Best Dryers Review (2020)

Best Dryers Review (2020)

Best Dryers Review (2020)

Using the best dryer for laundry offers you much more than getting your clothes dry on time. With a top-quality clothes dryer, you can rest assured of no damage to fabrics. Also, you get to enjoy convenience of extra features like steam cycle to freshen up or simply to remove wrinkles. Guessing the proper drying time is now a thing of the past. Moisture sensors in your dryer will figure out optimum dry time for the laundry load and will send a message to your smart phone when the cycle is done.

When shopping for a new washer and dryer set most review sites focus on the washing machine performance. However, manufacturers continue to innovate dryers as well. Since buying a dryer is not an everyday purchase, we've put together a review of the best dryers on the market today. You'll learn the factors to consider when choosing a good dryer, must-have features, and the best models available on the market

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dryer

There are specific factors to consider when selecting a dryer. Most modern dryers come with a variety of features; however, your final choice will depend on your unique laundry needs. So, let's take a look at these points:

Dryer Type

There are two major types of clothes dryer – gas and electric – available on the market today. Electric dryers use a high voltage outlet of 240 volt, which is a dedicated circuit that supplies electricity to your laundry room. While gas dryers use electricity to power the lights, they usually have a gas line in the vicinity that supplies fuel for heat. If you have a gas connection in your laundry room, it would make sense to consider a gas dryer; and if you have a proper electric connection, you may want to purchase an electric dryer.

Best Dryers Review (2020)

Gas dryers are usually slightly more expensive (price differs by about $100) than electric dryers but are more energy-efficient. They usually have an LP (propane) converter packed just in case you need to convert your gas type.

Electric Dryers initially carry a lower price tag than gas dryers. However, year over year, there will be a slight increase of energy consumption and operating costs versus that of a gas dryer.

Most clothes dryers available in the United States are electric. However, certain regions like New York and New Jersey predominantly use gas dryers.

Best Dryers in 2020

Steam Dryer or No Steam?

Another factor you'll need to consider is whether the dryer has a steam feature or not. Most dryers these days come with steam features that provide wrinkle-free drying for your clothes and linens. Such dryers use a steam cycle that injects hot, moist air to effectively dry and sanitize. While traditional dryers have options for drying different clothing materials, a steam dryer helps you reduce the amount of time you spend ironing.

Benefits of a Steam Dryer

  • Reduces the wrinkles that accompany conventional drying
  • An excellent alternative to dryer sheets, reducing static and giving your clothes a fresh look
  • Extra sanitization

Drawbacks of a Steam Dryer

  • Up-front costs are typically higher.
  • Do you need to install additional plumbing in your home if you want a steam dryer? No, you don't have to. You can simply get a "Y" hose connector or adapter to connect your dryer and washer to the same water source.

Today, most dryers on the market come with the steam feature.

Vented or Ventless Dryer?

It's also important to decide whether you want a vented dryer or a non-vented one. Most full-sized dryers are vented, except for the Whirlpool 27-inch models – WHD560CHW and WHD862CHC. On the other hand, small-sized or compact washer dryers are predominantly ventless, with a few elusive exceptions. If you're looking to get a vented compact dryer, here are popular model you can choose from:

  • Asko T411VDW stackable, compact, 24-inch vented dryer, in white or titanium colors (220/240V)
  • GE GFD14ESSNWW stackable, compact, 24-inch vented dryer in white. (220/240V)
  • Blomberg DV17600W 24-inch compact vented dryer in white. (220/240V)

Can the Dryer be Stacked?

This question is a must-ask before making any purchase. A stackable washer and dryer offers you more floor space, room for storage, and a clutter-free appearance. The stackable washer and dryer set is reserved for front-load washers only. For front load washers and dryers of the same brand, a stacking kit can help secure the machines together.

Best Dryers Review (2020)

With a good stacking kit, you can firmly and safely attach your dryer to the top of your washer. Regardless of how well your dryer fits the washer, it's too risky to place the dryer on top of the washer without a stacking kit, since both machines have rotating drums that can cause the dryer to topple off.

Compact Dryers Overview

If you have a small laundry room or want to have your laundry unit under your kitchen cabinet (as it's done by many homeowners in the United States and Europe), then you need a compact dryer. They are small-sized, space-efficient, and powerful dryers that give maximum functionality and flexibility. Most compact dryers requires 220V power, although 110V power is the standard in most homes in the United States. Compact dryers that use condensers require good ventilation, while those that that use heat pumps don’t require as much.

Best Dryers Review (2020)

There are several compact dryer brands available on the market, including the most popular ones like Miele washer and dryer. Bosch washer dryer models are extemely popular in urban homes. We'll take a look at the Miele brand, which is the only 110V compact dryer available today.

Miele Dryers are energy-efficient heat pump dryers. They have a steam-finish feature that reduces the wrinkles on your clothes after drying. The dryers also have a Fragrance-Dos feature that lets you use unique Miele fragrances to give your laundry a fresh smell.
As mentioned earlier, Miele Dryers are the only 110V compact dryers on the market, meaning you can use a standard electricity outlet. This feature makes it more convenient to install compared to other electric dryers that require a 220/240V, which is an entirely different outlet.

