62 Soul-Healing Rescue Pet Pics To Make You Smile (February Edition)

62 Soul-Healing Rescue Pet Pics To Make You Smile (February Edition)

Many of us have a tendency to doomscroll. After all, it’s necessary to keep ourselves updated, be well informed about the current events, and stand up to injustices in any way possible. But sometimes, it can start to feel a bit overwhelming. So if you’re looking for a quick break or a reason to unwind, we've got you covered.

Reddit users continue to share their newly adopted companions and keep surprising us with their big hearts and open arms. As you've probably have guessed, it’s time for Bored Panda’s selection of the most wholesome and heartwarming rescue animal pictures this month.

Let’s remind ourselves that there are still plenty of wonderful people in this world ready to lend a helping hand to those facing adversities. Continue scrolling, upvote your favorite four-legged friends, and share your thoughts about them in the comments!

Pssst! If you’re in the mood for some more cuteness, check out our earlier posts celebrating rescued pets and their rescuers here: January, December, November.

#1 My Cat Trunks Loves Car Rides Ever Since The Ride Home From Adoption!

Image credits: chrispincustattoo

#2 This Is Zachary. The Cat That Was Stuck In The Shelter, That Nobody Wanted Because “He Is Fat, Too Old, And Has A Weird Meow.” He’s Perfect

Image credits: Kisszegirl

#3 Tiva Is A Recently Retired Racing Greyhound Who Ran 151 Races & Hit 36mph, Ranked Grade A - She Reached The Podium 66 Times. Just Adopted Saturday, She Is Now Our Grade A Professional Lounger

Image credits: StoneyJoJo

#4 My 3 Year Old With The New Kitten I Brought Home

Image credits: ExcuseUsed2813

#5 Meet Bat. A More Apt Name Does Not Exist

Image credits: pixieclifton

#6 Kitty Realizes She's Adopted And Sentenced To Life Imprisonment, Cuddles And Treatos

Image credits: MrCristobal091

#7 Our Adopted Kitty Is So Happy To Have A Home! She’s Sleeping Harder Than Ever!

Image credits: Roys_Keen

#8 My Family And Fang, Our 2.8lb Chihuahua Just Moved Into Our Forever Home And Someone Found The Perfect Nap Spot In Our Kitchen By A Heater Vent

Image credits: singleskidmark

#9 Our Sweet Boy Before & After We Adopted Him

Image credits: dquillx

#10 I Didn't Know I Adopted A Cat

Image credits: ThiccBepissss

#11 I Adopted My Brother-In-Law’s Cat, Cause His Baby Is Allergic To It. Safe To Say, I’m Not Getting My Armchair Back Anytime Soon

Image credits: TemRazbou

#12 My Wife And I Adopted A Former Feral Who “Chose People” Instead Of Going Back To Her Cat Gang. Meet Trish The People-Liker!

Image credits: Wu_Tang_Financial77

#13 Just Rescued This One From A Puppy Mill That Was Getting Shut Down

Image credits: TangelaLansbury

#14 Finally Got To Bring This Little One Home Today. Meet Miss Clementine

Image credits: MissKittenxx_

#15 Newly Adopted Geralt's First Night At His New Home!

Image credits: Spaghettiidog

#16 Tito, The Longest-Tenured Resident At Our Shelter, Just Got Adopted

Image credits: MARLeague

#17 My Daughter Has Been Begging To Adopt A Cloud For 2 Years. Dream Came True Yesterday

Image credits: Cuttlery

#18 Kris Before And After Adoption

Image credits: starsturnblue

#19 I Adopted My First Cat Yesterday. Meet Kotora

Image credits: quietgavin5

#20 I Also Adopted A Mouthful, This Is Lulu!

Image credits: MW_Raine

#21 I Recently Adopted A Senior Kitty. She Is 10 Years Old With Most Of Her Teeth Pulled. She Was At The Shelter For 3 Months And Safe To Say, She Likes Her New Home. Everyone Welcome Beans

Image credits: Candid-Bus-3855

#22 So That Fat Cat I Adopted Wasn't Fat After All. Cue Shenanigans

Image credits: maxzpriv

#23 Lil Mochi Got Adopted Yesterday, But Look At Him Ready For Flight

Image credits: RepublicTemporary706

#24 Chimney's Third Day Here -- And My First Ever Cat! I'm So Glad I Adopted Him

Image credits: davilucas225

#25 Newly Adopted Pals Love Each Other - Tigs And Tonks

Image credits: viennawaits2525

#26 My Senior Rescue Is A Mini Version Of My Other Dog

Image credits: easyluckyfree13

#27 Rescued Our Big Boi, Don Julio. Is He Too Big!?

