Finally, Help is here with Geniebook’s Smart Learning Tool for Kids

Finally, Help is here with Geniebook’s Smart Learning Tool for Kids


Do you know what I absolutely hate about giving my kids assessment books and past years' papers to do?

Marking them.

Even armed with the answer sheet, I find it extremely time-consuming to make every question... especially for Math problem sums and Science Open-ended questions where I have to read through everything to award marks.

No wonder Ale is always saying, "Papa asks me to do so many assessment books but he still hasn't marked them! Then I do for what???" 😅😅😅

And don't even get me started on the time spent on going through their mistakes and making them do corrections.

BUT BUT BUT, what if I told you there was a much simpler, fuss-free and convenient way. And no, your kid does not have to step out of the house to head to a tuition centre. EVERYTHING is online and at the tip of your child's (and your) fingers. And in these unprecedented Covid-19 times - even though at the time of writing, tuition and enrichment centres have been allowed to re-open in Phase 2 - having lessons online is certainly better, more convenient and safer.

So say hello to Geniebook!

Geniebook is an online, assessment-based learning tool that offers a powerful and targeted way to sharpen a student’s academic performance and confidence.

And it is not your usual tuition centre.

For starters, Geniebook is powered by A.I to generate questions based on the child's strengths and weaknesses. These questions then come in the form of bite-sized worksheets - which can be done online via its website or the app on Android and iOS devices - and as the child tackles more questions over time, the system will be able to identify which concepts he/she is weak at.

Both Ash and Ale have been using Geniebook for close to 4 weeks now - E Math & A Math for Ash and Math for Ale - and can I just say it amazes me and the wifey that they are now actively completing worksheet after worksheet on a daily basis! Unbelievable.

How Geniebook can help your child

Learning is more effective

Without a doubt, the strength of Geniebook lies in its proprietary A.I. which seeks to pinpoint areas of a subject which a child finds more challenging. It is able to detect children's strengths and weaknesses and generates relevant questions to them for practice.

Geniebook covers all aspects of English, Maths and Sciences for Primary 2 to Secondary 4 levels. Qualified teachers and editors, with the help of patented technology, review millions of student attempts to get insights from students’ question attempts. They then create and update questions daily based on the latest syllabus from Ministry of Education. In addition, Geniebook also works with the best education publishers to enhance and expand its offerings.

And the vast number of questions with different difficulty levels clearly works. After a few worksheets, Geniebook is able to rank the topics that Ale is weaker in based on the number of mistakes she made.

And the best part of it? Marking is instant! The solution to the question is shown immediately after each question is submitted so if Ash has got the answer wrong, he will be able to see the correct solution with the question and mistakes he made still fresh in his head.

Compare this to an assessment paper that he did and I only had time to mark it 2 weeks later - by the time I sit down with him to go through the mistakes, he may have already forgotten the questions!

Each worksheet generated generally takes about 30 minutes to complete and can consist of a mix of MCQ and Structured questions. While the MCQs are marked instantaneously, the structured questions are sent to Geniebook's teachers to be marked (because marks can still be awarded for correct workings) which will take about 3 days. If the answer required is too long to be typed out, the child can take a photo to submit the answer too.

Learning is more convenient

Every topic in the subject is covered in Geniebook's vast database of questions, which makes it a breeze to simply generate worksheets based on the topics (300 personalised worksheets per subject!) that your child wants to practise for.

And besides worksheets, Geniebook offers LIVE video lessons with tutors in tandem with topics that are taught in school too, AT NO EXTRA COST!

Lessons are conducted online once a week based on the respective school level at a fixed day and time. For each lesson, the tutor will prepare a special worksheet for students to attempt.

Ale joined in one lesson on Fractions which I stole a few peeks and I have to say the lesson was anything but a monotonous one! The tutor kept the 1-hour lesson lively and engaging throughout, and something tells me Ale is already looking forward to the next one. As for me, I'm just happy that she can attend the lesson from home and that I don't have to send her down to a tuition centre. 😆

Learning is more structured

As adults, we all know how goal setting and having a schedule is so important in our work. Likewise for our kids who are prepping for tests and exams.

Through the parent's Geniebook App (which I will get to in detail in a bit), both parent and child can plan a weekly study schedule in tandem with the topics being taught in school. Worksheets can be generated based on the schedule, with deadlines being set for the completion of the worksheets.

I guess this is especially important during this period, when we have exited Circuit Breaker with our kids having Home-Based Learning (HBL) the past few months. For sure, HBL isn't quite the same as learning in the classroom so with exams looming, the anxiety in some students and parents can be very real. With Geniebook being able to offer a structured way of practising and revising concepts, parents and students need not be as anxious when it comes to revision.

