Elsie’s Favorite Essential Oil Diffusers

Elsie’s Favorite Essential Oil Diffusers

After writing this post about my experience with essential oils, I received a bunch of questions asking which diffusers I use in my home. I LOVE diffusing oils, and I like having a variety of diffusers for different rooms, so I thought I would share a roundup of my favorites today.

Essential oil diffuser, candle, and jar on top of cutting board

This is my all-time favorite diffuser, but I like having a variety for different rooms.

Beyond diffusing, here are a few ways I use oils in my everyday life:

Skincare. I like to mix one drop of frankincense oil in with my face oil as a booster. Frankincense is amazing for skincare.

Cleaning. You can make cleaning sprays using essential oils, distilled water, and soap. They are so simple to make, smell amazing, and work just as well as stuff I used to buy at the store!

Laundry: I use wool dryer balls with lavender or fir needle essential oil instead of dryer sheets for my laundry every day.

Relaxation. I mix a few drops of essential oils in with bubble bath or liquid soap (in a small dish) and add them to my bath water. Do this after the bath is done running, after you are already in it.

There are a hundred more uses for oils, but this is just what I do in my day-to-day life.

I use this holiday season blend year-round. It’s really cozy and it smells amazing.

Some other favorites: Blood Orange / Allspice / Bergamot / Nutmeg

Supernova Diffuser

I love the Supernova ceramic diffuser. My favorite thing about it is the glowy cutout stars. It has changeable colors, but I tend to leave mine on the warm white light setting.

It’s a nice, subtle glow for any room. One thing to note: I don’t use this diffuser for bedrooms because it’s too bright. It’s best for living spaces. I have one in our entry, kitchen, and my office.

Gold Flower Diffuser

I’m always a fan of a gold accessory and this diffuser looks more like a pretty candle that blends with decor.

Woodgrain Diffuser

The woodgrain look of this one is great to “blend” into any room, and it has great reviews.

Cordless Diffuser

This one has a pretty iridescent sheen and it’s cordless—a plus if you want a rechargeable option.

Stone Diffuser

I love these stone diffusers—mine is in pink. This is an excellent bedside diffuser, and it can also work in any room of the home. The earthy ceramic feel is so nice.

Travel Diffuser

I like to diffuse oils when I travel, and this is my go-to. It also comes in blush pink.

Honeycomb Diffuser

This diffuser is made by the company who makes the supernova diffuser. The honeycomb cutouts are really pretty!

TerraFuse Diffuser

I love these stone-look diffusers. They are beautiful and function so well. I have been using mine in my bedroom recently.

Bamboo Diffuser

I love a simple diffuser, and this one is budget-friendly and great for any room.

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Looking for DIYs that use essential oils?

Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites diffusers I should know about!  xo. Elsie

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