Casper Is Bringing Your Bed To You With Its New Wearable Snoozewear Collection

Casper Is Bringing Your Bed To You With Its New Wearable Snoozewear Collection

By now, we should all know Casper. And, no, we’re not talking about the friendly ghost. Although, he is pretty cool. We’re talking about the mattress and bedding brand that’s been changing the way we sleep since 2014. The brand has inspired dozens of imitators, and the bed-in-a-box trend has completely changed the way we shop for mattresses.

But today, we’re not here to tell you about the best mattresses from Casper. We aren’t even here to rave over Casper bedsheets like we did, uh, yesterday. Instead, we’re here to tell you about Casper’s newest launch.

Introducing: Snoozewear by Casper, a new loungewear collection that includes comfy slippers, a sleep mask and a blanket-robe that’s giving us serious Snuggie vibes (in a good way).

Casper sent SPY its new Snoozewear collection for review, and we’ll update this post once we’ve had a chance to properly test the items. In the meantime, keep scrolling for all the details on this new release by Casper, which officially launched on Tuesday, January 25.

Casper Snoozewear

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What Is Snoozewear?

Casper is best known for its mattresses, pillows and bedsheets, but the company has expanded its product offerings in recent years. In December 2021, we wrote about the company’s new holiday collection, which included a nightlight and throw blankets. Snoozewear is Casper’s new wearable “bedding” you can wear from the bed do your couch to your work from home rolling chair.

Casper is adding three new items to its online store: the Snoozewear Robe (a wearable duvet cover), Snoozewear Slippers (a richly soft cotton slipper with a foam insole) and the Snoozewear Sleep Mask (a stretchy, soft sleep mask that blocks light and sound).

Casper Snoozewear Robe

Buy: Casper Snoozewear Robe $169.00

While the whole launch is bringing us way too much excitement, the standout of the pack is the Snoozewear Robe. This puffy wrap-around is built to keep you feeling like you’re in bed even when you aren’t. It’s designed after Casper’s duvet covers for an extra-plush “I’d rather be sleeping” feel when lounging around or cleaning the house. In the new work-from-home-indefinitely era, we’re seeing more and more of these wearable blanket robes.

The Snoozewear Robe is made cozy with 100% cotton and delicate 100% polyfill. It’s designed to feel like a warm hug and has a medium length that doesn’t feel too overbearing. It hits a Goldilocks spot that’s hard to come by, even in our favorite bathrobes.

The new Casper sleep mask also has an innovative feature. There are a lot of sleep masks that block out light, but the new Casper sleepmask will also block out noise.

Casper officially launched Snoozewear on Tuesday, January 25, so you can head over to their website and pick up these game-changing modern-day staples today. With February 14 coming up fast, we think any one of these new itetms would be perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

woman wearing Casper Snoozewear sleep mask

Buy: Casper Snoozewear Prices Vary

new casper slippers

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