90 Women Reveal The Moment They Realized Their Partner Was Marriage Material

90 Women Reveal The Moment They Realized Their Partner Was Marriage Material

Ask your parents at what point they realized they wanted to get married, and the chance is you won’t get a straightforward answer. Because love is a difficult game, and sometimes it ends with no winners.

For the few lucky ones, however, a romantic relationship turns into something solid and long-lasting. But how exactly do people go from being a couple with their ups and downs to staying together happily forever after?

“What's the moment with your partner that confirmed that you're gonna spend your life with them?” someone posed a question on the Ask Women community on Reddit, and the responses started flowing in. Below we wrapped up the most illuminating stories!


One weekend he asked if he could come over after work. I was a single mom at the time and it had been a *very* long week. Between work and my kids absolutely steamrolling me, my house was a disaster. I hesitated and then told him he could but he was going to have to excuse my house because there was no way I was going to get it completely straightened out before he got there. He told me not to worry about it. I’d managed to get most of my house looking like humans lived in it again by the time he texted he was on his way but my kitchen was still a huge mess and I apologized for it. He got out of the car with a bottle of wine in hand and didn’t bat an eye when he went in the kitchen to pour me a glass. He hands me the glass of wine, picks me up and sits me on the kitchen counter then proceeds to *clean my kitchen.* Washed my dishes, wiped down the counters, swept, mopped. Refused to let me help. Lol. I tried to protest multiple times but he insisted that it was no big deal and what good was he if he couldn’t relieve some stress. I quietly cried into my wine while I watched him clean and the thought popped into my head, “I’m going to marry this man.” I did exactly that 2 years later.

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We had just started dating in college and were driving on the interstate when we saw two old ladies and an old man who had run out of gas on the side of the road. My now-husband drove to a gas station, filled up a container and got them back on the road. I didn’t realize until then that the quality I was looking for in a partner was kindness. We’ve been together 50 years.

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My cat was always terrified of everything, especially houseguests. The first time he visited, she fell asleep on him. She never did that with anyone else, even me.

We had been dating maybe 2 months. I was in a car accident and was so badly bruised I could barely move, he took care of me and was so gentle and attentive.

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It was sort of a gradual progress until it absolutely wasn't.

I wasn't going to marry someone I couldn't see myself being psyched over having kids with.

Turns out I ended up pregnant unexpectedly because why not be the 1% or whatever of "you're sure you took the pill correctly but life finds a way".

I was initially kinda scared of how he'd react, in a way. I thought he'd be pissed off or angry or something, turns out telling him "hey yeah this is super unexpected but btw turns out you're going to be a dad" or whatever was like telling him he won the lottery.

That locked things down for me. I had weapons-grade abandonment issues at the time and it's hard to put into words exactly just what the positive reaction there did for me.

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There are many things he's done to make me feel like this is forever. One thing that truly stands out is the fact that he's made me feel secure the entire 10 years we've been together. I don't feel like I have to hide my true self from him. I don't have to be someone I'm not and that I truly know that this man cares about me. Loyalty is a huge thing for him and he's shown me time and time again that I don't ever have to worry or wonder where I stand. I'm thankful to have found someone like him.

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Maybe my comment won't have as much weight as others because I'm young and I've been with him for two years so far but I do believe we'll spend our lives together so here it goes.

I've told this story many times before, but I enjoy being reminded of it by such posts.

We'd been together for less than six months when it happened. Somehow we've always known, but for me that moment was when I felt like I know for sure.

My mother has a rare genetic disease and it's turned out that both my sister and I have the same genetic defect. This happened before we found out, but it's relevant to the story.

It was a very hot summer day, and we had an appointment at the cardiologist's since my mother's heart is affected by her illness and wanted to get ours checked too. My partner tagged along.

We had a holter recorder attached to our chests for 24 hours, which I was pissed about because I knew that it couldn't touch water and I wanted nothing more than taking a shower and washing my hair that day which I would have been unable to do alone.

I was very frustrated, I cried, I told him that if it turns out that I do have it, I'll end it all before the disease could take me out. I didn't really mean it though, which he knew. I behaved really bad, and it was clear that he was frustrated by it but never said a bad word, never raised his voice, nor ignored me.

Later in the apartment he helped me shower. I didn't ask him, he didn't even say he's coming to help. He just followed me and helped, held the shower head, made sure that the device stays dry. He helped me wash my hair too, and then dried me with a towel. I was so touched that I couldn't stop crying and thanking him.

All he replied was "cause the lady wanted to wash her hair, huh?" with a smile in a mocking yet loving way.

I'll never forget that

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When he learned my native language to be able to communicate with my parents.

