Arrow of Light Building a Better World Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Arrow of Light Building a Better World Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

A world globe cupped in two hands and an image of the Arrow of Light Building a Better World Cub Scout adventure pin.

The requirements for the Building a Better World adventure help Webelos learn about good citizenship and good stewardship of our resources. Webelos working towards Arrow of Light will learn about the flag, become more engaged in their communities, explore energy conservation, and develop leadership skills.

This US Flag Cootie Catcher is a good way to encourage Webelos to learn more about the history of the flag.

Citizenship football is a fun way to learn about being more active in the community and government.

I have helps for displaying the US flag, an opening flag ceremony, and a closing flag ceremony. See the bottom of this post for even more flag related activities.

Here are more ideas to help Webelos complete the Building a Better World adventure:

History of the United States Flag Cootie Catcher

A cootie catcher, also called a fortune teller, is an orgami construct which can be used to ask and answer questions.

Citizenship Football Game

Citizenship Football Game is a fun way to help Webelos work on citizenship requirements.

Raising and Lowering the US Flag

These are some basic rules for raising and lowering the US flag. The most important rule to remember is to always treat the US flag with dignity and respect.

Displaying the US Flag with Other Flags

The US Flag is the symbol of our country. Scouts should know how to fold it, fly it, and handle it.

Cub Scout World Conservation Award

Earning the Building a Better World adventure pin fulfills one of the requirements for the World Conservation Award.

BSA Video Resource

Simple Indoor Opening Flag Ceremony

Many of our kids have not been exposed to flag etiquette before their first flag ceremony, so take the time to give them some basic instruction.

Simple Indoor Closing Flag Ceremony

Basic instructions for a very simple closing flag ceremony. This simple closing flag ceremony is appropriate for a den, pack, or other meeting.

How to Fold the US Flag

The US flag is the symbol of our country and every Scout should know how to handle it.

A Simple Flag Retirement Ceremony

When retiring a United Stated flag, some people will say that you must do it this way or that way, but according to the Flag Code, it just needs to be done with respect.

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