Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

What goes up must come down. And that goes double for Christmas trees. So today I hauled up the big tote will the ornament boxes in it and the box that the tree collapses into and got to work. I want to know how come taking the tree down takes longer and is a bigger pain that putting it up.

But as when I put up the tree I played the Netflix fireplace while I worked on the chore. I have to say that I really love having that flickering and crackling fake fire burning. I kept it on all afternoon even after I was done de-decorating. And no ashes to dispose of!

I drew an octopus going to the beach out of Sketching. It was easier to draw than I expected it to be.

Then I drew the last two critters on the cover of Dr. Seuss's Book of Animals. I thought that the big thing was a cow but it isn't. It might be a donkey, only its ears aren't big enough. I don't know what it is but it has a cat on its back and it looks happy about it.

There was a big flock of Sparrows on the ground under the feeder and I took a picture but when I looked at it all I could see was dirty snow and rabbit poop. Not sharing a picture of dirt and poop. I have standards.

I put fresh sheets on the bed today and realized that I'm one little old lady who doesn't really need a king size bed. The bed is so big that I take turns sleeping first on one side and then on the other so that the mattress and sheets get even wear. I'm thinking I may just trade down to a queen size bed one of these days. The king size seems like a waste of real estate.


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