Image credits: plantspupsandalilcat

#28 Someone Turned Over This 15 Year Old Dog To The Shelter So They Could Travel. He's Safe With Me Now. This Is Bert

Image credits: Nurse_Kiwi

#29 We Adopted Poppy, I Think She’s Happy

Image credits: patsy_77

#30 Welcomed This Sweet Fella To Our Home Yesterday. He’s Spent His Entire 5months Of Life In A Shelter So This Home Thing Is New But He’s Figuring It Out

Image credits: Curious-Variety-7570

#31 Meet Piper. She Was Dumped At A Local Animal Shelter. Best Guess Is A 6 Month Old German Shepherd/Husky Mix. Those Eyes!

Image credits: Leatherneck_Garage

#32 I'm Adopting This Pretty Boy Tomorrow, One Of My Friends Roommates Has Him But Unfortunately She Isn't Able To Care For Him Anymore So I've Offered To Take Him In , I'd Like Everyone To Meet Doodle

Image credits: Amazing_Head_8926

#33 Just Adopted This Blind 5 Month Old Kitten (Who Gets Around Like She Can See)

Image credits: osteonerd

#34 Adopted This Sweet Pea Today, Meet Dutch

Image credits: halibot

#35 Recently Adopted This Little Floof From A Horse Barn As An 8 Week Old Kitten. I Absolutely Love Her. Meet Porky

Image credits: NerdyGymBroSpelunker

#36 Turns Out Puppy Was Actually A Baby Goat, 11/10 Would Adopt Again

Image credits: phantuba

#37 We Adopted The Boy A Few Weeks Ago. He Has Many Fine Qualities But The Sleepy Teefies Feature Prominently

Image credits: Quis_Custodiet

#38 Tired Adopted Hamster From Local Foster In Transporting Cage. Hamster From Adoption Are Just As Cute From Pet Store. Look For Local Shelter

Image credits: edwinla25

#39 Guys I Think I Accidentally Adopted A Golf Ball

Image credits: BPpeny32

#40 Adopted This Little Cutie Last Week. First Time To Tuck Him In After Hiding Under The Bed Everyday

Image credits: m2darcy

#41 Meet Coco, The Recently Adopted Tortie+calico Mix. She's A Sweet Girl Who Is Shy But Loves Attention And Belly Rubs On Her Own Terms

Image credits: xerozeroxero

#42 Just Adopted This 14 Year Old Girl. I'm Going To Spoil Her To Death. She's Super Sweet. Her Name Is Madison

Image credits: erolandb

#43 My Son's Rescue Cats Like Each Other!

Image credits: JustSomeGuyInOregon

#44 Our Newly Adopted Baby Girl Is Showing Off Already!

Image credits: freygrmn

#45 More Of Ron The Rescued Cat, After Popular Demand

Image credits: Phasegames

#46 This Is Finley! I Got Him From A Friend Of A Friend Who Didn’t Want Him Anymore. Left Is About A Week After Having Him. Right Is Today!

Image credits: laur124

#47 Our Two New Sic Rescues Are Doing A Great Job Of Making Themselves At Home

Image credits: Unique-Strawberry-25

#48 From Found On The Street To Snuggling In The Sheets

Image credits: MrsD84

#49 This Chunky Lady Was At The Shelter Almost A Year And Returned Once. Yesterday She Finally Found A Forever Home With Us!

Image credits: qunpoon

#50 Just Adopted This Little Yeller. Everyone Meet Maddie

Image credits: waterfae

#51 Spur Of The Moment Shelter Visit Turned Into Us And Our Best Friends Adopting Yennifer And Jaskier Today

Image credits: kate_mili

#52 My Adopted Dog Is A Huge Goofball

Image credits: xRingo

#53 Our Newly Adopted Boy, Potato

Image credits: Picardian

#54 So Glad There’s A Sub For My Soft Little Hippo! This Is Junimo, Freshly Adopted And Savoring Her New Sofa

Image credits: forponderings

#55 Miss “Pretty Sure You Signed Over This Couch To Me On The Adoption Contract” Here

Image credits: I_Should_not_have

#56 I Adopted Blue 2 Weeks Ago. He’s 13 Months And 85lbs Of Love. He Knows He Found His Forever Home And You Can Tell By How Comfortable He Has Made Himself. Best Decision Ever

Image credits: Group_account

#57 Adopted This Smol One Today

Image credits: DotaGraveyard

#58 I Adopted Simba And Nala 10 Days Ago. Now I Don’t Have To Work And Live By Myself Anymore!

Image credits: AwkwardDescription35

#59 My Productivity Has Dropped Dramatically Since Adopting Willow

Image credits: lon-dubh

#60 We Adopted Willy Today

Image credits: fr1234

#61 Bought 27 Cent Goldfish Meant To Be Food And Made Them A Nice Home

Image credits: youcandigit

#62 We Were Renting For Years In Places That Didn’t Allow Pets, But After Much Perseverance We Finally Purchased A Home Of Our Own. Meet Jonesy!

Image credits: xo_betelgeuse

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