8 Home Office Lounge Ideas to Boost Productivity and Function

8 Home Office Lounge Ideas to Boost Productivity and Function

Home office lounge ideas perfect for hosting meetings, hosting guests, or serving as your own cozy reading lounge.

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The home office study makeover is SO CLOSE to finished!

Even though we still have a lot of little details to wrap up, Robert and I managed to haul in a key piece of furniture to create a home office lounge that serves so many functions for hosting meetings, hosting guests, serving as a work flex space, and serving as a cozy reading spot.

If you missed the before tour of this space, having a multifunctional office was a big challenge for this project we took on for our pastor Dave and his family. But it came together!

home office lounge area with faux leather futon

It’s hard to believe this is the same wall, isn’t it?!

home office before

We pulled together a few things from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart to make this one wall in Dave’s office serve as a relaxing yet productive office lounge area for him while also having the flexibility to use as a guest quarters as needed.

BHG at Walmart

If you face similar challenges of needing an office lounge area to suit a variety of functions while also encouraging productivity at home, these 10 home office lounge ideas can help.

10 Home Office Lounge Ideas to Boost Productivity and Function

1. Incorporate Comfortable, Convertible Seating

We added this faux leather futon to introduced warmth and a rich texture to the office for a welcoming atmosphere. Having the extra ability to turn any home office seating into a bed provides opportunity for a makeshift guest room whenever you need it.

(You can see alternative ideas for turning a home office into a guest room using an air mattress here.)

office guest room using a futon

2. Mount a TV

It might seem counterintuitive that a television in an office can boost productivity, but with screen mirroring, you can push your laptop or smart phone’s screen to a smart TV to enlarge it for easier visibility.

A mounted TV in an office makes meetings so much easier.

3. Add Accent Lighting

If you want to give an office that “loungey” vibe, accent lighting does the trick! It adds a layer of ambience to a space, but if you use it as a flexible guest space, it can also serve as a bedside lamp.

home office lounge ideas including a convertible sofa for guests, a wall-mounted TV, and a coffee station

4. Set Up a Coffee Station

Nothing says productivity boost like caffeine! If you have space for a small console table, add a little coffee maker and some creamer/sugar packets.

I used this divided basket as handy tabletop storage for K-cups, disposable creamer cups, sugar packets, and swizzle sticks. This black speckled coffee mugs fit right into the lounge vibe too.

incorporate a coffee bar into an office lounge area to boost productivity

5. Keep a Bluetooth Speaker Handy

They’re so useful when you work best with background music or if you like to stream podcasts as you work. (See that little vintage style Bluetooth speaker on the shelf I found? So cute.) If you’re using the space purely as an office lounge for relaxing, it’s even better.

6. Add Baskets for Snacks

I get a productivity boost when I’m able to get a snack as I’m working. Having these baskets in reach to hold snacks are helpful not just to yourself for work, but they’re nice to serve as amenities for guests during meetings and overnight stays too.

office lounge throw pillows and shelf decor with plants, baskets, and books

7. Have Comfortable Bedding

For guest stays, have a nice quality set of bed linens set aside for their use.

I love the feel of these sheets. And I love this chenille throw blanket so much that we have 3 more of them at our house.

office converted into guest bedroom using a futon

8. Make It Cozy with Throw Pillows

A couple of throw pillows are nice to have in a home office lounge area for curling up with a good book when you need to get some reading done.

This oblong knit pillow is my favorite!

guest bedding on a futon in an office

Slowly but surely it’s all starting to come together! We’ll have the other side of the room with desks and all of the shelving styled up to share really soon. Can’t wait!!!

office lounge with a faux leather futon, art, and picture light

If you want to know about any of the sources we used from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart, you can find them all below.

Office Lounge Sources

The full home office study reveal is coming soon!


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