. Then if you’re interested in even more strange roommate stories, be sure to check out this Bored Panda article next.


I’m pretty sure I used to live with a hobbit.

-Man about 5'1", curly brown hair, constantly cheerful demeanor

-Never wore shoes, inside or out

-Literally slept on the floor in what can only be explained as a nest of blankets

-Started a garden and encouraged me to eat his tomatoes all the time

-Would bring home samosas and other goodies, always giving me half just because

-He and his wife had a dream of living off the grid in a tiny home on a truck

I hope he’s doing well

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What is it about living with other people that is so fascinating? Most of us try to be on our best behavior, at least in the beginning, but eventually, every roommate’s true colors will come out. Whether they’re a clean freak who has to scrub the toilet once a day, an extremely light sleeper who will call the cops if your neighbors are playing music past 10pm, or a compulsive liar who concocts elaborate stories to avoid paying rent each month, they cannot hide it forever. When we move in with a significant other, there might be plenty of challenges to navigate as well, but at least there’s love present. We work hard to make compromises for the sake of the relationship, and we are used to communicating with the other person. 

But when it comes to roommates, we might be living with a person who was a complete stranger prior to moving in together, so there are infinite possibilities for how the living situation will be. Cultural differences, vastly different personalities, and various living habits can have a huge impact on whether or not roommates mesh with one another. But if there is mutual respect of the space and one another, in theory, there will be no conflicts. 


I used to live with two strippers. Needless to say, they weren't early risers.

One Sunday morning, we get a knock at the front door. Jehova's Witnesses.

So, K goes to the door, and invites them in for coffee. While buck naked.

K is pretty, ummm, impressive naked. built like Chyna in her prime,lots of tattoos and piercings.

Needless to say, they left, quickly. And we never had missionaries at our door again.

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My roommate once create a whole new lifeform by leaving beans in the fridge until they molded so bad they became pure white. Then she got mad when I threw it away because she was going to use it later.

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Some people prefer living with their very best friends, while others prefer living with complete strangers who they only minimally interact with; there are pros and cons to either situation. There is always a risk when living with people you’re close to that the relationship will be tarnished if your living habits don’t align, so it might be safer to choose a neutral party. However, if you live with someone you don’t know well, it can be difficult to know if they are trustworthy. And they might have plenty of annoying quirks that you were trying to avoid by choosing not to live with your best friend, it will just take time for them to be revealed.

Living with close friends means you always have emotional support at home, and when you’re running out to grab a cup of coffee, you can always ask if they’d like to join you. On the other hand, they might be in your business more than you would like. There’s no bringing dates over without them knowing, and you might feel obligated to invite them to every event you attend. Living with other adults can be a sticky situation for many reasons, especially if your roommate is simply a bizarre person.  


We met when we showed up for dorm room assignments our freshman year of college. Almost 50 years later, we're still the closest of friends. I recently attended his daughter's wedding. A grand affair, because he happens to be uber-wealthy. At one point I found myself choking up, and it wasn't for the bride and groom, it was for John and me. How far we've come from that first awkward handshake a half century ago.


My South Korean roommate in college played StarCraft (2? not sure) welllll into the night. We're talking like I'd be getting up to go to class and he'd be logging off.

It cured my insomnia. Listening to a game in a language I didn't understand was very soothing, apparently, and I went from taking 3-4 hours a night to fall asleep (if I would at all) to falling asleep within 30 seconds of laying my head down.

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There are PLENTY, but one of my roommates used to sleep walk and sleep talk almost every night and I was the only one who'd be awake whenever it would happen.

I'd witness her cleaning our fridge, sealing our opened bag of chips, and i'd hear her quote Shakespeare in her sleep. What made her go back to bed was me asking her to sleep and she'd look at me and close her eyes. Whenever I ask her if she recalled any of it, the answer was always no.

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This list is full of shocking examples of incompetence, like leaving a burrito in the microwave for 40 minutes, and scary situations, like having a roommate who walks and/or talks in their sleep. But having a roommate is not always negative. Sometimes, they might just be fascinating because of how different the two of you are. If you are Muslim and you end up living with a Mormon roommate, you might have some vast religious differences, but you probably have many overlapping morals and lifestyle choices. Plus, you can learn about someone else’s culture if they grew up or currently live quite differently than you do.

And while food is a source of tension for many roommates, as some people feel entitled to take whatever they like even though they didn’t pay for it, it can also be a way to bring housemates together. If your family is Mexican and you know how to make the world’s most delicious chilaquiles, it might be fun to share that with your Italian roommate who has never tried the dish. Sharing meals can be a fun way to bond with your fellow flatmates, and it can also mean a few less meals that you have to cook all by yourself. 


First college roommate rarely did laundry and would "borrow" my underwear - especially for dates - and return them dirty (unwashed).

I told him in unequivocal terms to keep his hands off my junk, but he'd borrow whatever he needed anyway.

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My freshman year college roommate was a random pairing. This kid partied all night and slept all day (legit wouldn’t wake up until 5pm) He goes MIA for like a week. I call my mom because I’m not sure he’s even alive. She searches to see if he has been arrested. Before she can call me back the cops are knocking at our door and ask “have you seen ____” and I say no. Mom calls me back a few minutes later, he had been booked for robbery at a convenience store which was in our dorm building! He tried to hide in an air vent…he made the front page of the campus newspaper, was expelled and I got the whole dorm to myself for the rest of the fall & spring semester

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I had a very religious roommate once named Mike, who thought I was religious too, I guess, and he would often exclaim things like, *"OMG KITTENKLYN! There's so many people outside! We should be EVANGELIZING!"* He would never read any books except the Bible, literally, and he would often pray right in the middle of the common space on his hands and knees. Weird guy, but he always paid his rent on time, kept his dishes clean, and it's hard to find roommates.

Anyway, one day while I was reading a book in the living room, Mike came out looking very concerned and asked to talk.

"I think there's a demon living in this house," he said.

I'm the kind of person who likes to "Yes/And" people, especially when they say something a little crazy. So I asked him to tell me more.

"Well," he started, "Last night I had a dream- no, not a dream, a nightmare. A snake was choking me, and I was fighting with it-" he exaggerated hand movements a little aggressively to demonstrate his wrestling. "Finally I threw it off of me, but then I realized I was awake, so I sat up and looked over at your side of the bed, and that's when I saw it"

"Saw what?" I asked, more excited by the second.

"The demon. The dark cloud man was just standing next to your bed, watching you sleep. He was like a cloudy shadow with white eyes. I think it's possessing the house."

Amazed by what he was saying, I asked what we should do about it.

"Have an exorcism"

I almost spit out my drink. "Well, I've never done that before -"

"I have," he interrupted. So I was like, well if you say so.

