From bathrooms to bedrooms: Mia Maison introduces easy-to-carry room scents for every mood and need

From bathrooms to bedrooms: Mia Maison introduces easy-to-carry room scents for every mood and need

Don’t you just hate it when you travel and end up in a room that smells funky? Or when you have to go number 2 in a shared bathroom but there’s no way to mask the odor? And how about when the scent of cigarettes lingers in your space? Such moments are now easily avoidable with mist sprays that won’t take up too much space in your bag (or pocket)! Our favorite home fragrance brand, Mia Maison, recently introduced their Mini Mia Maison Discovery Set which includes six carefully selected 20ml bottles of Mia Maison Home Fragrance spray bottles or water-based oils for diffusers.

I’m sold on their living room set but there are also specially-curated sets for the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Let me take you through all 24 scents available! Prior to writing this post, I’ve already tried more than half of the scents and even as someone with allergic rhinitis, I’m loving every single one of them:


Mood: You’re annoyed because something stinks

  • If it’s the smell of tobaccos and cigarettes that you want to get rid of, there’s an Anti-Tobacco and Clean Space bottle in every Living Room Set. Aside from using it in my office space and living room, I personally like to spritz it secretly when the cab or car I’m taking smells funky.
  • May you be in your own bathroom or a shared public restroom, there’s Mia Maison Odour Away spray that can mask unpleasant smells! The oils are specifically calibrated to eliminate the smell on a molecular level so it won’t stay in the air. I also like using this when masking the smell of food inside a room.

Mood: You’re stressed at work or because of work

  • When work gets too overwhelming, I have two favorites in this collection. First is Fresh Bamboo, Mia Maison’s number 1 best-selling Signature Scent that evokes green freshness with a touch of woody base. It’s like getting a whiff of nature’s scent even when you’re indoors in a busy city.
  • Second, Tea at the Orient Express – a scent which combines the sophisticated allure of the West with the exotic intricacies of the East. It helps reduce stress and improves good mood, too!

Mood: You want a quick getaway but have zero time in your hands

  • Ocean Breeze gives me literally a reminder of the fresh ocean breeze (minus the salt in the air) and maintains a cool, clean, and refreshing vibe at home.
  • When I need to feel uplifted and revitalized, there’s White Tea and Ginger for a quick Zen moment as I sit in my office chair.


Mood: In need of relaxation or a spa vacation but you’re stuck at home

  • Lavender will always be on top of my list when it comes to disconnecting with the outside world and reconnecting with my inner peace! Close second would be Green Tea which helps calm my mind and spirit. Yes, it’s on that level!

Mood: Sleepy but allergic rhinitis or pesky bugs are bugging you

  • Eucalyptus and Citronella scents work very well against bugs and it can somehow help clean the air we breathe, too! It can be mixed with water-based oils in a diffuser to make the scent longer-lasting.
  • Whenever my allergies kick in, Peppermint and/or Lime & Spearmint scents also work well. Though Eucalyptus will always be my favorite! These scents can help cool the room that you’re in and help you breathe better by unclogging your nose. It’s like magic when paired with antihistamines, I swear.

There are two more sets that I have yet to try but I’ve already tested Lemon Grass and Warm Cotton before! I can attest to Mia Maison’s claims that it gives off clean sheet vibes. Here’s a quick run-through of the remaining sets:


Mood: In need of a clean atmosphere

The Bathroom set honors our personal time alone and elevates it even further with 6 finely chosen scents that can help us achieve a more luxurious bathing experience than ever: Lemon Grass and Warm Cotton which evokes fresh linen, clean sheets and unmatched squeaky cleanliness; Icy Splash and Sweet Water which helps keep a cool and refreshing scent all throughout the area; Luxe 4 to help pamper us further, and Bath Time — another Odour Away variant. Both scents fight the mundane utility of the bathroom and “me time”.


Mood: Hungry but don’t want to smell like food

The Kitchen Set plays on a lot of food-related scents that Mia Maison has in their library. There’s a  juicy Mia Maison Signature Green Apple scent, a Signature French Vanilla scent which feels like having a hearty breakfast at the local patisserie, a Mia Maison Signature Coffee scent for the coffee lovers, Luxe 1 and Luxe 5 for those who prefer 5-star hotel bakery vibes anywhere they are, and lastly, Kitchen Bliss – another Odour Away variant to keep the food smell at bay.

The Mia Maison Discovery set, which is probably good enough for almost a month – depending on how often you use it, retails for Php 750 for the water-based oil set and Php 380 for the room spray set. These are available at Mia Maison Kiosks nationwide and online through their Official Shopee Store and Official Lazada Store.

P.S. Mia Maison has an ongoing Facebook promo called #DiscoverMiniMiaMoments, where they’ll be giving away FREE Mini Mia Discover Set gift packs to four lucky winners. Just share your Mia Moment based on the question posted on their Facebook page and that’s it! Don’t forget to join! 😊

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