Why should you consider buying a Miele compact dryer?

  • It is energy-efficient
  • It is gentle on the clothes
  • It does not emit excessive heat and humidity to the rooms like most condenser dryers

Our 5 Best Dryer Models

1) Best Overall Dryer: Electrolux EFME627UIW

Electrolux EFME627UIW

This 27-inch steam dryer matches with an Electrolux washer. It comes in gas or electric models. It is spacious with 8 cu. ft. capacity and 9 dry cycles offer plenty of choice per fabric type. The instant refresh cycle helps remove wrinkles and revives fabrics within ten minutes. The Electrolux EFME627UIW is vented, stackable, and has a reversible door. If you’d like a quick dry off your laundry at times (beach towels, uniforms, tables linens), this is your go-to option.

Why We Like It:

  • Predictive Dry: Gives you the accurate drying time your laundry, saving you the time of checking on your clothes every few minutes.
  • Perfect Steam: Reduces static and carefully removes wrinkles to keep your clothes nice and perfect.
  • Fast Dry: The dryer efficiently dries your clothes within 15 minutes so you don't have to wait.
  • 9 Dry Cycles: This feature allows you to dry different clothing materials with tailored dry cycles. You can choose a dry cycle for towels, delicates, allergens, and others.
  • Instant Refresh: Quickly takes out wrinkles from your clothes, giving them a refreshed look.
  • Activewear Cycle: This feature protects your expensive and delicate clothes.

2) Best Large Capacity Dryer: Maytag MEDB955FW

Maytag MEDB955FW

If you're looking for a large-capacity dryer big enough for your family, then the Maytag MEDB955FW is your best option. This large dryer offers a capacity of 9.2 cubic feet and is capable of handling lots of laundry loads. It has an attractive stainless-steel exterior with several steam modes and dry cycles. The dryer has a control panel at its upper-rear edge, and LED indicators matching the Maytag washer selection.

Why We Like It:

  • Huge Capacity: The dryer is perfect for large households, with its large 9.2 cubic feet capacity capable of swallowing up heaps of clothes and comforters. Its design allows it to dry two wet laundry loads at one time.
  • 10 Dry Cycles: The machine has a total of 10 dry cycles that lets you dry all kinds of items, ranging from beddings to delicates.
  • Steam Refresh Mode: This feature releases steam into the drum to deal with the wrinkles and remove odors from your clothes. It also allows you to control the temperature of the different dry cycles. Steam will also sanitize effectively.
  • Drum Light: With the drum light, you can view your laundry inside the machine both when the door is open or closed.

Let Downs:
Despite the incredible features the Maytag dryer offers, it has certain drawbacks you might want to consider:

  • It is not stackable.
  • The dry cycle is longer than other large-sized dryers, such as Kenmore Elite 81072 and LG DLEX 9000.
  • Takes up a large part of the laundry room space.

3) Best Dual Dryer: Samsung FlexDry DVE60M9900W

Samsung DVE60M9900W

The Samsung FlexDry matches the Samsung washer and offers a speedy dryer equipped with multi-steam technology that gives you two dryers in one. It has a dedicated drying compartment for delicate items and a standard front load dryer for everyday fabrics. There's a drying rack in the compartment for delicate items if you need to lay those items flat. The FlexDry dryer is tough on stains, odors, and very effective at eliminating wrinkles from your clothes.

The dryer is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to monitor and control it right on your mobile phone. You can check the dry cycles' status, set cycles, and detect any error in the machine using Wi-Fi technology. There's also the Sensor Dry feature that sets the maximum temperature for each load, saving you the stress of having to worry about your clothes under-drying or over-drying.

Why We Like It:

  • FlexDry: With the two separate compartments, you can do more in less time. While the top compartment handles your delicates, the main dryer takes care of other fabrics.
  • Multi-Steam: This feature provides optimum care for your clothing, removing every odor, and wrinkles in your items.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Lets you monitor cycle time, schedule cycles, and receive alerts right on your mobile phone.
  • Sensor Dry: This technology detects the moisture level in the drum, and sets the required temperature and duration. As a result, your clothes don't get under dried or over dried.
  • 16 Drying Cycles: It has 16 drying cycles for a variety of items. There's Refresh, Normal, Steam Sanitize, Wrinkle Away, Air Fluff, Towels, Heavy Duty, Active Wear, Permanent Press, Wool, Accessory, Shirt/Blouse, and Undergarment.
  • Anti-Static and Wrinkle Prevention: The anti-static option minimizes the static electricity that comes from clothing friction. With the wrinkle prevention feature, your clothes dry wrinkle-free.
  • Smart Care: This unique feature from Samsung lets you troubleshoot malfunctions in your dryer using the Smart Care app.

4) Best Smart Dryer: LG DLEX3900W


Looking for a smart dryer that allows you to do your laundry on the go? The LG DLEX3900W might just be what you need. It's a 7.4 cubic feet capacity dryer with Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you start or stop your laundry on the LG ThinQ smartphone app.

