99 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You With Their Homes (New Pics)

99 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You With Their Homes (New Pics)

The pandemic has turned us all into make-it-yourselfers, more or less. And while most of us have had our inspo put into practice either by trying a recipe that under normal circumstances we’d never dare to challenge, or making a nesting box, others set out on way more elaborate endeavors. As a result, there was an unprecedented boom in homeowners with days that have been ruined beyond repair.

The reasons for this curious phenomenon can be traced back to the seemingly innocent urge for renovation. After all, we all spent a shamelessly huge amount of time in the comfort of our homes that became the target of our idle hands.

Fast forward to today and we now have quite a solid collection of pics that document these home disasters. Thanks to the corner of Reddit known as “Well That Sucks” that has a whopping 2.6M members, we have a lot to learn from what not to do with our home, shelter, rented flat, Airbnb, roof, ‘cause… well, the pics speak for themselves.

Psst! Part 1 with more homeowners having a pretty bad day await right here.

#1 The View Of My Balcony Before And After They Removed A Tree

Image credits: berchielli

#2 Man Arrives Home To Find Bear Eating His Bucket Of KFC

Image credits: werdmouf

#3 My Wall In My Apartment After Dating A Psycho

Image credits: koolaidjammersz

#4 Bought A House Last Year And Wondered Why This Light Never Worked. Finally Took It Off To Have A Look At The Wiring...

Image credits: BatM6tt

#5 Our Neighbor's 80' Locust Tree Gave Us Some Live Edge Sky Lights, A Great View Of The Stars, And That Rainforest Cafe Atmosphere That Our Living Room Had Just Always Been Missing. No Injuries, Dogs Pissed The Bed, Life Goes On...

Image credits: Bloomshockalocka

#6 My Friend Fell Down The Stairs In Our Airbnb

Image credits: Jaunt-

#7 First Night Of Vacation And We Go To Pull Out The Sofa Bed For The Kids, Hear A Loud Crunching Sound... Son’s iPhone Fell Between The Cushions And Got Caught In Hinges Of Bed Frame...

Image credits: flippity_dippity_doo

#8 My 20 Year Old Tree Planted When I Was Born Got Uprooted In A Wind Storm Back Home Last Night

Image credits: RF1901

#9 In Ten Seconds I'm Going To Discover The Value Of Lifejackets And Renter's Insurance

Image credits: dbcannon

#10 First Thought It Was Rice On My Garbage Can This Morning But A After Closer Look They Were Moving…

Image credits: Agnar_95

#11 Great Way To Start The Morning

Image credits: gangbangkang

#12 Raccoons Climbed In My Garage Window And Ate All My Raccoon Repellant

Image credits: HighQualityH20h

#13 Have Cats They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said (No Cats Were Harmed And No Plants Were Seriously Injured)

Image credits: allahash

#14 Don’t Wash A Blanket With A Fitted Sheet. Still Suffering From Ptsd From The Sound

Image credits: DocMock

#15 My Super Kicked A Hole Through The Ceiling This Morning, Then Poked His Head Through To Apologize. I Was Naked.

Image credits: mycateatstoenails

#16 I Decided To Try Deep Frying Oreos But I Forgot That Oil And Water Don’t Behave The Same Way, Let It Get Too Hot And Melted Part Of My Kitchen. Always Keep An Eye On Your Oil And Use A Thermometer

Image credits: aleighleigh

#17 My Sunflower In The Front Of My House Finally Bloomed For The World To See

Image credits: huntegowk

#18 Found Out My Neighbor Sleeps With A Loaded Firearm Today. (Corner Of My Computer Desk Right Behind My Monitor)

Image credits: oneBAKEDmuffin

#19 My Apartment Received A Shockwave From A Missile That Hit My Neighborhood

Image credits: Ben_Forest

#20 Get A Basement Apartment In New York They Said. It'll Be Fun They Said

Image credits: werdmouf

#21 Went To The Gas Station Last Night For 5 Minutes To Get Beer And Came Back To This. My Room Is The Window To The Right. I Feel Insanely Lucky Right Now. Might Go Gambling Later

Image credits: babyspoot

#22 Ordered A New Chlorinator For The Pool, The Instructions Came On Vhs

Image credits: Yashkamr

#23 And Now My Bedroom Smells Like A Night Club

Image credits: HoggyOfAustralia

#24 My Chips Fell Off My Desk In The Worst Way Possible

Image credits: TotallyBlaze420

#25 Nothing Better To Start Your Morning Than Dropping A Full Jar Of Glitter

Image credits: CarmelitaBenavidez

#26 Anyone Else Have To Remove Their Washer Agitator Because They Washed A New Box Of Staples, Or Is It Just Me?