And remember when I mentioned earlier that the A.I. is able to pick out the child's mistakes? In fact, Geniebook is able to compile all the past questions which the child had attempted wrongly every 2 weeks into a Revision Worksheet.

This way, the child will be able to study the mistakes again and generate a worksheet which comprises of the questions that he/she had gotten wrong previously. Personally, I find that extremely useful because in this way, both Ale and Ash will be able to focus on the mistakes they made, and practise the questions once again. This beats just doing corrections... which more often than not, is just doing it for the sake of doing, no?

Learning is more rewarding

Now I can safely say this is the MOST appealing part for the kids. Just ask Ash and Ale!

For every worksheet completed, the child is able to earn Bubbles, or reward points which can be used to redeem for free gifts. Yes, I know what you are thinking - it's those useless gifts like pencils, erasers, sweets and rulers.

Nope, you are wrong. Well, I was wrong too.

Geniebook obviously had done its homework and has included redeemable gifts like these:

Yes, that's an App Store and Google Play Gift Card worth $30 each!

For Ash who was initially reluctant to do the worksheets ('cos "What? Extra homework!!!!"), his eyes lit up when he saw the Google Play gift card. "Ooh, I can get a new character for my Brawl Stars game!" he exclaimed. 😂

And the range of gifts available is amazing! There are hundreds (yes, hundreds) of categories to choose from... even a Nintendo Switch!

As an added bonus, students can vie for the top spot in a leaderboard where Bubbles will be awarded to the top performers too. How's that for motivation?

How Geniebook can help you, the parent

Stay woke with the Parent App

The child downloads the normal Geniebook app to attempt the worksheets while parents can download the Geniebook Parent app which basically allows you to keep track of your child's progress... and more.

If you are setting the app for the first time, you can even input your child's upcoming test or exam topics and select the relevant topic worksheets to practise.

Not only can you set a study schedule for your child, you can add new worksheets directly from the app and keep track of their work progress.

Deadlines for the worksheets can be set, and you will even receive a reminder three days before the worksheet is due.

If your child starts on a worksheet, you will be notified. Likewise when your child finishes the worksheet.

Once the child has completed the worksheet, you can view their answers and mistakes immediately, and even a daily and weekly results view of the worksheets completed.

Saves time. Lots and lots of it!

Because the worksheets are marked either with instant solutions or by experienced teachers, parents need not spend time marking their kids' work. WOOHOO! This, to me, is probably the best feature of the Geniebook.

And for the questions they got wrong, step-by-step workings are provided which explain everything to the child so that we parents don't have to. No need to vomit blood. LOL.

Come test or exam time, I also do not have to skim through the various assessment books to look for past mistakes for revision. Geniebook's A.I. recommendations that tell me exactly which topics my kids can improve on. Win already.


No more rushing to bookstores to buy assessment books, or downloading and printing of papers from the web, or photocopying other school's exam papers. Simply just tick off the topics you want your child to practise, and a worksheet is generated in seconds!

In fact, Geniebook started building the A.I. platform from scratch 10 years ago, focused on a singular objective for its students to learn faster and do better which is why while HBL was mostly a scramble for adaptation for most tuition centres, Geniebook had already perfected its live video lessons and online worksheets. And that translates to the ultimate hassle-free convenience for both students and parents.

Well, that and the thought of no more rushing all over the island for classes and having to contend with traffic and parking! 😁

P.S. At the time of writing this post, the kids were still in alternate weeks of HBL. Now, school has since fully resumed and with it, comes the many tests and exams that were inevitably delayed due to Circuit Breaker. So yes, both Ash and Ale are busy preparing for their tests now and so will your kids. They are still using Geniebook diligently (which is a good thing! 😁) so if you are not sure how or where to get your child started, why not let Geniebook do the recommendations for you?

Because of this 👇


Assess your child with a complimentary 20-minute worksheet on your preferred subject. Once completed, you will receive a diagnosis of your child’s strongest and weakest topics instantly. Geniebook's Education Consultant will be in touch to explain the diagnosis and recommend the next step for your child to improve. Click HERE to begin the analysis.

More Information

Prices start from S$1,649 for one subject, which is value for money considering your child will receive the following:
✅ Real teachers marking and providing full solutions
✅ 300 personalised worksheets per subject
✅ Weekly LIVE online lessons
✅ Parent App to assign worksheets and track progress
✅ Personalised revision plans
✅ Learning progress analytics
✅ Rewards to exchange for gifts

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