Anyway, basically he had blessed holy water (from the tap) and was walking around the room tossing it here and there yelling, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE, DEMON!!"

Meanwhile, I'm trying not to laugh for the whole 30 minutes until he finishes, he's literally sweating in prayer, and finally stands up to say "It is done," and walks to his room. We never talked about it ever again.

I have been lucky to have extremely good luck when it comes to roommates throughout the years, but I have heard dozens of horror stories from friends about living in situations where they did not feel safe or comfortable at all. If you have a lot of trouble dealing with your roommate, there’s a chance you may be living with a control freak. According to GoodTherapy, some of the trademark traits of controlling people include anxiety, jealousy, fear or paranoia, narcissism, micromanagement, bullying or taunting, gaslighting, obsessive thoughts or compulsive actions, being over-protective or helicopter parenting, isolating others from their loved ones, and engaging in physical or emotional abuse. It’s important to understand that if you are in a living situation with a control freak, you have every right to move out, or ask them to, for the sake of your mental health. It might be a difficult situation, but our homes are the most important places for us to feel safe and comfortable. When we can’t even relax there, there is a serious problem. 


My roommate in college claimed he was involved with the mafia. He was constantly sweaty, was very jumpy, and always had a lot of cash in his car. He never was around on the weekends, and I never saw him drink. Strangest of all, is that he never once slept in his room. He was always on the couch by the door. He eventually told me that it was because if someone ever broke in looking for him, he wanted "them" to find him right away, so no one else would get hurt. I still don't know if he was telling the truth but nonetheless I ALWAYS locked my bedroom door at night.

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Came home from my first day of classes to *poop everywhere*. Toilet seat, tile, bath mat, toilet paper holder, sink, carpet.

Had a long discussion. Not acceptable.

Happened again, took 6 weeks to get her out.

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I woke up around 5:30am and made my way to the kitchen, groggy and barely awake. As I turned the corner, I stopped in my tracks because my roommate of 3 months was crouched on the counter, wearing a speedo. In a Gollum voice, he said "My precious!!!" and mimicked Gollum's weird movements. I refused to react to it, said nothing, and made breakfast. It's been 10 years and we're still great friends.

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Although control freaks often do not intend to negatively impact those around them, as their actions are likely a coping mechanism, that does not minimize the effects that their behavior can cause. According to GoodTherapy, living with a control freak can have a profound impact on a roommate’s mental health, including causing anxiety and fear. So to manage an unhealthy living situation, caused or exacerbated by a control freak, psychotherapist Barbara Baker says it “is all about boundaries and standing up to the controlling person in a non-confrontational way” and notes that we should never attempt to bully a bully back. And instead of giving into appeasing a roommate’s exhausting or unreasonable demands, Barbara says we should try to focus on the qualities of our roommate that we do appreciate, like their sense of humor or how much we enjoy having movie nights with them. 


I used to cook dinner and always made enough to offer to our room mate. He paid his bills and rent always but sometimes he didn't have enough for food so I would cook and say "hey man, wanna have dinner with us?". He would usually say he didn't like whatever I was making. Fastforward to morning...all the leftovers were gone.

His explanation? He must have been sleepwalking and ate it in his sleep. This happened 15 to 20 times over a year period. Minimum. He would make these big song and dances about how what I was making was gross, so I would put up enough leftovers for two (my boyfriend and I) then go to bed. What was to be lunches for work gone and often dirty utensils in the sink.

Fast forward another 5 years and he called me at 3 am after not talking to me or my partner for 3 years, and told me my now husband (aforementioned BF)was doing Crack in front of our 4 year old. I called my husband, who was asleep. Neither of us had talked to him in years...what was this?

Fast forward another 5 years. He's on death row for killing his roommate. His defense? He did it sleepwalking.


A few years back my former roommate and I let our downstairs neighbour move in with us because the guy he was living with had taken up a new habit.. he’d befriended the pigeons that hung out on the rooftop outside his bedroom window and eventually started taking them inside and caring for them like pets. S**t got real dirty real quick.

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I lived in a house with 2 other guys. Let’s call them Steve and Jake. At the time, we were all working pretty well paid jobs so we decided to hire a cleaner to come and spruce up our man den twice a week. I don’t remember how, but we ended up with an absolutely drop dead GORGEOUS young Polish girl who spoke no English whatsoever. We had to get our Polish neighbour to tell her what our expectations were etcetera.
For the first month or two, everything was going great and we were happy with her. She’d usually come in when we were all out working so we’d never see her, but she’d leave the place looking emaculate.
Then, out of the blue, her work quality went to absolute s**t and it became apparent that she was either not doing anything or she wasn’t even going to the house anymore. One night, after a few weeks of her s**tty work, I’m talking to Steve and Jake and I suggested we fire her. Jake was all for it but Steve, for some reason, was dead against it. Instead, he suggested we have our neighbour give her a warning. I just kind of said whatever and let him take care of it.
Fast forward another month, I’m at work and I suddenly get sick, so I go home early. I walk in the door and Lo and behold I see Steve, a*s naked on the sofa, hands and feet tied up, and wearing a ball gag - with the cleaner riding him whilst wearing an extremely revealing maids outfit. The look on both their faces when I walked in was f*****g hilarious! And even though I was sick I died laughing knowing why her work quality sucked so bad. It turned out he used to come home every lunchtime when she was there, bang her senseless, then drop her off at her next job!
Long story short - he got her pregnant, and she still lives with him to this day with their little girl.

And if you’re having trouble with a roommate who is a bit of a control freak, be sure to let them know how you’re feeling. If you never speak up, they will continue to bulldoze you or make you uncomfortable, perhaps without even realizing they’re doing it. If you calmly and respectfully explain what you want out of the living situation, they might be able to make compromises and become more self-aware. They might even respect your views even more than you expected them to; they just needed someone to give them some perspective on the situation. 


He started watching me from dark corners of the house at night if I was in the common areas. Super f*****g creepy

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Had a 'friend' who turned out to be a man child. Not just immature, but at 32 years of age he would not do basic things for himself. Things like brushing his teeth, cutting his nails, cooking, cleaning, showering, etc. He tried to cook once, which involved him dumping 3 boxes of pasta into one pot and tossing in ground beef and shredded cheese. He smacked his food, his hair was matted because he wouldn't take care of it.

He moved in with my partner and I because he wanted to find opportunities for education and a better job. He was with us for 8 months and in that time MAYBE sent out 2 job applications. I told him to stick to community colleges but he insisted on some overpriced proprietary school and asked if he could stay with us for the year and a half it would take to finish the program. I said absolutely not. He was also incredibly immature. Like he definitely peaked in high school for a reason. And if you look up "weaponized incompetence" I'm pretty sure his photo is next to it. Every time my partner or I cooked he'd stare until we offered him some of it. He smoked my weed, ate our food and never replaced it, wondered around in his boxers, and never left the apartment. If you tried to show him simple things like how the coffee maker worked he'd freak out and say he couldn't do it. When he moved out, and back in with his mom, we celebrated.


