How To Make a Wintry Window with Paper Doilies

How To Make a Wintry Window with Paper Doilies

Use paper doilies to create a wintry window! This easy DIY winter decoration will transform your space into a winter wonderland.

Updated January 2022

Do you have transparent contact paper? Some paper doilies? That’s all you will need for these easy DIY winter decorations.

Transform one of your windows (or doors!) into a festive and wintry stained glass in a matter of minutes.

We’ve created wintry windows many times, using both white and silver and gold doilies. You can also use a range of sizes to create snowflakes big and small!

You could also try this with heart doilies when Valentine’s Day comes around.

This is an easy project to work on a quiet snowy afternoon over vacation.

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A Wintry Window with Paper Doilies



  1. Set up materials

    To get started, spread out some contact paper on a table, sticky side up, and secure the edges with tape.

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  2. Add doilies

    Press the doilies, good side down, onto the contact paper. Arrange them however you like.

  3. Create a window template

    If you are decorating a small window on a door, you can create a window template. Cut a sheet of paper down to the size of one of the windowpanes and use it to measure and mark where to cut your doily stained-glass pieces.


  4. Cut panels & adhere to window

    After cutting them out, press the new stained-glass pieces into place, directly onto the windows.

    If there is a doily in a corner instead of sticky contact paper, you can use a dab from the glue stick to help hold the corner down (it washes off easily).

    wintry window

Isn’t it pretty? You could also try painting the doilies with watercolors before hanging, too!

And, thinking ahead, wouldn’t this be fun at Valentine’s Day with heart doilies in pink, red, and white?

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