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Kind of silly, but I'm afraid of the dark and use a nightlight in my bedroom when I'm sleeping alone. When my SO and I first started dating, he'd stay over a few nights out of the week, but he needs it dark when he sleeps, so I unplugged the night light while he was over. One time he stayed over for like a week straight and then wasn't staying that night, so when I got into bed and turned off the light I had a moment of panic about the dark until I realized it wasn't dark. He had remembered to plug in my night light before leaving that day so I wouldn't be in the dark. That was my first "wow, he really cares" moment and he continues to show me to this day :)

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We haven't talked about marriage yet but I knew early on, like maybe after 2 months or so of dating. I sent my bf a tiktok of a silly thing a guy got for his girlfriend and I thought it was silly and funny. He then went to hunt down this thing, bought it, and surprised me with it. No one's ever gone out of their way for me like that before and it showed he really cared about me and making me happy. If it's not forever, it's at least long term. We're talking about moving in together when the timing and financials of it all allow for it :)

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It wasn't a single moment, but just this overwhelming lack of tension and anxiety he brings. I’m a happy person naturally and I’ve had plenty of good relationships in the past, I’ve loved, I’ve been loved, but this man is just… everything with him feels new and so incredibly easy. Since we met, it’s like someone turned life on easy mode. He’s had issues come up with work and his family, I’ve had issues come up with work, life and my family, but it doesn’t touch our relationship, which is so solid and so reassuring and so secure - that it literally feels like nothing can touch me.

It’s not a single moment, it’s the endless ways in which this amazing person shows up for me and other people in his life, without asking for anything in return. It’s the looking back at our time together and realising there isn’t a single moment we spent together that wasn’t made better by him being there.

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I met my current husband online in 2000 when he was 21 and I was 19. He was in the Navy and stationed close to where I lived in Southern California.

We had dated exclusively for about 8 months when I became very sick and was hospitalized so that doctors could run diagnostic tests to determine what was wrong with me. (It ended up being my gall bladder).

He took leave earlier than he had planned and instead of going home to see his family and friends, he stayed at the hospital with me for 2 weeks. The first night, there weren't enough chairs and no extra beds, so he took a sheet out of the cabinet in my room and slept on the floor because he knew I was scared to stay by myself.

We had to get permission from my hospital roommate for him to stay overnight for the rest of my stay. She was recovering from a double mastectomy and when I was off for testing, they spent a lot of time talking. She told me once, while he was out grabbing some lunch, that he was a keeper and that he loved me a lot.

We got married September 2, 2001, nine days before the world changed. We're still together. Things haven't always been perfect, there was even a time that I thought we might divorce, but we always came back together.

My mom still sometimes mentions him staying in the hospital with me and tells people that that's when she fell in love with him.

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A month into the relationship I decided to surprise him at his house on a Friday evening after work. We had plans to meet up on Saturday but I couldn't wait. Keep in mind, we lived three hours apart. I was halfway to his city when my roommate called and said he had shown up at our house in an effort to surprise me too. I knew right then that he was something special. We got married a few years later and we often joke that we're the same person - one Christmas we got each other the same gift, we finish each other's puns, we'll stop at the store on the way home (separately) and pick up the same cookies. It's the best.

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Back when I worked an extremely stressful job, I had what felt like no free time at all, and my car needed some things done. I felt so stressed about it, but didn't have the time to address it for a while. One day he offered to drive me to work, I don't remember what he said his reasoning was, but i happily agreed.
While I was at work, he changed my tail light, changed the wipers and detailed the car.
I was at a point in my life where multiple compounded stressors made me numb to emotion. I cried when he picked me up in my car, and I saw all the things he'd done. I knew that moment that he was my forever

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We were dating for six months when I got really sick. For a week I was looking like Gollum, with high fever and snot and everything. He took care of me the entire week, got off work early to bring me food and comfort, slept by my side even though I told him to go away because I didn‘t want him to catch my flu.

The way he looked at me when I was the most vulnerable unshowered goblin - like I was the most beautiful thing in the world - made it clear to me.

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I'm currently 23(F), and he's 25(M), and we are high-school sweethearts dating since 2014. One night, my mom was in the hospital, and since it was during peak covid, we weren't allowed in the hospital. He stayed in the parking lot with me until like 3am, which was when my step-dad was able to leave work to be with my mom. Prior to us leaving, I was talking to him about how I was severely sleep deprived. I had worked a night shift the day before and didn't get any sleep due to my mom's condition at the time, so i had gone about 24-30hrs without sleep. He was telling me to try to nap, but my body just wasn't having it. I was also hungry and dehydrated and beyond stressed, so it was a terrible time for me. The whole time, I was just telling him that I really felt like I was going to puke, but nothing was coming out of me. I'd like to add that I have a bad gag reflex and will puke if I hear or see it. Well, I ended up throwing up in the parking lot, all over his car door, the passenger seat, and myself. My body was dry heaving so bad that I even ended up urinating myself. I started shaking, and without hesistating, he got out the car to me, cleaned me up as best as he could, and immediately took me home. We dont live with each other yet, due to him getting out of the military and us merging our lives together still, but he made sure I showered and tucked me into bed before heading home. The way that he was so gentle and nurturing to me in a way I had never felt before made me fall in love with him all over again. Never made me feel bad, made sure to clean up the car, checked up on me the following day, and I mean sure we joke about it now, but in that moment, I knew he was my forever.

