Bright Color-blocked Interior Decor Inspiration

Bright Color-blocked Interior Decor Inspiration

Bright color evokes positive emotion, energy, and presence of mind. Color helps create interesting places for us to live, work, play, and express our personalities. The two inspirational home interiors that we feature here today explore color through bold color-blocked decor. We’ll see a color-blocked tiled wall application that resembles an abstract sunset, and a statement ceiling that depicts a blue sunburst. Our second high-contrast interior has a Mondrianesque appeal. Bright yellow, red, and blue elements are set against a stark white background, while black metal framework and abstract patterns create bold outlines. You’ll also find inspiration for open-plan living spaces, modern bedrooms, and a unique bathroom.

Visualizer: HZ space design  

A bold blue couch creates the focal point in our first living space. Its rich colorway inspires a blue-painted framework inside an archway, and a paler blue window recess treatment. Blue and yellow wall art is mounted above the sofa to draw the eye up. See more ideas for decorating a blue couch living room scheme.


An indoor plant distracts the eye from a radiator that is mounted beside the large living room window. A glass coffee table reflects the influx of natural daylight, drawing brightness further into the space.


The open layout flows directly into a dining space and the kitchen. A floor-to-ceiling shelving unit helps to define the central dining zone from its flanking areas. The kitchen stands out with a color-blocked tile treatment that creates an abstract sunset effect.


The home entryway comes alive under bright orange paintwork. A unique entryway bench sets down a solid black anchor. A small indoor plant adds a flash of life and color on top.


Orange paintwork wraps around from the home entryway into the dining room. A bespoke blue dining table is teamed with an assortment of dining chairs to create a modern, relaxed aesthetic.


Two dining room pendant lights are paired along the length of the small dining table to create a well-lit area.


A wall of shelving is installed around a record player stand to host a huge library of music.


The home office doubles as a comfortable reading nook, surrounded by built-in bookcases.


A sculptural chair adds a dash of blue, while wall art introduces sunset tones.


The master bedroom design delivers an eye-catching statement ceiling treatment that resembles a blue sunburst. If looking at this first thing in the morning doesn’t kick your mind into gear, then we’re not sure what will.

Visualizer: Rustem Urazmetov  

Mondrianesque color-blocking shapes our second featured home interior. Solid yellow, red, and blue accents build bright zoning, while black framework and geometric pattern create sharp outlines. A geometric black and white rug underlines a white sofa with a striking pattern. See more ideas for decorating a white couch living room scheme.


The biscuit tufted sofa complements the Mondrian-inspired setting with its cubed aesthetic. A ceiling-mounted metal frame draws an abstract box around two pendant lights behind the sofa, creating a bold statement.


The ceiling-mounted framework supports a breakfast bar countertop. Two modern bar stools complete the ensemble.


A pure white floor melds with the clean white walls, building a light-reflective background.


The home entryway is an impossibly bright red box with a full saturation of color. Red walls, a red ceiling, a red floor, and a red front door complete the transformative look. A full-length mirror reflects the saturation of color and provides a convenient dressing area by the front door.


Geometric black dining chairs command the white kitchen area. So stark is the white kitchen design, that it goes almost unnoticed in the presence of the much bolder chairs. Kitchen wall cabinets are double-banked to make the most of vertical storage space. Integrated white kitchen appliances fit seamlessly into the layout.


Yellow color blocking defines a cozy nook. It stands out brightly from the rest of the fresh white room. Yellow scatter cushions and bolster cushions create layering and add pattern.


The yellow bedroom shines from behind a glass wall, like sunshine through a window. Black window frames define the look.


Inside the glass wall bedroom design, yellow color blocking covers every inch. Yellow curtains are color-matched to the walls. A yellow radiator blends into the backdrop. Yellow bed sheets and cushions cover an upholstered bed with a matching yellow headboard. The yellow floor reflects a solid yellow ceiling treatment.


Built-in wardrobes camouflage into the bedroom wall, creating a simple, streamlined effect.


The apartment has a shower room and a separate WC, where prominent color-blocked areas add bright interest. Red tiles and a wall-mounted red vanity unit color the WC, while blue tiles mark the shower space.


Blue tiles cover the shower base and draw a stripe toward a matching blue vanity unit. Clean white wall tiles are applied in different sizes to create a sharp, graphic aesthetic. A solid blue ceiling ties up the look.


Punchy black bathroom fixtures build upon the Mondrian-inspired bathroom scheme.


With the door open, the WC is perfectly color-matched to the neighboring home entryway. A stripe of red tiles draws a wide border around the doorway.


The bathroom sink and red vanity unit are recessed into a neat nook, which keeps floor space clear in the small, narrow room. A custom-cut vanity mirror slots exactly into the tight dimensions of the niche, which helps the space feel larger and brighter.

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