Mine starts off a little sad but is also quite sweet.
In 2007 I went backpacking around Australia and lived in a house share in Sydney for a bit. I shared my room with a guy I had met at a hostel previously.

Sadly, my best friend at home in the UK died very suddenly and unexpectedly which obviously left me completely devastated. I really wanted to get home quickly to be with my circle of friends and support system, so I booked the first flight I could afford which was about a week later.
My landlord at the time was not at all sympathetic to my situation and told me he was going to keep all of my deposit, so in an effort to try to appease him and hopefully get some back, I immediately set about finding a new room mate via sites like gumtree so that my room wasn’t left empty. There were a few applicants and after a few days I found a girl who seemed cool and like she’d fit in with the rest of the household so we made arrangements for her to move in. (Despite this my landlord still said he wasn’t going to give me my deposit back, so I nearly didn’t bother, but I really liked all of my housemates and I didn’t want them to end up with a lemon).

I go home and obviously have a very sad time for quite a long time. But I stay in touch with my housemates and they love this new girl, who fits in to the household perfectly.
Next thing I know, she and my old roommate from the hostel start dating. Then they spend the next two years travelling the world together. I was so happy for them. They then move to Canada together. I visited them once and it was cool to see my old roomie again and get to know his girlfriend that I had unknowingly picked out from gumtree applicants. It’s now been 15 years and not only are they still together, but they have two beautiful children together.

I still miss my best friend after all these years, but it brings me a lot of comfort to know that the chain of events caused by her passing resulted in a beautiful love story and two new babies.

You might associate having roommates with university students and people who have just graduated from college and don’t have a stable income yet, but the fact is that it’s actually quite common for adults to live with others. We are all aware of how inflation has affected rent prices in recent years, so living alone is not always an option financially. And not everyone wants to live alone. Some of us don’t love the idea of coming home to an empty house at the end of the day, and some even feel safer knowing that there’s at least one other person around in case anything goes wrong. As of 2017, about 15% of adults in the United States lived with a roommate or other non relative. Those numbers were much higher, however, in expensive, densely populated cities. In Los Angeles, nearly 50% of adults lived with other adults, and in New York City, 40% of adults had roommates. There is no shame in the shared housing game, as it is a great way to save money and use resources wisely. 


I taught a roommate how to boil water. Iced tea was the first thing, other than sandwiches and salads, that she had ever made.

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I had a college roommate who was obsessed with CSI. She had a CSI pillow and sheets/blankets. She refused to turn on any lights and kept all blinds shut. She hated light and would sigh loudly if I would turn the lights on to do anything. I went to college right around when you needed a college email to make a Facebook, and she would tell me that Facebook is how they spy on you… she said she would never have a MySpace or anything of the like. (She might have been right on that one) and she would always say I was a sheep and that I would have my identity stolen by “them”.

My other roommate (we were 4 with two bedrooms and a common area) was extremely loud at all hours, and if you ever asked her to keep it down, even very politely, she would purposely start doing cartwheels and banging on things and singing. She claimed to be Jay Leno’s niece.

One more: I had a roommate that slept with a new guy every weekend and we could hear her LOUDLY through the wall. We would tell her we heard her and she vehemently denied every time that she slept with anyone. Come on, girl.

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My college roommate didn't know how to do laundry before we started school. We had a community washer and dryer on our floor. Probably the third week of school, I went down to get a soda from the machine and I walk in and there are bubbles four inches deep on the floor. My roommate walks in behind me to check his laundry. He had put 3 full scoops of Tide in the washer with his load. I had to take him to an off campus laundromat to wash all of the excess soap out of his clothes.

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When it comes to the benefits of living with others, aside from the decrease in your price of rent, it can also help us maintain our social lives without very much effort and allow us to enjoy the gap between being a child and being at the point in our lives where we want to settle down or start a family. "If I lived just with my boyfriend, I would feel too grown-up and married," one 25-year-old, who lives with both her partner and a roommate, told Mic. "I like sort of feeling like I'm still in college and having random people in and out of the house, because I am very extroverted and like having lots of friends around."


I spent over a year falling asleep to the angry, muffled, whisper-but-not-really arguments between my roomie and his girlfriend. Just muffled enough that I couldn't understand what the problem was, but they were clearly not happy together.

So I'd just lie in bed wondering, *what's my duty of care here?* Like they weren't violent with each other, and it wasn't like one person was terrorizing the other, it was just two young people in a consensual and mutual spiral of despair.

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She was majorly depressed. She worked a lot and for very little money, so she would mostly come home and lock herself in her room. At some point, she stopped cleaning or doing laundry.

She worked at a childcare center, and at some point contracted impetigo. Gross, but treatable. She wouldn't get it treated, however, because it was too expensive. So I lived in fear I would contract it, let alone the other kids she was watching (she told her work it was being treated and was no longer contagious, they just believed her). She had these massive, crusty patches all over her face and just didn't care. After five whole weeks, she FINALLY went to the doctor.

Things were tense until her mom came to visit a few weeks later and convinced her to be committed. She had been sending suicidal messages to her mom every day for weeks. Her mom paid her rent for the next three months until the lease was up, and she moved back home. Never spoke again. Hope she is doing better.

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Senior year of college I lived with 8 other students in a house, girls upstairs and boys downstairs. One time the boys were really rowdy so I went downstairs to check it out and this girl from my literature class was beating in their fridge with a fire extinguisher. I think I’ve lost the ability to be surprised after that year.

Having a roommate can also be beneficial for those of us who need a reminder not to close up or cut ourselves off from others. "There was something kind of nice about having to come home without being able to retreat to my bedroom," one 26-year-old, who now lives with her significant other, told Mic. "I would have to sit on the couch with my roommate so we could talk about our days for, like, 10 minutes every night. Having someone there doesn't let you isolate yourself as much as you would otherwise." Especially during times of forced isolation, like being in lockdown during the beginning of the pandemic, it can be so helpful to have someone under the same roof who you can open up to.