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When we had just started dating, he was visiting me and a well-known pop song started playing on the radio. He asked me to dance to it in the kitchen and sang the entire lyrics (very off-key) along. It was clear to me at that moment that we would be doing dances like that forever, me laughing at his non-existent singing skills (six years later I can report we still do it :)).

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We have been long distance for most of our relationship. I had a really bad day at work. He called me when I was finished and told me to walk to a place 5 minutes away. I was due to get the train home so I was confused. I went anyway out of curiosity. I called him back and said what am I meant to be looking for? He told me to turn around and he was stood behind me.

I had been having such a terrible week so unbeknown to me he had spoken to his boss and taken the afternoon off work. He drove three hours out of his way just to come and give me a hug. We had dinner together and then he had to drive home. I was so overwhelmed by how thoughtful it was I cried. I knew from that day that I wanted to marry him. We got engaged in November and I consider myself very lucky.

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We were friends, and had been for awhile. We were walking together one night for exercise when we decided to go across this old railroad bridge as a shortcut. I'm scared of heights, so I grabbed his hand and by the time we got to the other side I knew I was going to marry him. Asked him out the next week after all my hints flew over his head. Friends, I did indeed marry him and he is the best husband and father.

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He travels for work a lot, and staying in the country is dependent on his work (on visa right now). While he was out of town a couple family members were having health issues, and I was really struggling. On a call I told him how much I missed him and that I wished he was here because I could just use his support and presence.

5 minutes after hanging up the phone he calls me again and said he had booked the next flight home. Called his boss and said he had been away a lot and he needed to be home with me right now. I would have never asked him to do that, but it showed me how completely he loves me and will do what is within his power to be there.

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There's so many. I get reminded of the fact that neither of are going anywhere often. Most recently tho I came home from work to a hot bath with a bath bomb, a candle lit, tacos, and a bowl packed *AND* he did all the laundry.

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Our relationship started out with so much drama. Regardless of whether or not it was their business, no one wanted us to be together. We were both single parents and everybody thought that they knew better than we did. All kinds of fires were started and I am a very sensitive/emotional person. He, on the other hand, lets his logic lead, which is a good balance for us (sometimes).

After a particularly rough night, he could tell that I was overstimulated and panicking. He walked over to me, tilted my chin up so that my eyes met his and said “Listen to me. F**k everything that everyone else says. I don’t care about that. I’m not going ANYWHERE”. For the first time, I fully trusted someone’s word. It has been almost exactly ten years since that day. We’ve been married since 2015.

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He has never once made me doubt his intentions or how he feels about me. My calls were always returned and my texts always replied to eventually, almost always same day. He’s always been very clear on where he wants to be with me. After our first date he met with the woman he was casually seeing before me and ended things with her and promptly told me so, even told me about her on our date since I asked if he was seeing anyone. I felt so much respect for him that he went to her in person, and was honest, and told her he met someone that he’s really interested in getting to know better, full transparency. And he’s always been like that.

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I didn’t have a ah-ha moment; it was a series of a ton of little things. How we loved the same movies, worked in similar industries, had the same EXACT type of humor, how when we went to the mall a few weeks after dating he offered to be my friend’s underage cousin’s step dad so she could get her ears pierced (it didn’t work lol). He made sure we went to Applebee’s on our first date bc back then I really loved their nachos (they’ve since changed ?) he replaced a broken Sun visor in my dad’s truck so my dad wouldn’t know I broke it, he took me to a cool playground on our second date, he cooked me the only recipe he knew and borrowed pots & pans from his coworkers for it (he was SUCH a single guy lol). We have been together 18 years now and I cannot imagine being with anyone else. He keeps getting better and better. He’s forever thoughtful. You all should see how he treats our dogs. It’s incredibly sweet. He’s recently stepped up and has become an advocate for homeless dogs. Gahhhh I have an amazing husband.

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When I was having massive bleeding and did a pregnancy test (positive) and he took me to the hospital stayed with me for hours in the cold parking lot (because of COVID) in the middle of the night while they were finding out why this was happening to me. He reassured me so many times that he was going to stay with me no matter what and would rather die than let me go through any of this alone. I knew then how important our relationship was to him even when things weren't pretty

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Lol 47 years ago I’d been goin out with my boyfriend for a few months and he just started one night talking about our lives when we got married. He’s the most unromantic person on this earth, but he’s also the kindest and generous I’ve ever met.

He worked hard for 45 years to care for his family. Now he’s retired he looks after me, does much of the housework etc. and yeah gets under my feet. But he still makes me laugh. Note, I think laughter is important in a marriage.

We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary last Oct. He’s a bit of a grumpy old git nowadays, but he’s my grumpy old git and I love him to bits.

Best marriage ever..

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Not married yet but mine was more of several small moments. He always knows if I'm not okay, even if I pretend to be, he always asks and offers hugs and physical comfort. He often doesn't say much but his gestures are so kind. He puts in the effort. Every time I communicate with him how I would like to be loved or things that trigger me due to past trauma, I notice how he puts in the effort to accommodate what I need each time. He makes want to be a better person. He deserves my best efforts too and that has helped me overcome so much.
He accepts me as I am along with all of my anxiety and insecurities with such patience and grace and I love him so much. Writing this out makes me want to marry him right now.

