common....or not, that is the question!

Well, we have some colds in the family. Oh no! A runny nose! Lock us up! Throw away the key! 3 have been tested, just in case, and we're not going anywhere until we get the results. Abigail is home from work (yay, vacay!), Benjamin is home from one is seriously sick, and I hope and pray it stays that way. Some of us have cold symptoms, so hopefully we just have colds...but my goodness, do colds really run through so many people at the same time? Are our immune systems broken? Will we get really and terribly sick? Stay tuned for the answers to these pressing questions...

Paul is fine, for the record. The little girls are fine too, just slight symptoms. I have a sore throat, but am otherwise fine. fine, fine, fine. We won't go out and about or we'll be fined fined fined. No one has or has had a fever, so that's good.

Today was a good day anyway, home and comfy. We mopped instead of moped, did laundry, picked some blackberries from the woods...

Yesterday afternoon, we hopped in the pool to cool off, it was so dang humid. Well, it started to rain as soon as we got in there!

It was nice and refreshing.

Last night's dinner: slow roasted barbecued ribs, homemade Mac and cheese and cauliflower&cheese, and a nice salad with green peppers and tomatoes from our garden.

Tonight we had grilled chicken, rice, peppers and tomatoes, avocado, etc, then more berries from the woods, mmm.

A hurricane is moving up the coast, never a dull moment. Sam and Grace are in it's path in Virginia, ugh. We might get some rain, but that's about it, and we can use the rain. I just watered the garden, and the flowers, and folded freshly dried sheets and towels that dried in the sun. Puttering around, I don't get bored. There's always something to do.

Actually, I'm hatching a plan: painting the kitchen! It's been yellow for too long. It was English Buttercream, now a brighter yellow, and although I don't hate it, I'm falling out of love with it. Plus, I need a fun project. The kids are all here, and are willing to help, so why not? A nice gallon or two of paint is under a hundred bucks! If I can choose a color, I can order from Sherwin Williams, and pick it up at the curb. I'm thinking of something gray-ish, maybe a green gray, I love the Sea Salt, but something more subtle. The plan is that if it clashes with the living room, we just buy more of the same color and paint the living room to match.

I sort of like the Topsail....the living room is a gray with a blue tint, so I don't want clashing going on.

So fun things are going on, and some not-so-fun things too. Pray for us, that we are indeed just suffering from the common cold, and are not actually a hop, a skip, and a jump away from death's door. Life is crazy these days, isn't it?