A S’mores Relief Society Activity

A S’mores Relief Society Activity

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     Besides being the Primary Chorister at church, one of the other jobs I have is to help on our women's groups activity committee. I work along with some very creative and inspired women.
     Our church's women's group is called Relief Society.  As you can tell by that name, the original purpose of the organization is to give help and service to others.  That is still one of the main focuses of the Relief Society.  
      One of the ways that we serve is to minister to one another.  We get to know, love and serve one another and become dear friends.  In order to keep everyone in the ministering loop and to promote awareness of one another and to encourage women not to forget to look for ways to minister, we sometimes have activities to give ideas and encouragement. This is especially important when new people move into our area and we all need to get to know one another.  This S'mores activity is one of those times that we planned for this and it was very successful and a lot of fun!
     Here is how the idea worked.  
     We have found that handing out or mailing invitations to our activities encourages attendance, so we did hand them out this time.  We encourage the women to take enough to give to the sisters that they minister to.  We saw a S'mores idea on Pinterest, and we ran with it giving it our own spin.  
     Here is the invitation I designed on Canva.  
Relief Society S'mores Activity
Sorry, I don't have an editable copy for you, but you can easily duplicate it with your info on a site like Canva.
       We set up the room with classroom tables that would fit 4 people because we decided to play Bunco with a twist to get people moving around the room and talking to each other.  If you don't know how to play Bunco, click the link to go to the instructions.  Basically you need a lot of dice and some paper and pens to keep score at each table.  We placed a bowl of questions on each table so that between each round every table pulled one question and everyone answered it.  They were just funny, random questions that were quick to answer. 

      Before we started playing, we had 3 sisters give personal experiences about ministering and what it has meant to them.  They were short and sweet and we all felt uplifted by their words.  Then, someone explained the game and we started to play.  After each round, the winners changed tables and seats moving counter clockwise around the room. (You an move clockwise if you would like!)  Then, we would answer another question and someone would ring a bell and we would begin again. It was a lot of fun!  

     Oh! I forgot to mention that we had a variety of s'more type treats, plus fruit with chocolate dip for snacks.  It was all very good! We had ice water to drink.  Everything was simple to set up and cleanup was easy as well.  

      Before everyone left, we let them take plates of left-over treats plus a little bag filled with S'mores trail mix with a handout that corresponded with the invitation.  
      The handouts and the mix inside were my job.  Canva was my friend.  
      For the trail mix/s'mores crack, I used      Spread the cereal and the marshmallows on a large sheet pan.  Melt the chocolate chips and pour over everything.  It won't give solid coverage, but just enough chocolate to hold it mostly together.  Put in the fridge to cool and then break apart and portion into bags

     I love it when these fun and simple ideas come together so well!  If you have an activity for your women's group to plan, I hope that this is an idea that can help you! 

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