How to Keep Cookies Fresh

How to Keep Cookies Fresh

Cookies are always best when eaten fresh out of the oven, however, sometimes they need to be stored for later. If you have the strength to not eat them right away, store them in an airtight container with a piece of bread. This will help them to taste fresher for longer. If you want to keep your cookies fresh for a longer period, put them in a sealed bag and place them in the freezer.


[Edit]Storing Cookies in a Container

  1. Let homemade cookies cool completely before storing them. Hot cookies will release condensation into the air making other cookies in the container soggy. Since nobody likes a soggy cookie, leave the cookies on a cooling tray before transferring them into a container.[1]
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    • If you don’t have a cooling tray, leave the biscuits to cool on a plate instead.
  2. Transfer your cookies into an airtight container. This will stop the cookies from becoming soft and crumbly. Airtight ziplock bags or plastic containers are easy and inexpensive options. If possible, choose a container that fits the cookies in snugly. This helps to limit the airflow in the container and will keep the cookies tasting fresh for longer.[2]

    • If you have brought or made different kinds of cookies, store them in different containers as keeping soft and crispy cookies together will cause the harder cookies to go soggy.
    • If you plan to store your cookies in a plastic container, check that it is made from food-grade plastic.
    • If you are storing very hard and crunchy biscuits, place them in a container, such as a cookie jar, that allows a little airflow.
  3. Place sheets of parchment paper between the layers of cookies. If you have brought or made a bulk batch of cookies, put sheets of parchment paper in between each cookie layer to stop them from sticking to each other.[3]

    • If you don’t have any parchment paper, use wax paper or a tortilla instead.
    • Avoid stacking cookies that are frosted or are really soft.[4]
  4. Place a piece of white bread in the cookie container to keep them fresh. White bread will help to absorb moisture which will keep the cookies crunchy and fresh. Place a piece of fresh white bread into the top of the bag or container.[5]

    • If you don’t have any fresh white bread in the house, use a tortilla instead.
  5. Keep the cookie container at room temperature. Soft homemade cookies will last for 3 days and hard or packaged cookies will last for 2 weeks if you manage not to eat them first! Keep the container out of the sun to keep the cookies tasting their best.[6]
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[Edit]Freezing Cookies

  1. Transfer the cold cookies into an airtight plastic bag. Wait until the cookies feel cool to touch. This will stop them from creating condensation in the plastic bag and going soggy. Choose a bag that is sealable and large enough for the cookies to sit in a single layer.[7]

    • A sealed bag will stop the cookies from absorbing other flavours and having a funny smell.
    • Freeze the cookies unfrosted and add the frosting once the cookies have thawed. This will keep the icing looking and tasting its best.[8]
  2. Store the cookies in multiple bags if they won’t fit in a single layer. If there are too many cookies to lie in 1 flat layer, split the cookies between a few sealable bags. This will stop the cookies from sticking together.[9]
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  3. Place the airtight bag into the freezer for up to 5 months. Over time the cookies will start to lose their flavour. Eat the cookies within 5 months to ensure that they taste their best. Write the date on the bag with a permanent marker so that you can work out how long the cookies have been in the freezer for.[10]
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  4. Thaw the cookies at room temperature for 15 minutes. Remove the cookies from the sealed bag and place them on a plate to cool. Devour the delicious cookies once they are completely thawed.[11]

    • If there are flies around, cover the cookies with a clean linen cloth while they thaw.
    • If you want to warm a cookie up, simply place it in the microwave for 10 seconds.
  5. Keep your thawed cookies in an airtight container for up to 7 days. Chances are that you’ll eat the cookies pretty quickly, however, if there are some left, keep them in a sealed container. This will help them keep their original texture and stay fresh.[12]
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    • Throw the cookies away after 7 days as the dairy products in the cookies will be past their best.

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