Casper’s New Holiday Bedding Collection Turns Your Bed Into an Oasis

Casper’s New Holiday Bedding Collection Turns Your Bed Into an Oasis

On November 2, Casper introduced a new line of products, and we’re not talking about mattresses or pillows. For the 2021 holiday season, Casper has introduced a new collection of bedding and cozy blankets. We’ve already named the Casper nap pillow one of the season’s 75 Best Stocking Stuffers, and the company’s famous bed-in-a-box mattresses have appeared in numerous SPY guides to the best mattresses.

Casper’s new holiday collection includes colorful throws, quilt sets, pillows, a touch of velvet and even a new motion-activated night light. Best of all, every item in Casper’s holiday bedding collection comes with the brand’s 30-night risk-free trial. That means if you don’t like it, you can send it back within 30 days of purchase and get a complete refund on your purchase.

On its website, Casper says that the holiday collection is designed to “transform your bedroom into a cozy holiday escape.” The prices on Casper bedding is comparable to companies like Brooklinen and Parachute, which make some of our favorite comforters and cotton bedsheets, but we’re really feeling these new holiday colors, which won’t look out of place in your bedroom when winter comes to an end.

Check out some of the best products from the new Casper holiday collection below.


Casper’s Introduces Velvet for Your Bedroom

If you’re a fan of pumpkin spice and everything nice, then Casper’s new velvet quilt and matching shams in velvet is your jam. The channel-quilted velvet quilt and matching shams come in a spicy-looking bourbon, and for homes without kids, an ivory shade of oat milk. The quilt and matching shams are made with 100% cotton velvet and come in sizes suitable for Full and Queen and Kings; if you prefer, you can buy the quilt and shams separately.

casper-velvet-quilt-and-sham-set Buy: Casper Velvet Quilt and Sham Set Check Prices

Casper Introduces Cozy Throw Blankets

Casper is also debuting two lightweight throws to toss on your bed, or to use when cuddling in the living room. They have this classic pinstripe plaid throw, that feels like a sweater and is made from 100% wool. It’s trimmed with fringe and would look fab tossed over a leather couch. It comes in three colors: chocolate, marshmallow, and oat milk. In the spring you could even use it as a picnic blanket.

Their bold plaid throw is a big plaid throw fringe-trimmed blanket that is made from 100% wool, and soft like a bunny. Like the classic pinstripe plaid throw, it would look handsome anywhere in the house and can even be taken to a park when the weather warms up again. It comes in three colorways and has the brand’s risk-free trial.

Casper Pinstripe Plaid Throw

casper-pinstripe-plaid-throw Buy: Casper Pinstripe Plaid Throw $129.00

Casper Bold Plaid Throw

casper-bold-plaid-throw Buy: Casper Bold Plaid Throw $129.00

Casper’s New Everyday Bedding Collection

Whether you want your bedroom to reflect the changing seasons, or you’ve moved and want a new look for your, ahem, boudoir, Casper’s new Everyday Quilt and Sham set will give your bed a new look fast. The lightweight 100% cotton quilt and shams add personality and style fast to your bed. The sets come in Indigo, which is a nice medium blue, restful peach, and chic gray. The sets come in Full/Queen, and King/California King sizes.

Like all of Casper’s products, they have that fab 30-night risk-free trial. Options include buying the set, or the pieces separately.

everyday-quilt-and-sham-set Buy: Casper Everyday Quilt + Sham Set Check Prices

Casper’s Elegant New Coverlet + Sham

Casper is also debuting a Matelasse Coverlet and Sham Set that comes in three colors: olive, cream, and spice. Matelesse has a soft woven texture that makes the quilt and matching shams appear to have a embossed pattern on them. Made with 100% cotton, this quietly stylish set amps up your bedroom. And, yup, they do come with Casper’s risk-free trial too.

casper holiday set Buy: Casper Matelasse Coverlet Sham Set -Full/Queen $288.00

The Casper Night Light

Having guests over for the holidays can be wonderful, except when they start tripping over furniture at 3 a.m. Prevent guests from playing “Keep Away” with your furniture by placing this modern and cool-looking Glow Light Night Light in guest rooms. (This would also be a great addition to kid’s bedrooms.) It comes in a two-pack, so you can place on in a hallway and another in a different room. The lights work with motion sensors and can be plugged into any outlet.

casper-glowlight-2 Buy: Glow Light Night Light (Double Pack) $35.00

Casper lets you sleep on silk in affordable style

This could possibly be one of the best holiday gifts to give to someone or to keep for yourself. Silk pillowcases are often recommended to people who have dry skin and hair; the soft breathable fabric doesn’t leach moisture from either and prevents hair from getting frizzy and uncontrollable. Plus, sleeping on silk feels delicious. Casper’s silk pillowcase and matching sleep mask set come in three shades: indigo, oat milk, and peach. You can also buy the items separately. The silk pillowcase also comes in olive and fireside, so they can be mixed in with Casper’s other bedding. Yes, they do come with Casper’s fab risk-free trial too.

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casper-silk-pillowcase-and-sleep-mask-set Buy: Casper Silk Pillowcase + Sleep Mask Set $119.00

Casper’s New Blankets, Sheets, and Pillows

You know what sucks the worst, a pillow that’s so flat or icky that it can ruin a good night’s sleep. No one wants to slip into a comfy bed and then spend the night fighting with a pillow trying to make it comfortable. Casper has just created three new pillows: A backrest pillow, body hug pillow, and hybrid pillow so you can get a good night’s rest. The backrest pillow is a wedge-shaped pillow that promotes good posture and elevates your head. FYI, elevated pillows help stop snoring. The body hug pillow is fab for side sleepers, as it helps keep your body aligned and has a pressure-relieving ergonomic design. The hybrid pillow is a pillow that uses both foam and fiber to create a soft yet responsive pillow that cradles your head when you sleep. You can pick either the mid or low loft pillow. Loft refers to the pillow’s height; if you prefer a big, fluffy pillow, then opt for the mid loft, like a thinner pillow, then the low loft pillow is your friend.

Casper’s new cozy woven blanket can be used under their quilts or by themselves. The blanket comes in warm-toned plaids and solid shades too. It’s made using a soft brushed cotton and will keep you warm on chilly nights.

Speaking of staying warm on a chilly winter night, now you can snuggle under 100% organic cotton flannel sheets. Just in time for the holidays, Casper has debuted flannel sheet sets for the entire family. They have them in twin through California King. And if you want to get fancy schmancy, opt for the matching flannel duvet cover. You’ll be so relaxed and toasty warm that when you wake up every morning, you’ll think it’s Sunday. The flannel sheets and duvet covers come in five colors and also come with the brand’s risk-free trial too.

Casper Back Rest Pillow

casper-backrest-pillow Buy: Casper Back Rest Pillow $119.00

Casper Body Hug Pillow

casper-body-hug-pillow Buy: Casper Body Hug Pillow $139.00

Casper Hybrid Pillow

casper-pillows Buy: Casper Hybrid Pillow $99.00

Casper Flannel Sheet Set and Duvet Cover

casper-flannel-king Buy: Casper Flannel Sheet Set and Duvet Twin $208.00

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