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They pop up all the time really, even to this day. I don't remember the first one exactly but the most recent was last night.

I heard him in his office, having issues with his computer, cursing under his breath and getting aggravated. He's never ever been the type to take his moods out on me, but in past relationships my ex's did it all the time so Im programmed to just immediately get anxious by it, thinking I'd be walking on eggshells all night now.

After a few minutes he stopped fiddling with his computer and left his office to come to mine, and I prepped myself for the incoming attitude. But all he did was smile and say "when we go out this weekend can we stop by microcenter?" Then he laughed and said, "my monitor keeps going black and I died in my game cause of it!" I laughed too, we shared the aggravation he felt and went to go lay down together. No fights, no misplaced anger, no random attitude thrown my way from misplaced frustrated, just love and support.

It might sound like the bar is on the floor, but I've had so many ex's in the past who just loved to take their problems out on the world around them, and I love that my current never does. He's incredibly emotionally intelligent and caring and he really has become my safe space, a person I can depend on and relax around. We never fight, he's always my number one cheerleader, and he's 100% the person I want to be with forever.

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I got sick and he knew nothing about how to handle it, neither did I. But he learned and not only learned but taught my family and friends how to help. He would meet with them
Without telling me so that they could help me smoothly. He always dealt with everything with such love and compassion


He put something like 4 different socks in different shades of black and blue, he told me "here, choose the ones that looks similar. I have to wear them and I don't have any single pair that match".
I do the same. At that point I decided that we were made to each others.


The way he took care of me when I was really sick. Sealed the deal that he was my person, so we did a courthouse wedding shortly after I was better!

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i had a severe depressive episode right around the time we moved in together and at one point i was lying down on the floor, staring at the ceiling, trying to cry as silently as possible, and he just laid down next to me and asked if there was anything he could do. i told him he was already doing it ❤️


We married 11 years (together 13 years), so there too many things my husband does for me that confirmed he is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

But here one thing.

I had a near death experience where I was bedridden for almost a month with oxygen tank in my nose 24/7. The bedridden me defecate on myself and he cleans me up that whole month. He also sleep with a pillow and a blanket on the carpet right by my bedside (we had a hospital bed in our bedroom due to my illness).

The doctors offered him in home help, he refused, he said he wants to be the one care for me. So he rather be the one that clean me for the whole month when I was bedridden. Trust me, adults poop is nothing like babies.

There more, but this seal the deal. Anybody can have fun time together, but how about when you bedridden and defecate on yourself? He makes six-figures and debt-free, enough to hire helper, but he refused, he rather be the one that clean me and sleep on the carpet right next to my bedside care for me.

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When my daughter (9 months old) immediately reached for him when they met. It usually takes her some time to warm up to strangers, but she was immediately comfortable with him and giving him kisses. That's the moment I knew he was the perfect man for me.


I was still in high school and he knows I wasn’t in the best place to live in. My mom was up and leaving me where ever for the 100th time. So he spoke to my mom and his parents before talking to me to make sure I was care care of the right way before my mom left me.


Our first date. We talked about women’s rights, political beliefs, whether or not we wanted kids, what we wanted out of life (values) and he made me laugh several times. And as soon as I saw his smile, I knew I liked him instantly. 4 years later, still going strong and getting married this fall. (Woulda been much sooner but Covid *shakes fist*)

I wish I could bottle that initial feeling and sell it. Just a great feeling.


His mom did not take well to me "taking" her eldest son (she was a single mom and it could be a bit emotionally incest-y). She had tried to put him in the middle a few times and I would try my best to go, "we're all adults, she can speak to me directly."

Well one day she withdrew my invitation for an event where I would meet an out of town sibling..I had cancelled other plans prioritizing this meeting.

He saw that it hurt me, even though I tried to shrug it off. By his own accord he told his mom that's enough, from now on all family invites are both of us or neither of us how she acted will never happen again.

We're getting married this year :) her and I are okay enough


My husband and I have had our issues, but all things considered, he's a good human. Some of the things/actions that stick out for me:

- When we were newlyweds, I had to undergo chemotherapy. We were also *young*, like in our early 20's type of young. So, practically still children ourselves (he was in the military at the time). Every night, for almost a year (duration of my chemo treatment), he laid on the bathroom floor with me, holding and rocking me in his arms, as I vomited my guts out. He'd rub my back, hold what little hair I had, and sleep on the bathroom floor with me, because the vomiting was just endless.

- During my first chemo session, he insisted on shadowing my nurse at the time. When asked why, he responded: "I want to learn how to prepare and administer her medications myself, so my wife can be sickly and uncomfortable from the comfort of home, instead of stuck in a cold, harsh, sterile clinical environment." He learned to reconstitute and administer my chemo meds, how to start and manage an IV line, the differences in types of meds (i.e. different immunotherapy treatments), measuring vitals, etc. The nurses taught us how to do a lot of it at home, which was nice, so that we weren't stuck in a hospital more often than need be.

