First Grade April Morning Bins

First Grade April Morning Bins

April is the first full month of spring, and the First Grade April Morning Bins are sure to bring some sunshine your way! These bins are packed with plenty of fun activities to keep your students engaged and learning. Therefore, these bins are a perfect way to start your day!

NOTE: Many teachers are choosing to use these as early finisher tubs or during a different part of the day. Generic labels have been included for this purpose.




The benefits of morning bins are endless!

  • They are hands-on and engaging.
  • They provide meaningful practice for basic skills.
  • Students have opportunities to work on fine motor skills.
  • They provide group and social interaction.
  • These offer open-ended practice.
  • They can be used as an alternative to pencil/paper work.
  • They provide extra practice for previously taught skills.
  • Most importantly…they make learning FUN!


Each monthly theme will include 21 skills. The monthly skills stay the same throughout the months, but the activities change to provide students with more challenging activities. 

  • 189 Morning Bin activities
  • Color AND Black and White Versions Included!
  • Simplified Student Direction Cards
  • Material List for each bin 
  • Morning Bin Rules Poster
  • Labels for Bins (2 options)
  • Teacher Progress Monitoring Sheet
  • Some bins included accountably sheets, if you choose to use them


  • Vocabulary
  • Sounds
  • Segment and Blend
  • Sight Words
  • Sequence
  • Sentences
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Syllables
  • Comparing and Contrasting Characters in Text
  • Count Sequence
  • Making Groups
  • Representing Numbers
  • Base 10 Concepts
  • Doubles Fluency
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Graphing Information
  • Geometry (Shapes)
  • Making Money Values with Coins
  • Fractions
  • Social/Emotional: Regulating Myself and Relating to Others

Let’s take a look at what is included in the First Grade April Morning Bins.

Morning Bin #1: Vocabulary

Students will build a vocabulary word with magnetic letters. Then they will match the picture to the word.

Morning Bin #2: Sounds

Students will say the word, listen for the sound that the oo makes, and sort the word to the correct mat.

Morning Bin #3: Segment and Blend

Students will say the word and decide if the word ends with ch or tch to add the ending.

Morning Bin #4: Sight Words

Students will read the sight words and use the keyboard to spell the word.

Morning Bin #5: Sequence

Students will read the words and write them in alphabetical order on the mat.

Morning Bin #6: Sentences

Students will decide which 3 are their favorites and complete the sentence by writing them on the lines. Then they will add commas in the correct places.

Morning Bin #7: Grammar

Students will spin the spinner, read the words and find the contraction that matches.

Morning Bin #8: Writing

Students will flip a subject card and a predicate card. Then they will write the silly sentence on the lines.

Morning Bin #9: Rhymes, Syllables & Compound Words

Students will read the word and write 3 other words that rhyme with the word.

Morning Bin #10: Text

Students will read the main idea and the two supporting details. Then they will write a third supporting detail.

Morning Bin #11: Count Sequence

Students will look at the missing numbers on the hundred chart and write them in the boxes below.

Morning Bin #12: Comparing Numbers & Making Groups

Two students will each flip 3 cards, add the numbers and compare the sums.

Morning Bin #13: Representing Numbers

Students will flip and read a number word card. Then they will find the number on the chart and cover it.

Morning Bin #14: Base Ten

Students will flip a card and complete 10 less, one less, one more and 10 more.

Morning Bin #15: Fluency

Students will flip a card, add or subtract and sort the card to the jar that has the answer.

Morning Bin #16: Addition & Subtraction

Students will look at the hops on the number line and clip the addition or subtraction equation that matches.

Morning Bin #17: Measurement & Data

Students will use snap cubes and paperclips to measure the items two different ways.

Morning Bin #18: Geometry

Students will use shape blocks to build the shape in multiple ways. Then they will count how many shapes they used for each way.

Morning Bin #19: Time & Money

Students will spin both spinners and write the time on the analog and digital clocks.

Morning Bin #20: Patterns & Fractions

Students will pick a flower, look at the shaded area, decide if it matches the fraction and sort to card.

Morning Bin #21: Social & Emotional

Students will read the problem and solutions, and clip the best choice.

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