Common mistakes in evening looks

Common mistakes in evening looks

An evening look with trousers, a dress or overalls is easy to spoil with one wrong selection of an accessory or a minor detail. To keep your special occasion look flawless, check out our cheat sheet on common evening style blunders.



Stylists gave lace the title of anti-trend in evening fashion. It is challenging to find a dress in which such decor would look relevant and elegant. Therefore, it is better not to take on such a responsible mission, but to choose an image without dubious jewelry. Thin lace on the back, sleeves, or décolleté, imitation of underwear under a transparent texture is taboo.



It is easy to spoil an impeccably composed evening look – for this, it is worth picking up unsuccessful tights. We are talking about satin nylon or material that does not match the skin tone. Dense matte tights will not work either – such a texture is categorically not friendly with the evening style.

When compiling an evening outfit, forget about bodily shiny tights, which not only simplify the image, but also insidiously add volume to the calves and hips.

Evening style makes an exception only for black tights, but when combined with the main outfit in a dark palette. On the occasion of the holiday, it is permissible to pick up a capron with a pattern or polka dots made of rhinestones, giving the right to the accessory to be the main focus of a stylish evening look.



A common mistake in an evening look is the wrong selection of shoes. An evening dress requires an elegant and open-shoe model as a companion, so leather boots should be left for everyday looks.

The combination of an elegant dress with ankle boots is also considered a blunder. Such a combo not only looks outdated, it visually fills the legs and distorts the proportions of the figure.

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