- When I had to undergo reconstructive surgery of one of my arms, the loose shirt I'd worn to the hospital still wasn't loose enough to fit over all the tubes, wires, and my cast. As the nurse and I fidgeted with my shirt, my husband, *quite literally*, gave me the shirt off his back. When the hospital discharged us to go home, he trekked out to and across the parking lot to retrieve the car and bring it around to the entrance, with no shirt on, in the middle of winter.

- For about a year or so, I was also confined to a wheelchair. My husband learned to disassemble and reassemble every screw and nail of my wheelchair, so that we'd never be stuck waiting on insurance bureaucracy for repairs. Thanks to his mechanical engineering background, my wheelchair was actually an interesting project for him. He has learned the ins and outs of assembling and fixing a variety of wheelchair types, and has helped other people in our community/town/neighborhood with their own mobility equipment repairs, because they were either fed up with waiting on their insurance to repair it, or their insurance would try and charge them a fortune for repairs. So, my husband sort of became "Mr. Wheelchair Fix-It" in and around our town.

I could go on, but I'll stop there. These examples are just a few (of many) that demonstrate, to me, that my husband is a keeper.


On our 2nd date, he accidentally touched my fat roll and didn't recoil in horror. It's been 7-8 years and he's not traumatized yet

EDIT: I want to share this too. A year or so ago, I had an awful stomach virus that included violent evacuations at both ends. I came out of the bathroom crying in shame and embarrassment, holding my crappy pj bottoms. He took them from me, told me not to be embarrassed, and washed them. He brought me 2 more pair of pj bottoms just in case.

He drives me nuts sometimes and neither of us are perfect, but when I remember things like this, I cut him some slack.


My now husband and I met at a party and we just had such a good time dancing and laughing and talking. On our first date, he brought me roses, had no issues when I asked if we could push back the dinner reservations to go for a bowling game, then had a fancy dinner. We covered a lot of the bases - financials, kids, career goals, family, etc that night. I called my mom that next day and said I met the person I’m going to marry.

We got married 4.5 months later and it’s been 13 years.


You just know when you’ve met the right person when you’ve been meeting all the wrong people your whole life. 3 weeks after talking, I knew he was the one. My mom met him and knew this was the man I was going to marry. When you’ve met someone that is everything you never knew you wanted, it makes it pretty easy to confirm.


For our second dating anniversary, I got us a set of promise rings, knowing he wasn’t ready for marriage but also knowing that I had strong interest in hopefully marrying him one day. I told him his ring was a symbol of my love, that it didn’t have to mean marriage if he didn’t want it to, but that it was a way of physically pledging my loyalty for him so long as he should have me. He scooped me up in a hug so large with tears in his eyes and an “I accept” on his lips. That’s when I knew, without I doubt, I’d be sharing the rest of my life with him. And I have been ever since :)


As soon as we started dating! We had been friends for a while and had chatted through all of the big topics: our faith, kids, marriage, parenting, conflict resolution, life goals, life approach, music, literature etc etc ?. Basically we got really passionate in our conversations because we both got excited that we felt the same about so many things in common and so we decided to give dating a go with the idea that if we felt the chemistry that intellectually was already there then we would want to get married. So 2 weeks after we decided to date we decided to get married! Waited 4m to get engaged to give our family and friends used to the idea of both of us and meet each other. We make each other so happy, and I've grown and healed in ways I only dreamed of! We're married 8yrs and it's pretty obvious we're still obsessed with each other and already have 2 kids with another on the way (waited 4 years to try for a baby so we could get used to livibg and sleeping together as we're Christians). Life is hard as I'm sick and pregnant and we're knackered all the time with 2 toddlers but he's my favourite person in the whole world and we're very happy with our stable relationship in this crazy ride of parenting!


When he traveled an hour and a half one way to pick me up, an hour a half back to his place for me to spend a few days. Then do it all over again to take me home. Every other week for over a year. ?


I lost my phone in front of a shopping mall, someone found it, searched for the emergency contacts, called my boyfriend and he was not sure If I had been kidnapped, lost my phone and was still in the mall. I immedately ran over (just a 5' walk from his place) searched in every possible store I told him I would be until he found me one hour later, he was stressed as he did not know if I was there still, kidnapped, had gone home, he even thought: s**t I have to call the police if we dont find her, he had all scenarios played out. Fun fact, when the guy called him on my emergency contact, my boyriend picked up and said: Whats up tiny mouse? And the guy on the phone was like: no mouse here, just Igor.


We were planning to start a family when I was diagnosed with a condition that means that pregnancies could be dangerous for me. Potentially fatale.

Same condition means that adoption is out of the question.

He stayed with me.