In my freshman year of college, I got a roommate who had absolutely no boundaries. The night before classes started she asked if she could have one of my granola bars and a kcup for coffee the next morning and I said yes. After that she just kept eating my snacks and using my kcups without asking and I didn't realize until I got really shaky from not eating and went to get a granola bar and noticed they were all gone. She constantly went through my stuff and would stalk what I did so she could talk to me about absolutely everything I do. Eventually she told me she would only stay in the room over night on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday so her boyfriend could give her a ride to class, but she would randomly barge into the room unannounced. In December that year I went to the ER cause I sprained my knee falling off a skateboard and I left the paperwork on my desk when I left for winter break. I got a call from her that night and she basically told me she read the papers and she read everything they prescribed me for my knee. I put in a room change request form right after that. Then the week before we got back she called me and told me she dropped out, or in her words "taking a semester off" cause she missed so many classes that she was on warning from financial aid. I had the room to myself for the rest of the year.


My last two roommates were a married man and his side chick. We lived in a shared house and the man recommended his girlfriend to the landlords after another roommate left (I had no say in it). His wife lived and worked in Germany while we live in the US so he easily got away with it. They were cool with me but it was very uncomfortable to watch, especially since I met his wife when she came to visit him (before I knew about the girlfriend). He was so much meaner to his wife too-he'd complain about her cooking and make her cry but with the girlfriend he was Mr. Nice and Mr. Helpful. I don't know if the girlfriend knew he had a wife or not.


I had a roommate for several years who was a decent guy, quiet, cleaned up after himself, respectful. The poor guy's life was terrible. He dropped out of high school at age 17. Then he started selling weed, which he was arrested for by an undercover cop. Being uneducated, he ended up with a felony on his record, permanently.

Throw on top of that, having a child and things not working out with his baby momma, so he owed child support. This guy was working as a dishwasher at restaurants for $10 an hour (probably less, this was from 2010-2015 when we were roommates). He had no car, and the closest bus rout to where we lived was a mile walk (uphill) from our apartment. He did this every day. One day I was talking to my dad, who loves to ride bicycles and has many, if one could be offered to my friend. He put some new pedals on a road bike of his (that's all he had), and I gave it to my friend.

On the third day after he had been given the bike, I was awoken randomly to knocks on my bedroom door and some mumbled speech. I open my door and there's my roommate, with his hand up to his face, covered in blood and maybe a tooth in there. He had placed his bag of clothes on the handlebar, and the drag from the front tire pulled the bag in and caused him to faceplant on concrete.

I remember taking him to the hospital, and he asked me to look at his mouth...good god.

This has a happy ending (or something like it). After this injury, he had enough with walking to the bus, so he got a second job, and began saving up to buy a car. For the first few weeks though, this guy was walking to the bus, and then working a 16+ hour day. There was a gap between jobs, where he couldn't rest much, so was probably getting 4 hours of sleep a night. He was saving funds and due to his child support, he could only eat Banquet $1 frozen dinners. All day. That's all he had was one of those. He eventually got the car and his quality of life got marginally better before he parted ways.

He ended up moving in with family and closer to bus lines. Maybe not the most extraordinarily interesting story ever, but nonetheless, what that guy went through, I can't imagine. He used to tell me when he was walking home at night, he often contemplated stepping into oncoming traffic. Thankfully he never did.

After we both left the apartment and went our separate ways, we kept in touch. However, he frequently had phone issues when we lived together, and had several different #s in 5 years. I reached out to him to check in 5 years ago and never heard back. I hope he's ok.

I hope your personal experiences with roommates have been on the positive end of the spectrum and that none of them are currently sitting in prison convicted of murder, but if you can relate to the more horrific stories on this list, at least you know you’re not alone. We would love to hear about your wildest roommate stories in the comments below, and don’t forget to keep upvoting the responses you find most fascinating. Then if you haven’t had enough of these juicy roommate anecdotes, you can find another Bored Panda article sharing weird and embarrassing roommate stories right here


My first ever roommate freshman year of college was one of the most impressive people I had ever met. He had a great job that covered his cost of living and tuition (this is 2006), had his own place, was getting great grades in a tough program, and was with an amazing woman. I was super stoked when he offered to let me rent the 2nd room. Over the next year I watched all that fall apart due to a sudden and overwhelming WoW addiction. I can still remember the time when I was trying to get him to log off because he was about to miss this long-standing, fancy night out with his gf. He looked at me with genuine remorse and said “I can’t.”


I have a few stories…

The first involves this guy I’ll call Sean. Sean owned a small house in rural NC outside of a larger city. I was looking for a place and Sean offered me his tiny camper trailer on his property as he already had people renting out the other rooms in his house but still wanted to help me out. (I was having a time in my personal life). So I move in to the trailer and paid like $200/month for the trailer and access to the house. The other roommates were paying I think $300/month each.

Well one thing led to another and I started dating one of the roommates, let’s call him Ben. So Ben and I are hanging out, it seems all good, I’m spending more nights than not in Ben’s room. Sean had even encouraged Ben and me to date so I thought he was happy for us.

One day Sean came home in a blind rage and kicked me out of the house (I was sitting in the living room watching tv with the other roommates.) He locked me out of the house and disconnected the electricity from the house to the tiny trailer… in January. I asked him to talk to me about what was going on and he point blank refused to acknowledge my existence but didn’t seem to have much of a problem with Ben.

Finally after *three days* he told me what he was pissed about.

1) cooking myself dinner and not offering him any

2) not buying nice beer for him

3) having a relationship with Ben

I moved out as quickly as I could and cut all ties with Sean. (Ben and I dated for another year after that but are no longer together)


Lived in a dorm with this Mormon guy who just came home from being a missionary. He was the most sexually repressed person I'd ever seen. This dude had never heard of masturbating. He'd stay up until like 2 in the morning looking at girls' Facebook photos and muttering "oh man, she's so hot". He was super creepy around women, he'd sit next to them and try and put his arm over their shoulders. He had real creepy, rapey vibes, and he also had some kind of fungus that stunk up the apartment, so I got the f**k out the next semester.


Freshman year of college, I was randomly assigned a roommate to share a tiny room (11' x 15', I think?). I was a quiet comp sci student from the San Francisco area who liked video games and D&D. My assigned roommate was a huge Mechanical Engineering major from the South who liked his lifted truck, dip tobacco, and getting drunk as often as possible.

Needless to say, the next 6 months were not fun. He left his spit cups everywhere, constantly played loud country music, and messed around with my stuff (including scratching a nasty slur into my Office Space-esque stapler). As the year went on he seemed to get worse, probably due to finding a group of like-minded people in the dorms.

Long story short, he was kicked out of the dorms about 2 weeks before the spring break - he and another guy went on a rampage through the dorm with Airsoft guns shooting the little whiteboard on everyone's door. For some reason, though, he was allowed to stay until the break. I stupidly left for home before he did, and when I got back my very nice gaming PC was missing. I reported it missing, and told the police exactly where I thought it was (at his new place). They apparently searched it, and though they didn't find my computer, they found enough other stolen goods to get him expelled from school.

