How to save money on sheet materials

How to save money on sheet materials

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Whether you are a homeowner and planning to do renovation in your home, or perhaps, you are a woodworker and want to do more in your workshop, the goal is one; to do more for less.

To achieve that, there is a side of the coin you should know regarding saving money on sheet materials. Luckily, here at Sheet Materials Wholesale, we have compiled crucial information you need to know to make the right decisions.

The Most Common Mistakes in Construction Budget Planning

Any mistake in construction budget planning can be a significant setback for your construction project. If you have been scouring the internet for the ways to save, we have got you covered.

Here are mistakes people make in construction budget planning and tips to help you save in your next project:

Making Inaccurate Estimates

If you don’t accurately define budgets and schedules in the estimation phase, be ready for some surprises when you are in midway through the project. To avoid this, enlist professional services.

Project Design Mistakes:

You might have a reasonable project estimate, but if your project design is weak, things won’t work out. Always get a construction software solution that gives more accurate designs.

Failure to Account for Changes in the Order

Failure to account for the possibility of order changes is the biggest contributor to budget overruns. No matter how good your design is, something new will crop up that will need tweaking of the design, and that affects the budget.

Poor Communication with Your Supplier/ Client

Communication is key in striking deals. Always consider solid contracts and do thorough paperwork. This will avoid mismatched expectations.

Buy Materials Wholesale

Acquiring large quantities of sheet materials makes you eligible for discounted prices from the supplier. Just inquire from your supplier if they provide discounted prices on large volume purchases.

Buy Everything in One Store

Buying everything in one store will not only make you eligible for volume discounts but also the supplier can offer you after-sales services such as transportation. Avoiding deliver costs helps you save.

Here are some more ways to save:

  • Using secondary woods– This can apply in less visible projects such as building dust frames, cabinets, drawer boxes etc.
  • Reducing waste-Carefully selecting your sheets can help you minimise waste, which usually accounts for 20% of the material.
  • Using recycled materials and making your own finish.


Utilising the above tips will help you get your construction budget in control. And if you are looking for a store where quality meets affordability, Sheet Material Wholesale would be the right place to start your shopping!

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How to save money on sheet materials

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