My grandma was battling cancer for the first time, and I was still in school. My grandma had an appointment at the hospital very early for a procedure. I was stressing out, trying to figure out how my grandparents (whom I lived with at the time) and I were going to get where we needed to go on time and without my going to campus at like 6am. I was venting to my partner about how I couldn’t figure out what to do and I was so worried about my grandma, I was basically losing it. Totally unprompted, he said “why not just stay here overnight and then go to class in the morning?” He just offered to take the stress off of my family and me because he could. In that instant, where he showed up for me, but also for my family, who at that point he hadn’t even met yet, I just knew he was my end game. It’s always been important to me that my partner and grandparents get along - my grandma loved him so much, and my grandpa still does. He’s been my rock through so much these last 10 years, and I can’t think of anyone else who would have stuck through it all with me.


Shortly after we got engaged, my stepfather had a heart attack and had to go into the hospital to have a triple bypass. Mom, Sis, Bro and me were all there for most of the handful of days that Stepfather had to be in the hospital for surgery/recovery.

Fiance' (now Husband) kept everybody fed and brought some magazines, etc to keep us entertained. He paid my pager bill (LOL this makes me feel so old) because I wasn't going to be able to make it to the pager store on time to pay it.

I mean, I already had an inkling at that point he was def a for real keeper when he convinced his parents to take me in for a couple days after my mom kicked me out because I dared to close the shared banking account (I'd gotten as a minor and she was required to be on the account as well) after I found out she was regularly stealing money out of it.

But this? Cemented the deal.


When he finally farted in front of me eight months into living together. And can talk about physical issues and being open about his feelings/needs and thoughts . That was it for me :)


We have been together for almost 3 years and there are quite a few things he does which make me believe that he is the one. Here’s few :
- Cooking for me
- Taking care of me and cleaning me up when I was sick and threw up everywhere
- Taking care of me when I fell and opened deeply my chin
- Creating a mental health fund for me and paying for my therapy expenses
- Learning my mother tongue
- Creating from scratch an advent calendar for me every December, 3rd year in a row
- Massaging my feet almost every night.
- Always offering me to switch plates when I don’t like what I ordered at the restaurant
- Holding me when I cry and letting me cry for as long as I need.


It was after we had just finished messing around and for some reason I just started crying and he didn’t say anything at first. He just grabbed me and held me tight. And just kept kissing my forehead, running his hand through my hair, and then started softly whispering that I’m okay and that he loves me. He never judged me or made me feel bad about it.


One week into the relationship I jokingly asked:"If I broke both my arms, would you wipe my a*s??" He said: "Noo that would be weird".
I totally forgot about this conversation and then, after a few days, my bf said completely out of context:"You know what? I thought about it...I would totally wipe our a*s If you could not do it yourself." We are now together for 8 Years, still going strong.

I then knew that he is someone who sees me as me and it's not Just about romance or sex or just having fun together, If that makes sese.


I asked him how much he loved me and he told me that he has told his friends I was "the one" months before


We had a brief “thing” When we were freshman in high school. Didn’t take it farther than just really good friends that kissed… a lot. Then we just kinda drifted apart when he switched schools. There was no doubt we had a rare connection, but we were so young, we hadn’t had enough experience with dating to realize how special it really was.

Fast forward 14 years: we reconnected on social and agreed to hang out the next day. The moment I saw him I realized his energy was exactly how I remembered it… idk his vibe is just so perfect…

Anyways, I was smitten— I *am* smitten. 4 years after reconnecting/making it exclusive and we’re just as infatuated as we were 18 years ago. He shows me every single day why he is my person, and I love him endlessly!


**Backstory:** We met at my town's 7-Eleven. I'd been working there for 1.5y and he just joined the team. I immediately started hitting on him (not even subtly) because he's insanely attractive. A couple days/weeks later, I found out he was taking the bus from the next town over. We worked night shift (11pm-7am) and the last bus of the day came into town around 6:30. This meant that his period of consciousness was from 5:30pm (ish) to 10am (ish). I used to do a similar thing for college a few years prior, so I knew how much it sucked. I offered to let him stay at my house when we worked together. Things went from sharing a bed together to intimate within a month.

**Story:** We were cuddling in bed after...an act of intimacy and chatting. I told him how much I cared for him but that I was scared to start a relationship with him because my family always told me, "Don't date co-workers because things can get awkward." He asked if he could play a song the conversation reminded him of. I was curious, so I said yes. He then started playing [What Ifs by Kane Brown](https://youtu.be/fM8V1XOI-14). It was so cheesy and sweet, and I loved it because it was so cheesy and sweet. It reminded me of something I would do. I knew in that moment that he was going to be my forever. We've been together for 5y now.


We met as teenagers & dated in our twenties, but it wasn’t the right time for us, so we broke up & didn’t speak for a few years. Then we became friends again after we both grew a lot. I texted him a joke one day & that led to daily conversations & we became a couple again two months later.

He told me after that he regretted how things ended the first time & worked to prove me wrong by getting a better job & improving himself. And he kept up with me to make sure I was ok & said a prayer for me & my son every night. We got married after five months together & I’ve never been so happy.


