DIY Bookmark Idea – Bookmarks Make Your Own!

DIY Bookmark Idea – Bookmarks Make Your Own!

DIY Bookmark Idea – I have a new tutorial for how to make bookmarks using cardstock paper! This is an easy way to make them and keep your spot when reading.

I asked my granddaughter what she wanted for her birthday and she said she needed bookmarks… She’s really into reading. What an easy way to encourage a young reader! Gifting them a handmade bookmark and books. But, honestly, I think anyone who reads or is a book lover can enjoy making one. You can personalize these with names, pretty papers, ribbons, lace, and scrap materials…

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DIY Bookmark Idea

DIY Bookmarks - See how to make your own bookmarks. This DIY bookmark idea is easy to make and you can make personalized bookmarks. DIY at

It feels like forever since I pulled out my paper crafting supplies. It was fun to use cardstock and glitter cardstock, glue stick, and ribbons to make these cute boho, feminine, bookmarks. I used my Cricut but, these can be made by using scissors too!

Make Your Own Bookmarks

DIY Bookmark Idea - Holding a finished bookmark next to a book ©2023

Let’s do this!




  • Make sure to smooth out the paper by using a brayer.
  • Cut out the bookmarks using the template (linked below).
  • Personalize the bookmarks with names, using different paper colors, or other designs.
  • Use scrapbook and cardstock scrap papers.
  • Glue the designs together. Use scrapbooking glue sticks or glue sticks like this. Or scrapbookers glue.
  • Place under a heavy book or books to flatten if the paper curls after gluing. (Note: Thicker papers are less likely to curl).
  • A laminator will add laminated protection to the bookmarks.
  • After laminating the bookmarks trim the laminate to your liking. But don’t get too close to the bookmark. Allow a small amount of space around it so the laminate doesn’t separate.
  • Use the instructions below to make your own bookmarks!

Project Notes

If you are using the template I made to make 3 bookmarks (includes cuts laid out for fronts and backs using a 12 x 12-inch Scrapbook Paper. It will want you to cut it using a 12 x 24-inch mat. I just click ok. and use my 12 x 12-inch mat. Make sure your paper is lined up properly on the mat. Or use your 12 x 24-inch mat. This minimizes wasting paper by cutting this many at once.

Or you can use the bookmark template laid out for 2 bookmarks (includes cuts for fronts and backs). Leaves excess paper. Cut with a 12 x 12-inch mat using the Cricut.

Make adjustments to either rename or save it in the Design Space panel.

If using other bookmark templates upload the files to the Design Space. Layout the design and print or cut using the files.

How To Make a Bookmark Using Cardstock Paper

I made these one rainy day. It is a quick craft. This paper crafting project is really easy to do using a Cricut machine. Or cutting the designs by hand with scissors or a paper cutter. I created a different design on each side before assembling them. One side with my granddaughter’s name and the other side with coordinating leftover scrapbook paper cut with scissors.


DIY Bookmark Idea - Step-by-Step how-to make your own bookmarks - Using a Cricut, scissors or paper cutter. Get the instructions and DIY Bookmarks at

Step-By-Step How To Make Your Own Bookmarks

  1. Use the bookmark template in Design Space.
    Cutting the bookmarks by hand? You can still use the bookmark template in Design Space (sign-up is free).
  2. Layout the bookmark design in design space to cut 2, 4, or a full page of bookmarks.
    (You need 2 cuts to make 1 bookmark).
  3. Pick the cardstock paper/sheet you want to cut and place it onto the cutting mat.
    (Use the brayer to smooth out the paper onto the mat).
  4. Cut the design (using the Cricut).
    NOTE: (If not cutting the cardstock on the Cricut; Print the file, and use it as a pattern to cut it out by hand and use scissors.)
  5. Peel the bookmarks off the mat.
  6. Place two wrong sides together, gluing them together with a glue stick.
  7. Next, I found a font I liked in Design Space. I spelled her name and cut the file design on coordinating paper. Thicker fonts are easier to cut out and work with.
  8. I glued a glitter cardstock rectangle scrap to the bookmark (optional) and glued the letters onto it.
  9. Then I let the glue dry. Flatten the bookmark by placing a heavy book on it. Use a hole punch and punch a hole where it’s marked. Or punch a hole after laminating.
  10. Next, laminate the bookmark to extend its use time, giving it a protective covering, and punch a hole. Laminate it again, cool, and add ribbons.

Each side of the bookmark had a different design layout. You do you. See a quick video tutorial of me making bookmarks!

How To Laminate Bookmarks

  1. Heat up a laminator. Use a medium/high setting. Or check your laminator settings and adjust accordingly.
  2. Place the bookmarks in between the laminating sheet. Smooth the sheet, and then run it through the laminator.
  3. Let it cool, and use the paper cutter to cut out around the bookmark (leaving edges).
  4. Run each bookmark through the laminator again, sealing the edges. Do this as needed.
  5. Use a hole punch to punch the hole.
  6. Send the bookmark through the laminator again to seal around the bookmark holes.
    I sent mine through 2x flipping it over.
  7. Thread a ribbon through the hole. Lay ribbons and lace over the ribbon through the hole and tie it.
DIY Bookmarks - See how to make your own bookmarks. This DIY bookmark idea is easy to make. Pick colors, papers, designs and make personalized bookmarks. DIY at

Tada! You are done. Now you can use or gift the bookmark! Pair it with this pretty Flower Fairies Book as a gift.

How many bookmarks will you make? Making this project later? Be sure to Pin it!

Where To Get Bookmark Designs and Bookmark Templates To Print?

Where to get bookmark designs to print? I have printed designs made in Canva, cut the designs with a paper cutter, and laminated bookmarks for the grandkids before. You can sign up for Canva Pro here with a free 30-day trial! I’ll be sure to make a tutorial for that too. It’s really easy!

You can also find designs for bookmarks here bookmark templates and printable bookmarks. There are so many options and styles.

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