Thankfully, my replacement roommate was a very nice, quiet guy,. and the rest of the year went well.

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This is my only roommate story. After this, I swore never again.

A childhood friend and her boyfriend. He was a "chef" (line cook at a chain restaurant) who would cook mediocre meals when the urge took him, which took damn near every pot and pan in the kitchen to make, and f****d off without cleaning up after himself. He also had a cat, kitten really, who he never bought food for, so I had to feed it because I'm not a monster. She was an unemployed student, like me, who would use the cups from my dinner set as ashtrays, and load up a single plate of food, take it to her room, eat from it throughout the day, and keep it. Rinse, repeat every day until we were out of plates. I said I'd clean them if she just brought them back to the kitchen, but nah. I'd have to wait until she was out then go get them, complete with mouldering food remnants.

Eventually, my boyfriend joined our happy little household, and I started setting boundaries because it was no longer 2:1. That led to a blow-up screaming match, and me and him moving out.

My only regret is that I didn't take the cat.

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If I had the screenwriting skills, I was, at one point, ready to write a pilot about a former roommate of mine. Things he decided as a 38 year old man after getting fired from his job for repeated sexual harassment: He would join the NFL and be the next jerry Rice! He would become a rockstar like Motley Crue and dyed his hair blond! He would become the next martial arts cinema star like Bruce Lee! He was going to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger and began drinking Protein Shakes!

In his defense, he was physically ripped, but he was half Taiwanese, half Chinese and was 5'7" 110 pounds. He got up to 140 during his 'Arnold phase', then while trying to get his yellow belt at a local TKD studio, he told the instructor that he needs personal attention because of who he is going to be, and the master should give him private lessons for free. After the guy laughed in his face, he tried to pick a fight with him. When he decided to become a rock star, he decided he wanted to be a guitarist because they get chicks, but guitars are expensive, so he bought 2 drumsticks instead.

I couldn't make up this s**t if I tried. Dude was absolutely not connected to reality and would get downright indignant if you tried to tell him his dream was not possible. Mix this personality in with attractive women and you have a recipe for disastrous sexual harassment claims. In the time I knew him, he was fired from 3 different jobs for sexual harassment and that was only about 2 years. For reference, his father was in prison for raping his 12 year old stepdaughter... at gun point.


I moved into a house with a guy when I was 19. We were pretty good friends but quickly became best buds. I'm a lesbian and my gf at the time wanted to try our first strap on experience. Being a noob, I purchased a dildo that was comically large so we couldn't use it.

So naturally, I decided to hide it under my roommates pillow as he was out of town for the weekend. When he came home that Sunday he proudly announced he had a hookup coming over and I was like oops.....meh not gonna say anything

Morning after, we get up, I'm putting coffee on the pot and he comes out. I asked, "how was your night?" To which he replied, "pretty good honestly!" With a cheeky smile. I just sipped my coffee and smirked at him.

He was like".....what did you do?"

Eventually he found it, we had a few laughs, and there began a 3 year long game of hiding this massive suction cup purple dildo in each other's things. The fridge, sock drawers, bathroom mirror, car mid consoles, etc. It stopped when his grandparents came to visit and grandpa was met by the bit purple member staring him in the face when he went to use the bathroom


My first college roommate had black sheets. She has lots of sex (thankfully while I wasn't there), but never washed the sheets.


My roommate had a baby ball python that was often allowed out of it's enclosure.

I had a giant white cat.

One night I came home at 4am drunk and saw the cat had crapped on the floor. I grabbed a paper towel to pick it up. As I walked the turd to the trash I noticed it had red meaty ends. Upon closer inspection I saw the distinctive snake skin pattern. My cat had eaten the head and tail off of the snake and left the rest.

My roommate was super sad. I bought her a new snake. She continued letting it out of it's enclosure but was a little more careful about putting it back in it's enclosure.

Eventually the snake got lost again. We never found it. We moved out. I always wonder if he ever showed back up to unexpecting, subsequent tenants.


Had a roommate during my technical schooling for the Navy.

Guy was quiet, worked night shift, and was always just a little odd. Although he was super nice so we didn't have many problems.

One day on my lunch break I come into our room to grab something and I hear music. Curious as to why Marilyn Manson was blasting FULL volume in what would normally be the middle of his sleep time I stepped inside the door to see him laying on top of his blankets with his arms folded over his chest Nosferatu style.

After taking a moment to register just how weird this was, I stepped over by his speaker and turned the volume down a tad. Thats when his eyes shot open and without turning his head he just said "What are you doing?". I s**t my pants internally and meekly responded "Oh sorry, I thought you were asleep. Was just turning it down". He paused a moment and just replied "Oh... sorry" and shut his eyes again.

Dude was an oddball, but over time he opened up to me a little bit and we started gaming together. Wherever you are man, I hope the Navy worked out for you.


Not exactly a roommate, had to live at friends place for 2 weeks, and he lived with a roommate.

Anyway, one morning i wake up to find my friend missing, he had taken stuff too so i ask his roommate where he is (we didnt know each other at all) and he said "he went to different city for a job". So, few days pass by and one night i was alone, i hear the doorbell ring, i open it, its the roommate covered in blood, i just ask what happened, and he just said he passed out and fell in to rose bushes. He then gets naked and i have to clean him up and send to bed. After that we became friends


I own a house and rent out rooms in it. Right after I first got it I was pretty strapped for cash and needed to rent out both of the rooms as quickly as possible, and unfortunately it didn’t align with the usual lease start dates in town (university and college so January, May and September are the usual). I had a lady come, mid 30s, wanted the furnished room. I felt it was a little off, why does this grown woman have no furniture? My friends basically scolded me for being judgemental. Maybe she just got out of a bad relationship, maybe she is new to the city, etc etc. So I rented to her. Turns out she had just gotten out of jail for dealing meth.

And honestly? She was better than the other one. She did her meth business in hotel rooms. She paid cash on time. She wasn’t home a lot. One time she left her little meth scale in the living room, and it inspired me to get a food scale which was a game changer in my weight loss journey (a serving of spaghetti is pathetically small and I had no idea until I weighed it). Ended up making up a lie to get her to leave when she brought a strung out friend home in the middle of the night because that’s a little much for me. Meanwhile the other looked good on paper, she was an early childhood educator on the supply list. Except she was an alcoholic and heavy weed smoker, she never went to work because she never woke up in time, she never paid rent on time, she brought home a random group from the bar in the middle of the night on a Wednesday, she would take 3 hour long baths in my only bathroom, and was just not my type of roommate. Finally kicked her out when she started stealing booze from me. I caught her, warned her. She did it again a few days later. I called her out on it again, gave her a months notice to move out, and she had the nerve to ask for the rest of the booze! So comparatively… the meth one was better.