The way he stands by me through hardship.
I went through some trouble last summer, and he was very supportive, it made the whole thing bearable


Since the moment I saw this m**********r roofing a house at 17. I was 16. Some separations along the way. But damn I feel like I knew then, right then and there. Magic confirmed in our youth and have always carried him around in my heart since. He is family, he is friend, he is father and he is lover. He is flawed, I am flawed but there has always been something that fits together like a puzzle.


I have pretty bad mental problems and I was afraid to let anyone into my deepest brain thoughts and one day while I was tired I just told him everything. He acted unfazed and told me when he was really depressed he had some bad thoughts too. So I felt safe enough I told him about my paranoid thoughts and he told me that it was okay and that my thoughts aren't true and that he supported me in my mental health journey. I have never felt so much love for a partner before and all I want is for him to be happy and healthy and have anything he ever wanted


My hometown burned down in 2018. After the fire, I was living in a small three bedroom townhouse with 8 other people and was constantly over stimulated from the trauma and constant people.

I met my husband through a mutual friend at a bar one night, and an instant wave of calm came over me. From then on, any time I was with him, my body relaxed and I could feel the tension of all of my stress melt away.

The moment that really got me was when I went to see the property for the first time - I took him with me. We had only been casually seeing each other for a few months, but the way he held my hand and supported me through the absolute worst trauma of my life sealed the deal for me.


We found common ground on the very FEW values/ideals/concept (however you want to say it) that we weren't aligned on. Once we established that and found that there was still an abundance of love and the desire to work on it together, we knew this was forever ever type s**t.

Foreva eva <3


When he said he would do his own laundry ?

It’s actually how he took care of me when I wasn’t well. He was thoughtful, kind and patient. And it was genuine.
I remember every time I looked at him… my brain was yelling I LOVE YOU! … if I had actually said it out loud as many times as my brain was saying it…I’d have said it to death! And he’d have ran away ?


We've been together 3 years now bur I knew a few month in. We were watching TV one night and he was acting kind of strange. I asked him what was up and he hit me with the "I think we need to talk." Que instant anxiety on my part.
So he tells me his parents have decided to move 7 hours away and they wanted him to come but gave him the choice to stay (he lived with them at the time). I was understandably upset thinking I was going to loose him so I asked him if he was going too. And he said " well thats what I wanted to talk about. I was thinking we could move in together?"
I burst into tears and explained I thought he was going to end things. And he jsut paused. Grabbed my hands and said
"Babe. For me there was never any choice."
We've been together 3 years now and are engaged.


It’s hard for strangers to make my Dad laugh. Like a proper laugh. I read out a funny text he sent me while we were dating. Cracked my Dad up, and that made me feel warm inside and that he’s already part of the family.


I knew its gonna be longterm when i first met him. There were many thing sthat confirmed it all for me, like his mum saying that im her daughter in law now or when i began to cry when he needed to leave. When he came to me on my birthday when my family was away and i thought im gonna be all alone because noone seemed to have time. His smile when he opens the door.. everything


He put me through grad school, despite having a high school diploma himself, and misgivings about the ROI of higher ed. (Same, dude, but here we are.)


My (26F) partner (25M) was the first guy friend I'd had who didn't make me feel like there were romantic or sexual expectations after being friends for more than a year.

Sure, he was super friendly and funny, but I really felt emotionally and physically safe near him, which allowed me to develop romantic feelings in a healthy way I think. To put it simply, when we were just friends, that was it. I never felt pressure to be anyone other than myself as a good friend to him.

When we started dating in 2014 after being friends for about two years, he never pressured me to kiss him (I hadn't ever kissed or dated anyone) or do anything sexual. What really sealed the deal for me was when he told me point blank that he would wait however long it took for me to feel okay trying penetrative sex (listen, I had never used a tampon or even tried putting anything else in me before this), and he really did mean it.

We've been married for seven months now and together for eight and a half years!


I don't think it was one moment in particular, but a combination of many big and small occasions that has led me to the conclusion that I want to spend the rest of my life with my partner.

It's honestly felt surreal just how amazing things have been with her. We met online and talked all night into 3am, then talked all the next day and the day after. It was such a profound experience to just "click" with someone. The first time we met in person, we kissed in my driveway like some sort of cheesy romance film script and she stole my breath away ever since.

It's been 7 months and since we met, we've been there for each other in some of our hardest times. I had terrible leg pains the other month and I was worried about blood clots. She came and picked me up and stayed with me at the hospital until late at night, comforting me. Just last week, she had a major surgery, and I joined her on the journey across the states to be there with her before and after the procedure. The first thing she did when she woke up was cry and tell me how much she loved me.

Even the small things add up; she respects my boundaries, is an excellent communicator, and so incredibly good to me. I think this past week confirmed my feelings for me what had been growing steadily throughout the past several months; I love this lady to death and I want to be a part of her life for as long as she wants me around. She shares these feelings, and we're hoping to move in together sometime soon.