The dryer matches with the LG washer suite and works well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to instruct the machine using voice prompts. The LG Smart Dryer uses its TurboSteam technology to generate steam that reduces the wrinkles and eliminates the odor in your clothes – all in less than 10 minutes.

Why We Like It:

  • LG SmartThinQ Technology: The dryer is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to manage your laundry using a smartphone app, as well as Google and Alexa voice commands.
  • TurboSteam Technology: Instantly passes steam over your items to reduce wrinkles.
  • Large Capacity: The drum is 7.4 cubic feet big, allowing you to dry bulky items on time.
  • Fast Cycles: Most dry cycles in the LG DLEX3900W are very fast, with above-average performance.

Let Downs:

  • Slow Normal dry cycle
  • Normal cycle gives off high temperature

4) Best Value Dryer: Maytag MEDC465HW

Maytag MEDC465HW

The Maytag MEDC465HW is the best budget-friendly clothes dryer on the market. It has a moisture sensor to detect when your laundry is ready, and a wrinkle control feature to reduce the wrinkles. Although this dryer lacks the steam feature, Wi-Fi connectivity, and runs hot sometimes, it still provides value for your money. It's a special design for people that want a basic dryer to use.

What We Like:

  • Affordable and Easy-to-Use: The Maytag MEDC465HW is affordable and provides the best value. You need no expertise to use the dryer, and it has straightforward controls.
  • Wrinkle Control: This feature reduces the time you'd have to spend ironing.

Let Downs

  • The normal cycle has a temperature of -160oF, which may cause damage to some fabrics.

5) Most Reliable Dryer: Speed Queen DC5000WE

Speed Queen DC5000WE

The Speed Queen DC5000WE offers you reliability and optimum performance. This 27-inch electric dryer has a Time Dry option that keeps the dryer working for up to 75 minutes. The Fabric Selector feature senses the type of fabric and selects the best heat type for the dry cycles. This dryer matches the Speed Queen washer selection.

What We Like:
• 4 Preset Cycles: The dryer has four different cycles you can preset, which include, Automatic Regular/Delicate Cycle, Automatic Perm Press/Knits Cycle, Timed Dry, and Automatic Wrinkle Out Cycle.
• 3 Auto Dry Cycles: You can choose from three automatic dry cycles for your different drying needs.
• Extended Tumble Setting: To prevent your clothes from wrinkling, the dryer continues to tumble them without heat, after the end of a cycle.
• Reversible Door: You can set your dryer door to swing open in a way that provides the most convenience for you.

Must-Have Features of a Dryer

Modern-day dryers have additional features to make your laundry work more efficient and convenient. These technologies include:

Moisture Sensor

Moisture sensors detect the fabric's dampness and shuts off the dryer when the clothes are properly dry. This feature is a must-have to ensure your clothes don't over dry and even saves you on your electric bill and some energy. It's a significant improvement over the traditional design of thermostats that keep the dryer running, even after the clothes are dry.

Extended Tumble

The extended tumble feature allows you to tumble your clothes intermittently for several hours when you're unable to take your laundry out on time. After the dry cycle, the dryer continues to tumble your clothes with no heat, minimizing wrinkles.

Best Dryers Review (2020)

Auto-Dry Cycles

The auto-dry cycle saves you the stress of guessing how long it would take to dry your clothes. Instead, it helps you accurately determine the amount of time to dry a load. Also, the feature allows you to set the degree of dryness you want – from more-dry to less dry.

End-of-Cycle Chime

This feature is a tune or beep that comes up when your laundry in the dryer is ready. Leaving your clothes in the dryer after a cycle leads to over-drying, which can reduce the quality of the fabric and cause more wrinkles. The volume of the signal can be adjusted or turned off, as the need arises.


These days, a dryer is an essential appliance to have in your home. It not only saves you time doing household chores but it also gives your clothes and linens a fresh, clean look and provides extra sanitation. A dryer typically last between 8 - 13 years depending on how well you maintain it. To maintain your dryer, ensure you don't overload it and always remember to clean it regularly. When carrying out routine maintenance, follow the manufacturer's instructions from the manual.


Do Dryers Come with Cords?
Electric dryers rarely come with a power cord, so you might have to get a new one. At this time, only Miele, Bosch, and Asko include power cords in their packaging. If you are getting a gas dryer, you will find a standard 110V electric cord packed in the original manufacturer box. We highly recommend that you read our guided checklist of washer dryer installation in order to avoid costly mistakes and to know what to expect on the day of delivery.

Do Dryers Come with a Vent Kit?
No, you'll have to get one.

Do Dryers Come with an LP Conversion Kit?
An LP conversion kit converts gas dryers for Liquid Propane (LP) gas use. However, dryers typically come with these kits. However, to be on the safe side please double check that the specifications document of your dryer to make sure that the LP conversion kit is inlcuded.

Why Do Dryers Have More Interior Capacity than Washers?
Dryers have more interior capacity because wet clothes expand as they dry. Therefore, the dryers have larger interior capacity compared to washers for the same box size. Since dryers do not spin as fas as washing machines, manufacturers are able to allocate more space for a larger drum.

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