Image credits: kungfoofighter80

#27 Tempered Glass Lid Shattered, Giving Me Schrodinger's Stir-Fry

Image credits: magnalbatross

#28 Got Home From Vacation Only To Find Out Our Fridge And Freezer Have Been Dead For 10 Days

Image credits: deadfeather19

#29 Flooded Basement Quickly Becomes An Ocean

Image credits: TargetBoyz

#30 This Is The Side Of My House

Image credits: inDgenious

#31 Tornado-Driven Murder-Branch Impales My House Directly Above My Kid’s Bed

Image credits: Endarius

#32 My Father Had To Be Freed From The Locked Toilet This Morning

Image credits: NeverKlas

#33 Company Sent Mismatched Pieces Of My New Couch Today. They Don't Make The Couch Anymore

Image credits: kirby5801

#34 I Guess You Shouldn’t Put Glass Windows Over Grass When It’s 22 Degrees Celsius

Image credits: YumLoopYT

#35 Current Heatwave Has Caused My Glass Table To Explode (All Over My Freshly Painted Decking)

Image credits: WRODavid

#36 Bird Shat On My Window While It Was Open And It Got Splattered On My Bed

Image credits: meiirenaa

#37 You're Gonna Need A Bigger Can

Image credits: PoseidonAthenea

#38 Mould Killer In My Bathroom Is Itself Mouldy... I Hate This Flat So Much...

Image credits: BumTulip

#39 When You Let Your Ex Keep The Second Key

Image credits: Noomba2

#40 Neighbor's 12yo Grandkid Decided To Sneak In The Car And Take A Joyride. Freaked Out, Hit The Gas, And Crossed Their Lawn And Mine To Hit The Front Of My House

Image credits: hellonene3

#41 Anyone Know How To Jailbreak A TV?

Image credits: adirtyburrito

#42 The Glass In My Lizards Tank Randomly Exploded In The Middle Of A Thunder Storm

Image credits: Andy_The_Punk

#43 Unlucky Day

Image credits: Pepeethefrog

#44 Just Bought Gallon Of Chocolate Milk For The Kids. Bumped It Trying To Put It In To The Fridge And It Noped Right Out Of My Hand. A Gallon Really Doesn't Seem Like Much, Until You Have To Clean It Off The Floor. The Splatter Zone Behind Me Was Pretty Impressive Too

Image credits: ArtsySAHM

#45 Got To My Apartment From Work During A Rainy Day To Find A Roof Leak Right Over My Laptop...

Image credits: Skaydrel

#46 White Table From Walmart Makes A Great Desk Until It [friggin] Doesn’t

Image credits: zwinky588

#47 Microwave Door Blew Up. House Built One Year Ago

Image credits: 9inchsofty

#48 My House Just Fell On My Car

Image credits: stevegeorge1

#49 This Is One Gallon Of Vegetable Oil. Help Me

Image credits: buttholeismyfavword

#50 Unclogging The Sink Drain

Image credits: Jamaican_snow_owl

#51 Husband Tried To Apologize For Some Stuff By Making Me A Candlelit Bath...the Glass Container Was Um...a Little Too Spicy For The Plastic Bathtub

Image credits: togostarman

#52 Finally Finished Hauling And Putting Down Pavers… Just To Be One Short

Image credits: cookiesrus23

#53 So My Apartment Flooded… And Guess What I Just Found Out On Top Of This… Renters Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flooding…

Image credits: TheParmesanOfGene

#54 After A Month Of Complaining About An Animal In My Walls To My Apartment’s Management It Has Finally Gotten Through My Ceiling. Right Above My Work Station That I Have To Be At All Day

Image credits: leotheking300

#55 I Discovered A 5’ Deep Sinkhole In My Backyard

Image credits: totzalotz

#56 Neighbors Hired Someone To Cut Some Trees Down…

Image credits: xAlphamang

#57 Drilled Into A Sprinkler Pipe And Soaked Every Apt From Mine (4th Floor) Down

Image credits: Trevor09n

#58 My Freezer Broke 2 Days Ago And I Didn’t Notice So Now All Of The Meat We Had In It Is Bad

Image credits: ZealousidealTwo6584

#59 This Happened To My Mom's Room At 3 In The Morning

Image credits: universewolfy

#60 Fell Asleep While Heating Up Some Mac N Chee

Image credits: joeycnotes

#61 Found This In The Washing Machine In My Building

Image credits: MonkyThrowPoop

#62 My Ac Exploded On A Recording Breaking Heat Wave In Oregon

Image credits: PDE503

#63 Legs On Bath Tub Break Off Mid Bath, Damaging Fixtures

Image credits: drLoveF

#64 I Moved The Refrigerator And Tore The Vinyl Floor...

