Friday, When it rains.....

Friday, When it rains.....

     You know I really don't need any extra stress in my life right now.  So both Hubs and my cell phones go in the fritz within 24 hours of each other.  Apparently these phones that are 2 years and 7 months old are not supposed to last that long.  Or in other words you need a trade in, or they cannot be charged with your cord any more but this new expensive device we can sell you.  So in reality your phone may cost you 45.00 a month to run but if you factor in the cost every two years of an upgrade (which we NEVER do) your phone actually can cost you 100.000 a month times 2.  What a crock.  Like I need this crap right now.

     Actually many people are trying to get a hold of me.  Piano movers, realtors, brides, and people coming to get furniture we are selling!  Plus hubs has duties at the local high school that are important and they had to drive to our place to get a hold of him.  I have a bride coming from out of town this morning and after her appointment we are heading for the cell phone store.

     I spent my time at D#2's packing, packing, like I have not done enough here.  I had son in law bring in a large tall ladder and I pulled everything off her walls and above her cupboards.  She has a huge house with a lot of overhead decor space. I packed over 20 boxes and took them to the garage.  I also cleaned two ceiling fans that were a story and a half up. I cleaned out and organized all of her kitchen drawers including 4 junk drawers.  Who has 4 junk drawers?  People with too much room that is who.  As I got up yesterday and my phone did not work, I had nothing to play on and waste time with, (note to self: Cell phones waste your time) I did a lot of deep cleaning.  I did two bathrooms, and changed the sheets and made beds and cleaned bedrooms, and did three loads of laundry.  Their realtor is coming today to take pictures, so I felt that at least they can do this now by just moving things back and forth, for good photos.

     Brides are getting on my nerves I have had a couple of ding a lings.  One had a dress that was too big and had to be taken in about 4 inches all the way down the dress on both sides.  Which is tearing out three layers just for the under linings not to mention the lace top which took a hour to rip.  So I get that done and call her as we need to redo the neck line and the dress had to ft first.  Well she is 14 weeks pregnant and does not know now if they are going to get married before or after, so could I leave room for her to get larger?  Uhm....I just took  all four layers in to fit you now.  SO sure but you are going to pay for it.  I threw the darn thing back in her bag and I am not going to touch it until she calls.  What a bunch of BS.  I might just charge her for an unfinished dress and tell her to bring it back when she knows what she wants.  GRRRR.

     Another bride whose dress has been done for over two weeks and has missed three appointments with me of course is trying to call while my phone is down.  She also stopped by and no one was home.  Well that was because you missed your appointment on Monday and I am going out of town for a couple of days.  Then when my cell goes down (which was not anyone's fault) she starts to panic as her wedding day is Augsut 28th.  So she starts calling older people in my church a contact she made through her grandparents and they are upset with me and she makes me look like a bad business person, which is not true.  When I got home last night at 9:37 I called her from another phone.  I also called her grandfather and kindly explained that three appointments for pick up have been missed.  She is supposedly coming on Saturday, but I will believe it when I see it.

     So I am back from the cell phone company.  I am so thankful for my computer engineering degree and the fact that Hubs started a masters in commuter engineering (he did not finish) because I was able to explain to the techs, (who knew darn well) that we thought there was a kill switch in these phones.  They denied it and talked in circles, but we left with brand new I phones  latest  edition at no charge.  Gee how did that happen?  They even gave us all of the gear (screen protectors, cases, extra double chargers ) but could we let them have our phones in exchange?  Yeah sure because if we still have them we can prove there is a kill mechanism in them.  So they need to cover up the evidence.  I tried to stay really calm during all of this as my left wrist has some of the bones that are swollen and it is going immobile.  Funny how a little tiny bone can stove up an entire joint.  Stress makes my RA worse and getting upset as in angry does not help.

     So lets get this move on the road shall we? Packing and cleaning, two of my favorite things to do.  I have one little sewing project a pair of pants to hem and then I am getting my packing gear on.

     I will survive, I swear I will.

Baby update: still working  and contracting but not steady, don't worry it will come on the busiest moving day, don't worry #2 I do not have to be there, but I will get the Shcmills delivered to me.  I cannot do labor with my girls as I had such horrible deliveries, and I go into a Shirly Mcclain, Debra Winger, terms of endearment episode, leading to my arrest. This is what happens when you have a professional dance background and very strong center and you labor for three days then go from 4 to 10 in one contraction and only push twice.   You cannot have any meds until 5 and 10 it is too late.  So let's just say I have no patience with medical people and their machines.  By the time I had #4 I was smarter and much meaner.  Still no meds.  No bitterness here none at all......

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

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