My old roommate who is also my best friend would put out crystals or rocks or something on the fence outside during full moons to get recharged. Which is insanely out of character for him. I thought it was hilarious but I never made fun of it or questioned it.


I was up late gaming one night (3am) when I hear my friend walking down the hall way to the bathroom. I thought it would be funny to hide around the corner to scare him as he walked back to his room once he finished using the bathroom.

He comes out of the bathroom and I guess he sees my door open. I'm waiting around the corner to scare him but he is taking longer than he should to round the corner. When he finally rounds the corner I jump out at him, and he jumps and screams.

Apparently, the only piece of clothing he had on him was a sock around his junk. Well that flew right off when I scared him and he proceeded to crab walk back to his room with his hands covering his junk as best as possible.

I found out later that he had just finished doing the deed with his gf and went to the bathroom for the clean up process. He didn't think anyone would be up at that time. Good times.


Long story short, my girlfriend and I had a roommate that was actively sober and receiving treatment/meds for his assorted mental problems. We didn't drink at home or do any drugs, so the house was a safe/clean environment for him to continue his progress. She and I left town for a three day music festival that my friends put on every year, but we came home after about 36 hours because the weather was terrible. We returned to find the roommate passed out naked, sprawled across the couch, covered in baby oil, with wads of kleenex all over the place. There were TEN empty 40oz malt liquor bottles (some broken), a good sized pile of cocaine smeared all over the coffee table, an ashtray filled with cigarette butts that was literally on fire, and a movie entitled "Eskimo G******g" playing on the tv at mind-bending volume. He kind of startled awake, knocking over more beer bottles, and said "Man, you guys are home early!"

I barely slowed the car down when I threw him out at his parents' house an hour later.

This was about 24 years ago. We haven't spoken since.


Had a roommate that was a liar and a stealer. I saw photos of him on Facebook wearing my clothes. I confronted him and he said he must own the same shirt as me. He went out and bought the same shirt a couple days later and put it on. Then he handed me the old shirt saying he found mine behind the dryer. It was stretched out and had his distinct smell on it. What a pos.


My freshman year roommate could not fall asleep unless he was watching How I Met Your Mother. I had to close his laptop constantly for him and, as a result, I now hate How I Met Your Mother


Had a roommate who like to project the whole "alpha male" vibe. Different girlfriend every weekend, always parading them through our apartment, lots of loud sex, constantly bragging about the quality of his sex life and how it made him a "real man."

After around six months of that, I was grocery shopping in a nearby store when I ran into one of his weekend flings. Apparently, she remembered my face but couldn't place me. So she just asked, "Where do I know you from? Work? Are you a client?" "Nah, you dated my roommate."

Which led to the rather awkward revelation that she was an escort. They were ALL escorts. He'd been hiring sex workers every weekend since moving in.

I had so many questions, but he moved out the next day. Apparently, I was an a*****e and humiliated him by learning the truth. Or that's what he said, anyway.


I lived in a dorm room with a guy for a year and never once saw him coming from or going to the shower. It was a communal shower, several stalls in one room that the whole floor shared, and while I don’t expect him to climb in the shower with me, I would have thought that *sometime* during the nine months we lived together that I’d see him come back to the room with a towel or something.

Clearly he was showering, I think after that long someone who didn’t would be odoriferous enough for everyone to know when he’s in the building. It’s not like I was never in the room, either.


My freshman year roommate would think way too much when he was trying to fall asleep and wake me up all the time.

Like, “Hey man, a lot of people find the person they marry in college. What if I never find that person!!”

Or after a celebrity suicide, “Hey man, people should never kill themselves.”

Me: “huh? It’s 2am, dude, I have class at 8. But sure, I agree.”

“Oh sorry to wake you up, go back to sleep”

Five minutes later, he wakes me up again “Unless you’re on fire, then that makes sense.”


In college, I lived in a room with 5 other guys, two to a bedroom. My room roommate (Mark) came up to me one day, middle of the semester, and said that he was leaving to go back home (one state away).

When I asked him why, Mark said that he had been parking his car in the parking lot, when a neighbor had started yelling at him because he thought that Mark had parked too close to the neighbor's car. They yelled back and forth a few times, when the neighbor said something about Mark's mom. Mark told me, "no one talks about my mom that way," so he grabbed a PVC pipe from his backseat and "hit the guy a few times with it."

He packed up, and was gone within 30 minutes. Two hours later, a pair of police officers showed up at our door with a warrant for his arrest, and we told them that Mark had already left and where he was going.

The school obviously found out about the incident, and expelled Mark. So I never saw him again. But I did get a private room for the rest of the semester.


My roommate decided to repaint her car in the garage one night. So proceeds to hand sand back the silver paint on her old volvo and then whips out cans of red spray paint. She spent ages free-hand spraying that car with the garage door closed and without any ventilation. After she’d moved out I was visiting a friend in another city and I noticed a spray painted red Volvo parked at the flat below. Turns out she’d ended up moving in with my completely unrelated friend for a while and managed to convince the old guy downstairs to buy the badly painted car

Same roommate worked shifts and would vacuum and stack dishes at 3am because why not.


The university cycling team had its own floor in a dorm my freshman year. Cyclists can be strange and my roommate ("John") was no exception. He grew up Quaker. His parents had recently divorced and his mom was in the process of building a house (mansion, really) in the immediate D.C. area next door to her ex-husband, and the houses were identical. They were filthy rich and he got whatever he wanted. I should mention, he specifically came to this school to race mountain bikes but he'd never raced bicycles at all, or even owned a mountain bike. He showed up to school on the first day with a $5000 road bike and a $7000 mountain bike. Anytime he went shopping, he almost always used change. He had the largest jar of change I'd ever seen.

When I say he was odd, he was just not quite there. He was taking 70mg vyvanse but he couldn't pay attention to anything for an extended period of time. So, he'd always interrupt conversations with some outta this world thought and he frequently left the room having forgot to wear something like socks or a shirt. Kinda hard to explain because, there wasn't really anything wrong with him, he was just never quite there. As an example, on a team trip one time we went to Cracker Barrell. He was very quiet for 45 minutes or so as everyone is talking about the race we just went to. All of a sudden, in a manner that everyone in the building can hear, he articulates a thought that has occurred to him: "everyone here is old except for us." Certainly true, just no need to say it out loud, ya know. While writing this, it has occurred to me that the amphetamines he'd been prescribed since childhood probably took a toll on his brain.

Anyways, he was honestly pretty fun to have around because you never quite knew what was going to happen. We roomed together off campus again sophomore year with two other guys on the cycling team. The summer between sophomore and junior year, he was supposed to study abroad in Austria for two weeks. Me and the other roommates joked, somewhat seriously, that it very well could be the last time we see John. If anyone was capable of getting lost abroad, it was him.

