A Monday Check-In

A Monday Check-In

Hey friends! Monday is here and I’m feeling ready for the week ahead. The big kids are back in school (Ryder was out all but one day last week due to a runny nose and Chase was off for two teacher work days) and our weekend was completely consumed by the checklist we got from our realtor of “must dos” we need to tackle before we put our house on the market. Let’s just say sitting down at a local coffee shop with a hot whole milk latte in front of me while I chat with you guys feels like a serious treat.

So how are you? How was your weekend? I didn’t take many pictures because our weekend truly was spent mostly at home as we touched up paint, boxed up toys and other household clutter to store in the attic (apparently we want our house to look like a “blank slate” before we sell), cleaned the trim around the house and donated a bunch of stuff we no longer need.

One fun highlight: Stopping by the new house!

arch doorways kitchen

Arches were recently added to the doorframes entering our kitchen and I LOVE the way they add some softer lines to our home.

We also sprinkled in some fishing, a couple of trips to our neighborhood park and my first attempt at homemade frozen yogurt. (I followed this recipe for the froyo and liked it but it got a thumbs down from everyone else.)

Saturday night was a rather restless night for three of us, as Chase came into our room a little after midnight complaining of a stomachache. About 90 minutes later, he vomited all over our bed. It’s been years since he’s thrown up and we felt awful for him. Thankfully he felt instantly better after he threw up but said his nose “felt spicy” for a while and told us he wished he could time travel to the future whenever he has to throw up again so he could skip that part of being sick. Me too, bud.

I ended up washing our sheets in the middle of the night and Ryan made our bed for the three of us with what looked like every blanket we owned.

We had to laugh at the excessive number of blankets he grabbed for us because apparently his mind at 2 a.m. told him our house is the arctic tundra and we needed 10 blankets to make it through until morning.

I was half expecting Chase to wake up feeling under the weather yesterday despite the fact that he said he felt so much better after he threw up but thankfully he seemed 100 percent like himself Sunday. (We’re thinking it must’ve been something he ate since he never had a fever or any other sickness symptoms.)

We still ended up staying close to home just to be safe and ended up getting all the boys in bed by 7 p.m.


This morning I was up at 5 a.m. for an upper body workout. I joined Ryan in the garage for a quick workout that looked like this:

upper body workout

I wrapped it up with a one-song finisher in the form of this shoulder and biceps burner from Nicole Pearce’s YouTube channel.

After my workout, I took a quick shower, nursed Rhett, put him back down for another 45 minutes or so and then said goodbye to Ryan as he headed into work at 7 a.m.

Chase and Ryder ended up sleeping in until 7:20 a.m. so I had a rather peaceful morning as I got dressed, made the big kids’ lunches and ate leftover collagen baked oatmeal that I ended up topping with a smear of peanut butter along with a nectarine on the side.

Rhett had some baked oatmeal once he was up, too!

Eventually the big kids were awake and once they got themselves dressed and ate breakfast, we piled into my car to take Chase to school.

I’m not sure when my six-year-old started looking 16!? Random tooth update: Chase is still missing three of his front top teeth. He lost them all in January and doesn’t even have a little bud of a tooth yet on the top. We said we’re going to have an apple party when his front teeth come in again and he’ll eat 100 whole apples since they’ve been quite the challenge for him to eat for the past two months.

Once we said goodbye to Chase, we made our way back home and Puzzle Master Ryder wanted to do a few puzzles before it was time for his school drop off. While Ryder and I were puzzling and Rhett was playing with some cars, Annemarie arrived to watch Rhett for a few hours. (She is amazinggg and watches Rhett one or two mornings a week so I can work.) Ryder and I then said our goodbyes to Rhett and headed off to school!

With Ryder settled at school, I made my way to a local coffee shop where I am now. Blogging in real time is my favorite so I am hoping that kicking my week off with a blog post like this one is a sign of a good week ahead.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and I hope to see ya back here again soon!

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