For me, it was the period where I was really struggling with myself during covid. I started a new job but worked from home 24/7, feeling very isolated. I also started developing an eating disorder and felt like all my bagage from my past was taking over me constantly. I couldn't see the bright side and easily got caught up in doom thinking. Throughout this period I feared this would be his breaking point. But no, he never experienced this difficult period as a breaking point. He supported me throughout everything and kept on reminding me what I wonderful person I am and that we will always face issues together. He made me feel so safe for the first time in my life and we do just as he says: tackling issues together as a team. We have now been together for nearly 4 years and we care so much for eachother, he is the only person in the world who truly knows everything of me, and vice versa. We consider eachother as soulmates and it such a wonderful feeling knowing that he is my partner for life


To borrow a phrase from another comment, 'it was a gradual process until it wasn't'.

There had been other moments in our relationship that made me feel like I could spend a long time with my guy, but I never let myself get hopeful enough that it would be life. About 2.5-3 years in, and we had recently moved in together, we'd talked wedding and marriage, but I always freaked out, not being ready or worried about whatever else.

Then, one day, we were sitting across the room from each other, each on our own computers with headphones, and it hit me suddenly. He's my forever. It was the first time I thought about marriage and our life together without panicking, and I couldn't stop smiling.

He proposed less than a year later, but apparently had known in months of us getting together that I was his forever.


I don't know if there's one specific moment or a series of little moments.

The second time we ever met, I had invited him to a memorial party I was having. He stayed later than all the other guests and helped me clean up.

Before we became an official couple, he kissed me in front of other people in a very public place. I wasn't used to being "shown off" because my ex hid me.

Other cute little things like that lol


When he asked my daughter about marrying me.


I was just thinking about this. We were on our first trip together visiting Seattle. He had me drive somewhere secret as a surprise and it was the town where Twin Peaks, one of my favorite shows was filmed. We went to the waterfall, the hotel, the diner to get some cherry pie. It was the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me, I was blown away.


There wasn't one lightning strike moment for me but several moments, important and not, that made me sure.

We had only been together for 3 months when my gran died, and he supported me through that.

I was being taken advantage of by my friends at the time, and he stood up for me.

He always made me laugh, he encouraged my independence, he supported me emotionally.



—I'm fat!

— it's not fat, its flavour (he's a chef)

2) loves Disney Treasure Planet

Was simple enough


I knew we were serious around the 2 month mark, after that, it was just accepted that we were each others forever. Then just after our 5th anniversary he proposed, after 3 years of saying we didn't need to, after confirming he was serious I said yes.


I knew the night I met him. When i got home i told my cousin that i met the man I would spend the rest of my life with. That was 40 years ago, we are still together, and I don’t know how I knew… but I did

Edit: added that we’re still together


When he said my daughter was just another extension of me to love


After 2 years of dating, I moved in with him and three other roommates we were friends with. After a year, I was ready to kill the other roommates (and they me).

But not him. We got along great the whole time. In fact we realized we never wanted to be apart.

I knew then.

We celebrated 17 years recently✌️


I'd say it's less 'one moment of truth' and more consistent, reassuring behaviour over the past 3-4 years.

I've been lovebombed/duped before, so for me a sign of a life partner is someone who continues to be supportive, loving and reliable even after they 'have you'.


The way he took my hand to lead me into the restaurant on our first date. I instantly got a feeling of being completely safe and at home with him. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in October.


when I took him to the park with my child. he was so attentive and holding her up so she could use the monkey bars and interacting with her on all the equipment. followed along go make sure she was okay. my heart was so full and I knew.


He knew the moment he saw me, I knew a couple hours later. Was just something we couldn’t shake. He was so shy and didn’t talk to me much in the moment, but there was just a look and a feeling. We’ve been there through extreme downs and highs (both got out of bad relationships and weren’t quite ready for a new relationship but didn’t want to lose each other due to timing) now together 1.5 years and he popped the question over the holidays! :)


I used to work for an airline, so I took him to Hawaii for his 40th birthday. He had such a great time and seeing his happiness while swimming in the ocean and watching the sunsets each day made me 1000% sure this is my forever man. I adore him so much.

Image credits: steffie-flies


I can’t really think of one specific moment. I just love the way he makes me feel & cares for me like no other


There was no one moment of absolute clarity, it was all the small moments where he respected me and made me feel safe to be myself with him.


It wasn‘t a moment, we got to know each other better after the first romantic moments. We both knew from then on that we wanted to spend our life together. It was more of a process. And here we are - 22 years later still going strong and we had and have a lot of hardships. But I wouldn‘t want to spend my life - even with all those difficulties - with anyone else.


Trying long distance since he has to work away from home. I anticipated that it would be the make or break and it definitely was the make. Although I prefer it when we live together I feel like we are stronger than ever now and we can get through anything


He sent me a picture he took of a dead flying fish and asked what kind of bird is this?


We were only dating for about a month and a half and went on a short get away trip. Just in the country in a cute b&b. I have so many memories from those 4 days together that I can link to ''that moment''.


This thread is giving me so much hope. Like chicken soup for the broken-hearted ?.
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