7 Unwritten Rules in Hotels. They’re the Same All Over the World!

7 Unwritten Rules in Hotels. They’re the Same All Over the World!

Be that a business trip or summer holidays, all of us stay at hotels from time to time. Of course there are several reasons why we book hotel rooms, but irrespective of that there are some principles binding for everyone.

If you stay at hotels, even occasionally, you’d better familiarize yourself with the hotel etiquette. These are some unwritten rules that you have to observe before you check out.

#1 Towels


Always leave the towels on the floor or the edge of the bathtub. Never fold them to make them look the way you saw them on the first day. This could be misleading for the hotel staff. One might even think you never really used them…

#2 The bed


Don’t make your bed. There is really no need to do it. The cleaning personnel has to change the sheets anyway.

#3 Tips


It is customary to leave tip for the hotel staff. The cleaning personnel is usually underpaid and their work is really hard. You need to remember that there might be various personalities in charge of keeping your hotel room clean. That’s why you’d better tip them on every day basis.

#4 Garbage

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All empty bottles and wrapping papers ought to end up in the garbage can or garbage bag. Don’t leave the garbage scattered all over the room. If the garbage can is too small, ask the personnel for a larger one.

#5 Windows


As we usually vacate the room in the morning, it is recommended to leave the windows open. The room has to be well aired so the sooner it starts, the better for next guests. The cleaning personnel will be grateful, too.

#6 Accessories


The TV remote control, cutlery or even chairs. Make sure you leave them in their legitimate place. It will be easier for the staff to check if everything is there.

#7 Don’t use things that you don’t need


If you have a twin room, though you are travelling on your own, don’t touch anything on the other bed as you might be charged extra.

Do you know any other unwritten hotel rules?

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