A few weeks before the trip, he confided with us that he met an Italian girl online and he was hoping to meet her while abroad. As he was beginning to pack, he showed us a selfie she just sent him. She appeared to be a passenger in a car and wearing a seatbelt. He was certain that, because she was looking out the window, it was a desparate plea for help and he needed to save her.

On his second day abroad, I received a call from his mother. I knew exactly what was on the other line. I put the phone call on speaker so the roommates could receive the same information that was certain to follow.

"This is carrot."

"Have you heard from John?"

"Uhhh, no. He's in Austria."

"The school called and he's gone missing. They can't find him."

So we told his mom about the girl. The mom ended up hiring a PI who was able to track him down five days later roaming the streets of some small town on the Italy border. He was expelled from the university and I never saw him again - hired movers got his stuff from our apartment. He had totally ruined the study abroad trip for everyone. We asked him what happened but we never got a meaningful response.

He's sent me a couple of incredibly random facebook messages over the years. Once, he messaged me "what degrees did you achieved?" I responded and he messaged me back six months later, "that's really cool that you are successful, who else do I know that is successful?"


First time I moved out, I was a sophomore in college. I had two other roommates I did not know. The first one was my own virtual doppelgänger in everyway. We were just millennial college partiers, a little shorter than most.... and smoked a lot of weed.

Our third roommate was from the Ukraine. He was 6' 7" was extremely athletic, and was into UFC. Every time we would have a party (every week), he would get rather ruthless. He would lose his shirt. He would pull out the Stolichnaya and make my roommate drink ruthlessly until there was not much consciousness left of him. He used to choke us out for fun. He had a stairway beer bong he called The Alcohol Express Lane. He always had a bottle of Stolichnaya with him. The more drunk he got, the more Russian he would speak.

We had the cops looking for him one time, over a report of a neighbors fence he demolished while drinking. He broke every plate in our house one night. He headbutted the fridge, made a dent in it, followed by blood pouring down his face.

He had pet scorpions he would let crawl on his shirtless body. We called him the Ukraine Train or Turbo, and he called my room mate Half-Speed and me Tumbleweed.

He had a thing for large women.

He laughed at his own blood.

He only lasted one semester. After winter break, I never saw him again and my other roommate transferred.


My freshman year roommate slowly went insane over a few months. He believed that people were talking about him behind his back and that people were trying to spread rumors about him. He eventually got kicked out of school because he attacked our neighbor for no reason.


He crossed out the cleaning section of our roommate agreement in college saying “whatever we don’t need this right?” And I just kind of rolled with it. You could see a clear line in the floor between the sides of our room. He was super messy but not dirty (I’m pretty messy too just a little less so) and if my next roommate didn’t go on to be my literal best friend then this guy would have been my favorite roommate.

He was so different than me - he was an art student who was really outgoing and had tons of fun stories and ended up putting a 6’ x 6’ biggie painting that he made for a project and it was just so dope. I felt so boring in comparison to him that he probably doesn’t even remember me lol

Steve, if you’re out there, I hope you’re doing really well!!


My room shared a wall with the bathroom. My roommate got diarrhea at the same time as I was having sex. It was, unfortunate, to say the least.


Husband's roommates from hell:

When me and my husband were just dating her moved into a 3br apt with 3 roommates. A really good friend of his and his GF and another single dude they all worked with. They signed and 18month lease.

It was horrible.

The couple (his friend and the guy's GF) started getting into hard core drugs after a really tragic event happened in their lives. They would have sketchy people over all the time, made huge messes, rarely cleaned anything and would get into shouting matches at 2am almost every night. The power was in the GF's name, and they almost always were late paying the bill. Eventually both got fired from their jobs and after spending all their money of drugs stopped paying rent.

Single guy was the most disgusting human I have ever met. He would almost never shower and when he did, he didn't use anything but water. No shampoo no soap. He was an avid gamer and would be up for days on end playing games in his room. He would leave food out to rot, p**s in bottles etc etc. Never cleaned his clothes. At one point there was a cat in the apt (long story) and single dude went to work. People were complaining he stank, so he blamed that the cat had pissed on his work shirt. I have so much to say about that, but his logic was the cat pissed on his shirt, but he put it on anyway? There was a full washer and dryer in the apt. No excuse. When the couple stopped paying rent so did he.

Finally, the couple broke up so they both moved out and the single dude decided living on his own was too hard and moved back in with his mom. All this went down in under 4 months. Luckily the apt complex let my husband transfer to 1br in the same complex without breaking his lease. I moved in with him then, so at least that was good.

He and I went into that 3br with hazmat suits and scrubbed it for like 2 days. Still didn't get the deposit back...can't say I blame them. That apt was F****D.

Husbands' friend ended up getting into meth, dealing, cooking and doing. Was arrested and went to jail for over a year. He is clean and sober now and doing really well! So, a little bit of a happy ending.


My roommate wanted to buy a giant pumpkin for Halloween. I convinced him that he needed to go to city hall and apply for a pumpkin permit. He went and tried to apply


My roommate in first year started doing sexwork, and we had to have the "please don't bring random men to our dorm room" talk. Aside from it being really really against the rules of the residence we lived in, I got propositioned by her sugar daddy/pimp, for a threesome, and was feeling unsafe with the whole situation.


He loved to “sing” to the song he’s listening to. But it was more like he would scream the lyrics. One song he sang was “get down with the sickness”. He especially sang the part where the singer was being abused by his mom. And this guy had the sheer audacity to complain about another roommate running down the stairs too loudly.


I banged his sister for years, in his house. When we finally told him he was totally surprised. He had no idea.

Several times he came into my room to talk about something while she was there. It was dark and she was covered up so it could have been anyone.


I once heard a knock on my door in the middle of the night but I was very sleepy so I thought I had dreamt it. A few minutes later I hear a scream in the hallway and I knew I had not dreamt that. So I put on some clothes and I go check. Turns out there was a mouse in my roommate’s room and she’s scared of mice. We spent almost two hours looking for the damned mouse but we didn’t find it. To this day we still laugh about it as that time we went looking for a mouse at 3 am


I’ll tell you about the time I realized that a close friend of mine was a roommate from hell

She started the story by telling me that her college roommate had abruptly moved out without giving notice. I was like, wow tell me more she sounds awful. Meg says that it all started about a month ago when roommate bought a mini fridge and expressly asked Meg not to use it. The same day, Meg bought 3 kinds of milk (oat, almond, and soy) and stuck them in the fridge- taking up most of the space. Roommate was pissed and Meg defended it by saying she got them for roommate to try as roommate is vegan. Whatever, the thing blows over.

