Are You a Living Furnace When You Sleep? Try the chiliPAD Sleep System and Stay Cool as a Cucumber

Are You a Living Furnace When You Sleep? Try the chiliPAD Sleep System and Stay Cool as a Cucumber

It seems that no matter who you are, or what your lifestyle is, you probably need more sleep. Sleep is critical to our health as human beings and our growth as individuals and yet it can be hard to prioritize and get enough of it. It’s not only critical for our brain function, memory and happiness, there are also a number of physical ramifications that can come from not enough sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping you’ve probably tried the whole gambit of tools available nowadays. You may have purchased a new mattress, tried CBD, opted for different pillows, upped your essential oil game or even meditated before bed. Don’t get us wrong all of these things offer promising results when it comes to sleep health, but the thing they’re all neglecting? Your temperature.

Your temperature when you sleep may also play an important role in the quality of your rest and your body’s ability to relax and recover. If you naturally run hot during the day, chances are when you get under those covers your temperature’s going to feel like it’s going up, and you may even wake up sweaty in the middle of the night, no bueno. This happens because our body’s hormones change our internal temperature to signal when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. Our body cools down before bed so it’s best to stay cool throughout the night. If you tend to wake up hot, or need a better way to regulate your temperature at bedtime, it might be time to check out the chiliPAD.

The chiliPAD is a ground-breaking sleep system from the sleep company chili technology that specializes in sleep technology and devices that make the snooze a little easier. The PAD is their most popular sleep system that aims to continuously cool you down during slumber.

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The chiliPAD consists of a hydro-powered mattress pad and a thermo-regulating control unit that includes a remote making it perfect for one to two sleepers. The pad circulates water set at a certain temperature throughout the night to help you reach and stay at quality, restful sleep.

The temperature range is from 55-115°F and comes sized for one to two people in a queen, king or California king. The pad rests underneath your sheets and has a 13oz reservoir tank that automatically turns the machine off when it’s running low on water.

It has an auto dim display that won’t produce ambient light that’ll disrupt your sleep but also enables you to easily see the water temperature when you wish to.

The internal mechanisms are silicone tubing while the outside of the pad is a comfortable poly-cotton blend that’ll feel soft under your sheets. The outside of the pad is machine washable so care for it is easy, and it’s designed to work with adjustable bed frames.

The chiliPAD works. I’ve personally slept on it and felt the chilling effects of it. You do sleep better in a cooler environment and it doesn’t involve a loud AC unit right next to your bed or sleeping in a frozen wet t-shirt (which I’ve also done.) If you’re a hot sleeper or suffer during the night in warmer weather, this is an investment in your health as much as it is in your comfort. You’ll feel the difference after sleeping better, and the high price tag will fade into the distance as you drift off into the most soundless slumber of your life.

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