Image credits: Pokemon-fan96

#65 Thought I Bought Forks

Image credits: professorstreets

#66 Deconstructed Mushroom Cheeseburger With A Side Of Glass

Image credits: CaptainCanguru

#67 Guess Who Ran Out Of Paint...

Image credits: saco_98

#68 My Mom Was Just Finishing Cleaning The Kitchen And Then Spilled A Bag Of Chia Seeds On The Ground

Image credits: Streetcar21

#69 Well Thats $5 Ill Never Get Back

Image credits: W1LL1AM_R

#70 How Many Years Bad Luck For Breaking My Bosses Hundred Year Old Mirror… In A Haunted Pub… On Halloween..?

Image credits: AnimatedPepe

#71 It’s 3:00am. Everyone’s Asleep And I’ve Been Trying To Get Out Of My Room For 30 Minutes

Image credits: PhaseKoko

#72 I Melted My Sons Toothbrush After Taking A Dump

Image credits: _LumpBeefbroth_

#73 This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

Image credits: VreniCZek

#74 Our Landlord “Urgently” Needed To Remove The Broken Panel Heater In July, Leaving Us With This Hole. It’s Now November And Apparently Repairing The Hole Wasn’t As Urgent...

Image credits: luneax

#75 My Glass Pan Shattered 1 Min Before Dinner Was Done…

Image credits: emyn1005

#76 Guess I'll Order Out Tonight

Image credits: panicsatdiscos

#77 The First Day Of Lockdown In My City And My Toddler Does This...

Image credits: decoydit

#78 My Shower Was Leaking So I Tried To See If I Could Fix It. I Broke It Instead

Image credits: drkardia

#79 I'm Starting To Think This View Isn't Worth Golfers Aiming Directly At Our Homes

Image credits: starbitcandies

#80 Everybody Told You Cats Are The Devil. Cat Damaged The TV With A Single Bite

Image credits: u/Emeraldminer299

#81 The Mirror In My Hotel Bathroom Has An Antifog Section. Unfortunately, I'm 5'2"

Image credits: Bommie20

#82 Literally Got My Internet Cut Off Last Sunday At 9 Pm

Image credits: awkwardlemon223

#83 Turned The TV On After A 12 Hour Night At Work

Image credits: RayApe

#84 My Air Conditioner Stopped Working For A Few Days. My House Got So Hot And Humid, It Sealed My Entire Costco Size Case Of Envelopes

Image credits: RampantLion757

#85 Charging My Jbl Speaker Before Leaving On A Beach Trip When It Blew Up

Image credits: dowork821

#86 Don't Tell Me This Has Never Happened To You

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#87 I Obliterated My Xbox Today When I Lost My Footing

Image credits: dagonb1

#88 Ac Went Out Yesterday, Haven’t Stopped Sweating In 24 Hrs And My Cats Are Having Heat Stroke

Image credits: yoshibeardie

#89 I Spent Over An Hour Trying To Cover My Windows Before Realizing That The Second Panel Has A Slightly Different Pattern, And That The Squares Don’t Line Up

Image credits: aMarieCan

#90 Always Remember To Turn Off Your Iron

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#91 A Tornado Hit A Neighbourhood In Ontario, Canada Today

Image credits: abracadabz

#92 Left My Husband Alone For 5 Minutes While Painting...

Image credits: Demolicious1995

#93 Yesterday My Pen Exploded In My Dryer. Today, This When I Get Home After Another 13 Hour Work Day. Take A Shot For Me Today Please

Image credits: Blotzkrieg

#94 I Dropped The Sea Monkeys On Moving Day

Image credits: egggler

#95 Full Jar Of Minced Garlic

Image credits: SaveMeClarence

#96 Set Up Your Electronics Lab In The Basement They Said...

Image credits: tmaxElectronics

#97 My Front Yard 12 Hours Ago

Image credits: KaerMorhen

#98 Found Out What My Concrete Steps Are Actually Made Of

Image credits: josephstoreyisfun

#99 Bought My First House And It Came With A Shed. Turns Out The Previous Owner Wired The Shed Himself And Rewired Parts Of The House

Image credits: Young_Feanor

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