7 Websites and Sources for COVID-19 Templates and Tools

7 Websites and Sources for COVID-19 Templates and Tools

Websites and Sources for COVID-19 Templates and Tools

As businesses around the world begin to reopen their doors due to the shutdowns from COVID-19, many need to take extra measures. From informative presentations to preventive checklists, companies want to make sure their employees are still taking precautions. Templates can help save a lot of time here.

Such templates can be useful for individuals too. Everyone can use a bit of help with notifications like letters to landlords or leaves of absence.

To assist companies, organizations, and individuals, we’ve compiled a list of websites and resources for COVID-19 letter, checklist, slideshow, and signage templates.

1. Template.net COVID-19 Templates

Template.net provides templates for all individuals and industry types. They have a collection specifically for common as well as unusual circumstances due to COVID-19. Here are just a handful of the templates they offer for individual use.

  • Letter to Landlord Request for Waiver of Rent
  • Letter for Extension of Time to Pay Rent
  • Appeal Letter for Termination of Employment
  • Work From Home Letter Template
  • Work From Home Checklist

Along with templates for individuals, Template.net offers many for businesses, landlords, and miscellaneous services. Check out the following sample of this inventory.

  • Inspection Checklist
  • Economic Impact Statement
  • Business Risk Analysis
  • Furlough Letter
  • Action Plan Template

You can visit the Template.net COVID-19 section directly for these templates and more. Many of their templates are available for free and you can sign up at no charge. If you need several templates, check out Template.net’s affordable subscription plans.

2. iAuditor by Safety Culture

Along with a long list of featured checklist templates, the iAuditor site by Safety Culture provides helpful information, recommendations for employers, and ways to prepare. Here are several of the checklist templates they offer for businesses, healthcare, home office, and community organizations.

  • Home Office Self-Assessment Checklist
  • Hand Hygiene Checklist
  • Healthcare Providers Preparedness Checklist
  • Employee Temperature Log Sheet
  • Screening Checklist
  • Community and Faith-Based Organizations Checklist
  • Daily Cleaning Inspection Checklist

With any template you select, you’ll see a nice preview and then have the option to download the template or print it as a PDF. You can get started for free with iAuditor and even take a look at their custom template options.

3. Free PowerPoint Templates Design COVID-19


If you’re looking for an informative tool for your company, educational institution, or another type of business, check out the Free PowerPoint Templates Design website. You can download templates and tools to create powerful slideshows with pandemic statistics, charts, bulleted lists, and much more.

  • Pandemic Covid-19 PowerPoint Templates
  • Virus-Medical PowerPoint Templates
  • COVID-19 Testing Centers PowerPoint Templates
  • Coronavirus PowerPoint Templates
  • Working From Home PowerPoint Templates

Free PowerPoint Templates Design gives you all the details you need upfront about the templates. This can include the number of slides, aspect ratio, placeholders, background images, and more. And as the name implies, the PowerPoint templates are free.

4. Slidesgo COVID-19 Templates

For another PowerPoint template resource or for those without PowerPoint and using Google Slides, visit the Slidesgo website for their COVID-19 templates. The templates from Slidesgo are available for free for commercial and personal use and give you a list of features for each slideshow to review before you download one.

  • COVID-19 Spread & Contagion Presentation
  • Coronavirus Disease Overview
  • COVID-19 Overview
  • Brands Response to COVID-19

These templates from Slidesgo are attractive, informative, and ideal for your COVID-19 or coronavirus presentation. And for additional PowerPoint alternatives, take a peek at our list of recommendations.

5. Ping HD COVID-19 Signage Templates

Ping HD is a signage service that has been creating digital signs for over a decade. And now the company is offering free COVID-19 and coronavirus sign templates. With over 20 templates, many are available in both English and Spanish as well as portrait and landscape views. Here are several to take a look at.

  • Wear a Mask Save a Life
  • Do the Five Save a Life
  • Do’s and Don’ts of COVID-19
  • Make a Difference
  • Let’s Slow the Spread

You can download one of these signs for free and then print or make copies for your company or organization. Signs from Ping HD make reminding people to wash their hands, showing ways to prevent the spread, and calling out the virus symptoms easy for those around you.

6. Community Associations Institute COVID-19 Forms

For forms, graphics, templates, and infographics, head to the Community Associations Institute (CAI) website. Although this source does not have pages of templates and tools like others, they may have exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s what you’ll find for COVID-19.

  • Sample Letter to Residents
  • Community Support Form
  • Essential Worker Form
  • Neighbor Help Cards
  • A variety of infographics, graphics, and handouts

Community Associations Institute lets you select one of these items and then download it directly to your computer at no charge. From there, print or share the item as needed.

7. Cognito Forms COVID-19

Cognito Forms is an online service for creating all types of forms and surveys. From application and contact forms to medical and registration forms; the company is also offering a collection of COVID-19 options for free. Here are the kinds of form templates you can use.

  • COVID-19 Business Impact Survey
  • Remote Learning Device Request
  • Remote Work Satisfaction Survey
  • COVID-19 Return-to-Work Screening Survey
  • Curbside Pickup Order Form

The form template you choose can be customized to fit your needs. So just sign up for a free account, pick a template, customize it, preview, and publish. Cognito Forms is a great tool for COVID-19 surveys, forms, and more.

It’s Never Too Late to Prepare

Whether you’ve reopened your office, restaurant, or store already or will be doing so in the near future, make sure you’re prepared with templates like these. And for individuals who could use a little extra help right now, hopefully, you’ll see a template from one of these sources that can give you a helping hand.

For more, take a look at how to make it through self-isolation and remote working or how to avoid COVID-19 pandemic phishing scams.

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