7 RV Interior Paint Ideas For Your Next Renovation

7 RV Interior Paint Ideas For Your Next Renovation

Emerald green feature wall in RV bedroom
Check out these RV interior paint ideas for your next renovation. Photo from @dashboarddrifters

7 RV Interior Paint Ideas For Your Next Renovation

You could spend hours – or days! – browsing through Instagram at all the gorgeous RV remodels that people have posted on there! Thanks to the pandemic, a rise in domestic travel, and the huge shift to working from home, there has been a surge in people who are living the RV life, whether just occasionally or full-time. With that has come a new subculture of people taking older RVs or trailers and remodeling them to their personal style.

When someone remodels an RV, they’re able to inject their own personal style and personality into it. Gone are the days of the boring, all-brown, cookie-cutter RVs that all look the same. In their wake, we have gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, works-of-art on wheels.

Let’s take look at some of the most unique RV interior paint ideas that we’ve seen.

Travel Mad Mum’s Funky Boho Chic

RV interior painted with bright blue walls, chevron patterned cushions, and boho accents
Photo from @travelmadmum

Love this boho-chic RV from @travelmadmum! This fun mum totally transformed her family’s RV with fun colors and a culturally themed interior! A blue accent wall is a brilliant RV interior paint idea. Hers features a dream catcher to keep her children’s dreams safe at night. She also included a custom-made pegboard that will help the family stay organized. 

The chevron bench covers pull all the other colors together, while the patterned backsplash makes the space more visually interesting. The final touches include plenty of plants and a few more adorable souvenirs that add to the overall travel aesthetic.

Liz Kamarul’s Winnebago Tiny Home

Unique RV interior paint ideas: hand painted flamingos on a black background
Hand-painted wallpaper is the perfect RV interior paint idea! Photo from @liz_kamarul

Liz Kamarul (@liz_kamarul) is an interior stylist currently based out of New Orleans, so it’s no shock that her Winnebago renovation is absolutely breathtaking! She decorated her tiny home with a combination of geometric and floral patterns, throwing in funky colors, textures, and accessories along the way. 

She styled her camper, who she calls “Brave,” the way only an interior stylist could. Pictured above is her unique, hand-painted flamingo wallpaper that she installed in her RV to make it feel more like home.

Rachel the RV Renovator’s Rainbow RV

Photos from @rv.family.reno

Oh wow, do rainbows make you as happy as they make us? Rachel from @rv.family.reno created this space for a movie art studio. We think she worded it best…

“The power of paint is quite astounding, but the power of rainbow paint? Well, that’s just magical.”

Not only did she paint the accent shiplap wall a vibrant rainbow design, but she also included various rainbow accents and rainbow drips down the vintage fridge. Something tells us that this design was just as fun to create as it is to look at.

Emily from Less Things Big Dreams Nails the Wallpaper Trend

Photos from @emilyfeely

Emily and her family are now renovating another RV, but this one that they did in the past turned out absolutely perfect, so we know they’ll nail it this time around too! Emily did a perfect job of incorporating wallpaper with just the right amount. In a small space like an RV, too much of one pattern can be overwhelming and make the space feel smaller.

In the kitchen, Emily painted the cabinets a bright teal color and accentuated them with a bold, black and white floral wallpaper for a statement wall just outside the kitchen. She also incorporated a leafy green wallpaper in their bedroom to bring nature even closer as they sleep.

Mixing a painted cabinet with a wallpaper accent wall is the perfect paint idea for your RV interior.

Crazy Family Adventure’s Safari Living Area

RV interior shot with a spotted rug, sage green walls, and starburst backsplash.

Imagine not only squeezing an entire family of six into an RV, but also trying to decorate it to please everyone! Craig and Bryanna and their four children from @crazyfamilyadventure nailed it. And, they did it in three weeks!

They said they mostly kept it simple, adding paint and wallpaper, a new couch, and then some decorative accessories.  By painting the walls, but keeping the cabinets and slide-out a lighter color, the area still seems nice and open. Did you see the little bonus loft up top?

Standby For the Millers Make A Big Bang in a Tiny Bathroom

RV interior paint ideas: blue brushstrokes on a white background
Photo from @standbyforthemillers

You don’t have to do a huge project to make a big bang. Sometimes, the smallest of spaces in our RV get overlooked, but not this bathroom. Using a simple brush stroke pattern that anyone could mimic at home, the Miller family turned their kids’ bathroom into a work of art. 

A cute sign with an important reminder, and a clean, white, subway tile backspace pulls this room together. Now maybe the kids’ will fight over this bathroom instead of stealing mom and dad’s!

Sarah Lemp’s Cozy Colorful Camper

RV interior shot featuring pink wallpaper, soft blue couch, and pink cupboards.
Photo from @purposeblog

This adorable camper is tickled pink! Instead of plain, boring white, Sarah (@purposeblog) has painted the cabinets a lovely blush color. The accent wall behind the bed as well as the sheets carry the pink theme throughout the camper.

The teal chair, yellow blankets, and pastel-colored rug tie the whole look together. This tiny camper is fit for a princess. Can you believe it actually sleeps four people?

Take some RV interior paint inspiration with you

If you’re planning an RV remodel, then you have probably spent tons of time looking through ideas on the internet.

These creators on our list have done a great job of thinking outside the box and coming up with new and creative ways to paint their RV’s interior. Whether it’s hand-painted design, unique color combinations, or even custom-made wallpapers, these unique touches make their RVs and trailers stand out from the crowd.

Take these RV interior paint ideas and expand on them to come up with a unique paint job for your renovation!

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