Meg described the next issue to me as roommate being a prude. Of course, I say well tell me more. I’m invested. I’m starting to see that Meg is the problem.

Turns out the roommate comes from a baptist Christian background and is uncomfortable talking about sex. Fine, fair, I think. Meg thinks it’s her personal duty to make the roommate more fun. Decides to do this by undressing (completely) while the roommate is in the room to change into day clothes and pajamas each day. Roommate asks if Meg can stop and Meg says her natural body isn’t shameful and roommate is trying to censor her.

Meg ended the story by insisting roommate was the issue. Never once had the opposite entered her mind. Could not pick my jaw up off the floor


The roommate I lived with was a lazy slob. His cousin took me in but passed away and left me the house and in charge of him. I have since left. It was too much. He would regularly leave garbage, food, cups of milk in his room. There were multiple occasions where I was cleaning the house when he couldnt be bothered to do so and I would have to dump out a cup of milk that had sat so long it had gone solid. Dude wouldnt wipe his own a*s (it would smear s**t on the toilet seat every time) and pissed on the floor in front of the toilet regularly til the bathroom floor started to rot from underneath the toilet and bath tub. He was obese too and I'm surprised the tub and toilet held him with the level of rot they each had, you could clearly see about a half inch gap where things just started sinking into the floor from the p**s. He had a dog that he neglected until it had a stroke and I had to take it to the vet to be put down, it would p**s and s**t all over the house/garage and he wouldnt clean up after it before I stepped in. It was basically my dog by that point because he just didnt care for it whatsoever. Dude also refused to do chores and would leave dishes in the sink or pots of food on the stove til they grew mold. He just sat in his room and played video/card games 24/7 and I do NOT miss that hellhole of a house. I drive past it on my way to work every day and it looks more and more like a dump every day. I was only there for a few months but my god, never again.


My roommate that I got stuck with my junior year of college was actively under investigation for sexual assault. Nothing like hearing him on the phone with a lawyer and investigator. Oh, and our toilet broke and school wouldn’t fix it. 10/10, do not recommend.


My roomate walked in high once and he made a conspiracy about tap water.


My roommate told me he was gay, we ended up f*****g. That roommate is now my boyfriend


Lived with a guy who for over a year ate a can of Puritan brand beef stew for dinner every single night.


My first college roommate was a randomly picked girl from Arkansas. We were in Austin, Texas. Every day I heard about "that's not how we do it in Arkansas, we don't have that in Arkansas, etc." I had to tell her to get over it, we were in the capitol city of Texas! I knew she was moving out over Christmas break, no idea where. She decided to help herself to my clothes, and robbed me blind!! Couple of months later, I see her on campus WEARING MY SHIRT!!! I couldn't believe it! I asked her about it and she said the new house she moved to, the girls there had a lot of clothes like mine. REALLY?!?

By this time, I had gotten another random roommate. She was an alcoholic special needs teacher!! Pretty girl, but no self esteem. I caught her making a huge gin and juice one morning before she went to her student teaching job. I asked her why she did that, and she told me the kids stressed her out! Maybe pick another major...?


Had a roommate in college who was a raging alcoholic. Made things interesting around the house. Some key stories:

-Once he ended a night at our house by shouting "America!!", pounding half a handle of vodka, and then sprinting across the living room directly into a wall. He slammed into the wall, breaking the coffee table and collapsing unconscious into a pile of broken wood.

-the next morning, he knocked on my door at 8am with a sixpack and a joint to say, "get up b***h, we're going disc golfing." He always did this after a night of heavy drinking.

-he had a massive c**k and would regularly find excuses to strip or streak at parties.

-one early morning, when I refused to go disc golfing with him, he whipped out his c**k and pissed all over the threshold to my room as a sign of his displeasure.

-Our whole house developed a strategy where, at the end of house parties when he was way too drunk and wanted the night to continue later than any of us wanted to, we would say it was time to go smoke in the garage. This would get him crossfaded and sedate him so that all of us could sleep.

-Once grocery shopping with all the housemates, someone cut him off for a parking spot. He got out of his car and chased the middle aged man who stole his spot inside and started a fight.

He was actually a pretty decent dude but was in a really bad place at the time. Hated his girlfriend and felt stuck in life, so he constantly drank and was a tremendous nuisance.


I was 19 and had to move in with a friend directly in front of a college campus. Our friend group always talked about his roommate who they called Cracklord Jeff. The day I met him to discuss rent I expected a college student moreso but instead met this guy whos at least 6'5, 300+ pounds and insanely schizophrenic.
I was down on my luck and moved in and the first night he gave me a shot of Skol vodka, and as I took the shot, he chugs this giant bottle of it like its water. I was beyond horrified but was younger and just went with it. The next day, he punched a hole in the wall and called it "renovating" and then proceeds to pin a lays bag to it and said "it keeps the CIA away so they can't communicate with the KGB to put me away in AA and kill me"
Alright. Definitely crazy.
For a couple I went on to hide in my room and be around my roommate and his antics were always out of this world.
My roommate one night was messing with him because he was messing with us and told him that if he shaved his head, hed look like Bruce Willis and everyone would take him more seriously. This was a joke because we were just being goofy, but Cracklord took it seriously and shaved his head. This guy is huge and now hes terrifying.
Another day he knocked on our room and said he was going to liberate South America, and we saw him out the window ride his bike with a wall sized Brazilian flag tied to his head, then shut his phone off and went missing for two weeks except for a random Facebook post between forest and power lines? He came back without the flag and bike and we still have no idea how he got back in any way.
Everyday was an experience around him, but its something I reflect on almost daily and tell myself "why did i do that".
I hope the best for the guy, I have many stories about him and proof of it but thats one of the craziest times of my life honestly.


I lived with an occultist who summoned demons. But not even that living situation was as “interesting” as the alcoholic sex addict roommate.


So I actually was the insane roommate in this story- I was diagnosed w narcolepsy (10+ years ago) and at the start docs were trying different levels of medication including ambien for nighttime. Apparently the dosage they gave me was too much and if I didn’t immediately go to sleep after taking it I would trip with wild hallucinations and often memory loss of what I did while high. One night my roommate woke up to me sitting on the end of her bed cutting my own hand with a kitchen knife. I had absolutely no memory of it and thankfully was okay, but quickly had to get to the doctors to change up my meds


Move in day freshman year my roommate says to me that she’s heard people have found hidden alcohol from the last in ceilings of their dorm room. She then stands up her bed and starts trying to move the ceiling to see if anything is there. This wouldn’t be too bad if it sent for the fact that our ceiling was clearly made of concrete. I’m assuming the thing she heard was about dorms with those tiled ceilings.
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