{food} What I’ve Been Baking - Part 13

{food} What I’ve Been Baking - Part 13


We've got a nice mix of recipes in this roundup of treats I made. Cobbler, muffins, cookies, bread, brownies and cookie bars! YUM! It's been SUPER hot these past few weeks which means baking has made our already hot house even hotter (no central AC and can't really have an AC unit in the living room.) But nothing can stop me from making tasty treats!


Oreo Chocolate Cobbler

I saw this on Instagram in May and made a mental note to surprise Christian with it because he LOOOOVES Oreos.  I usually bake on the weekend but decided to make it on a random Tuesday so he would still be working while I baked. After dinner I pulled it out and he was like "WHAT'S THIS?!!!" Mission accomplished! Ha ha. It was kind of the texture of a mug cake up top and then gooey and fudgy on the bottom. We served it with some ice cream as recommended in the recipe....mmmm. I didn't use the hot coffee and opted for water instead, I definitely think the coffee would have helped bring out more chocolate flavor but we don't drink coffee so I never buy it.

Almond Flour Brownies

This recipe was a surprise hit! I wanted to use up some almond flour that had been in the freezer forever and I had all the ingredients handy. I made the non-paleo version so I used butter and sugar instead of coconut oil and coconut sugar. The inside is super gooey and delicious and the outsides are firmer, just how Christian and I like them (I eat the mushy inside he likes the edges.) I've heated up my pieces so it becomes lava-cake like but Christian ate them straight out the fridge. Will definitely be making these again.

Chocolate Pan de Cristal

This is one of the more interesting bread bakes I've done. It's Chocolate Pan de Cristal or "Glass Bread.” You start by doing what is called a “bowl fold” followed by doing a “coil fold” three times before adding in some chocolate chips with two letter folds and then doing a double rise (one rise all together and one after dividing the dough into 8 different pieces.) I started making it at 9am and finished at 3:20pm, so definitely a weekend bake. I did pretty good for my first try, but my shaping and dividing could use some work. They’re a bit uneven and odd sizes.


Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins

These were sooo good! I had some blueberries left after making pancakes for Brinner and went straight to Tessa's blog for a recipe because she never disappoints. The streusel topping on this was sooo good, I almost wish I made more.  I also left the batter in the fridge for about 8 hours before baking as suggested in the recipe to make them bake taller, pretty cool! I waited to put the blueberries in until after, so the color wouldn’t bleed, but then it was hard to get them into the batter. Next time I'll just add the blueberries anyway, I don't care if the muffins turn blue.


Ultimate Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I decided to make these on National Chocolate Chip Cookie day but I hadn't taken butter out early enough so I tried to soften it quicker by putting it in the microwave (not turning it on, just in because it's warmer in there) and kind of warming it with my hands.  The dough is supposed to be chilled in the fridge for 24 hours but we wanted some cookies that day so I baked off 4 even though I knew the dough was too soft and they would spread....they basically filled up the whole quater sheet pan and flattened worse than pancakes, haha! After the 24 hours I baked the rest of the cookies and they were still really flat. Still tasted delicious though! I think it's how hot it was in the house because I've never had an issue with a recipe from this baker.


Birthday Cake Confetti Cookie Bars 

Another recipe from Tessa at Handle the Heat! This time it's a recipe exclusive to her book, The Ultimate Cookie Handbook. After the sort of fail I had with the cookies above I wanted to bake again over the weekend and decided cookie bars may be the smarter choice because they can't flatten! I was in the mood for something whimsical so the confetti cookie bars were the perfect choice (even if I had to buy and use cream cheese - EEW! Not a fan of the smell or taste, haha! Luckily it mostly disappears in the flavor)
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