Best Gas Ranges of 2022

Best Gas Ranges of 2022

These single- and double-oven models handily aced our rigorous lab tests

A CR test engineer assesses the speed of heating on a gas range.

By Paul Hope

The appeal of a gas range lies in its immediate response, complete with satisfying visual feedback, to a cook’s every wish—the flame growing and shrinking with the simple turn of a knob. Gas ranges (aka stoves) also work well with almost any cookware, including traditional round-bottomed woks that wobble on a smoothtop or induction range.

While the impact of gas stoves on the environment and respiratory health has stirred controversy, including in CR’s own testing, one thing is clear: Ventilation is crucial when cooking with them. Whether you’re stir-frying or baking, turn on the hood, and if it doesn’t expel your cooking exhaust to the outside, crack open a window.

You may think most gas ranges do a decent job of heating and baking. But in Consumer Reports’ tests, some models struggle just to hold a steady simmer or brown a sheet of cookies. In fact, there’s a staggering 58-point difference in the Overall Score between the best and worst gas ranges in our tests.

“For gas ranges, we see some of the biggest differences in baking and broiling results,” says Tara Casaregola, CR’s test engineer in charge of ranges.

For more on ranges of all types, see our range buying guide. Members can also explore our gas range ratings to compare models as well as filter for price, brands, the number of cooktop burners, and more.

How We Picked the Best Gas Ranges

At home centers and appliance stores, you’ll find dozens of gas ranges to choose from, some with fancier features than others. But what’s most important is a range’s ability to perform some very basic cooking tasks really really well, day in and day out. That’s why we only recommend gas ranges that meet the following criteria:

  • They heat quickly. While gas ranges don’t heat quite as quickly as the best induction or electric ranges, many still provide speedy boils for tasks like cooking pasta.
  • They simmer steadily. The gas ranges here have a low-heat burner that’s capable of maintaining a steady temperature when simmering liquids, so you don’t need to stir constantly to avoid scorching foods like tomato sauce or chocolate.
  • They bake and broil evenly. Cakes and cookies emerge uniformly baked from multiple racks. And the broilers heat evenly, even if they don’t pack the oomph of an electric broiler for high-temp searing.
  • They offer plenty of space. Many manufacturers inflate oven sizes in gas ranges by counting the space where you can’t cook, like the bottom of the oven. We measure and score usable capacity from the lowest rack position.
  • They’re reliable. We survey thousands of CR members each year about the reliability of their ranges and tabulate scores based on those responses.

How Consumer Reports Tests Ranges

To put a gas range through its paces, our experts use a combination of calibrated time and temperature measurements that size up how evenly an oven distributes heat and how quickly a cooktop heats water.

We also test simmer functions with tomato sauce and chocolate. Over the course of a year, our test engineers bake more than 2,400 cookies and 400 cakes to test ovens for even baking.

CR members can read on for the best single- and double-oven gas ranges from our tests.

Best Single-Oven Gas Ranges

If you don’t typically need to bake or broil more than one dish at a time, consider opting for a single-oven range to save some money. Bonus: You won’t have to stoop over as much as with a double-oven model to access your roast.

LG Studio LSDL6336F

CR’s take: This top-of-the-line gas range from LG provides stellar performance and helpful features, making it our top pick for a single-oven gas range. It excels on top of the stove, with a rating of Very Good for high-heat cooking and Excellent for low. It bakes and broils evenly, and it’s packed with features including an integrated griddle burner, convection, an air fry setting in the oven, and even a built-in temperature probe for cooking roasts and poultry to the perfect internal temperature.


CR’s take: This single-oven gas slide-in LG is one of the best gas ranges in our tests. It earns a rating of Very Good or Excellent in every performance test except for broiling, for which it earns a Good rating. It has convection, continuous grates, a griddle burner, and front-mounted controls with no back panel. It’s available in stainless steel or black stainless.

Samsung NX60T8711SS

CR’s take: This Samsung range is nipping at the heels of the LG above in Overall Score, and it’s often on sale for a bit less, too. Like the LG, it has a slide-in design, continuous cooking grates, and an integrated griddle. And while it’s not as strong at baking—it earns a Very Good rating while the LG earns an Excellent—it’s among the more reliable range brands, with a rating of Very Good for predicted reliability.

GE Profile PGS930YPFS

CR’s take: This sleek GE slide-in offers performance on a par with plenty of the competition, but it offers one major advantage. GE gets our highest predicted reliability score of any gas range brand, earning an Excellent in that assessment. But this model is no slouch when it comes to performance or features. It earns ratings of Very Good or Excellent in every single performance test and comes with features like an integrated griddle burner, convection, and WiFi connectivity.

Best Double-Oven Gas Ranges

These models make baking two recipes at once a cinch. Be prepared, though, to bend a bit lower than you normally would to access what’s cooking in the lower portion.

LG Signature LUTD4919SN

CR’s take: This attractive double-oven dual-fuel range from LG has a gas cooktop and electric ovens, both with convection. It’s among the highest-scoring of any range in our ratings. Built to compete with pricier pro-style models, this stove has continuous grates, five burners, and extra features, such as a wok ring that fits over the largest burner. The only double-oven gas range that receives an Overall Score of Excellent, this LG aces our simmering and baking tests and heats water fast, too.

GE Profile PGB965YPFS

CR’s take: If you don’t want to spend top dollar, this handsome dual-oven GE Profile packs a lot of features into a range at a smaller price. In addition to convection and air-frying modes, this range has continuous grates, a griddle, two high-power burners, and WiFi connectivity. It earns strong marks across the board, including ratings of Excellent for baking and for its ability to maintain a steady simmer on its smallest burners. But the self-clean cycle isn’t as effective as it could be, so you’ll still need to do some scrubbing to get the oven cavities totally clean.

Café CGS750P4MW2

CR’s take: This beautiful slide-in Café range is a strong alternative to pro-style ranges. While it sports a pro-style look, it actually offers performance that’s vastly better than most of the pro-style models in our ratings. It has two ovens, both with convection, a slide-in design, and WiFi connectivity. Performance is impressive overall, with ratings of Excellent for low heat and oven capacity. As a brand, Café also earns a rating of Very Good for owner satisfaction.

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