50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman

50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman

We all know that women have a million things to do.

However, there are numerous ways to encourage healthy habits that do not require someone to be so disciplined. Even though healthy habits are difficult to maintain in our modern world, you can adopt a few at a time, or undertake them all right away.

Below are 50 healthy habits all us ladies can adopt in our lives!

1. Start fresh. Just because you had a fight with your partner yesterday and you did not resolve it, today is a new day. You need to use it to approach the issues with calm and fresh eyes.

2. Make your home a nice place. Every woman needs a sanctuary where she can rejuvenate and recharge.

3. Cut back on sugar. You do not have to quit eating sweet treats, but cutting back will help a lot. Sugar has no protein, no nutrients and no healthy fats.

50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

4. Stop purchasing crap. Stop buying crap and start buying quality clothes, shoes or sheets that you can afford. Buy less, buy well.


6. Avoid processed food. Cutting back on processed food and sugar will boost your mood energy.

7. Put down your phone. Keep in mind that the world will not end if you fail to answer every ding your phone makes. And turn off your notifications! Respond when it is a suitable time for you, not when everyone else wants you to!

8. Do not smoke. It is time to make a change. Figure out why you smoke, and work on quitting.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

9. Stop using chemicals in your house. Many cleaning chemicals in your house are toxic. Replace them with natural cleaning products.

10. Stop beating yourself up. Minimising negative thoughts by making a conscious effort to cut out bad self talk.

11. Drink water. This can be hard to stick to, but it is important. Dehydration causes fatigue, irritation and nervousness.

12. Stand up. Always speak the truth and make yourself clear. Men, friends and family should know how you feel.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

13. Take your medication seriously. Take your medications as prescribed and do not skip them no matter what.

14. Get sufficient sleep. Being tired is not amazing. Make sure you get enough sleep every night.

15. Listen to your body. If you feel something is wrong with your body, then something is wrong, but it may not be serious, but go with your gut. See a doctor because piece of mind is very important.

16. Take care of your clothes. Always take care of your clothes by washing them properly and hanging them well.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

17. Pay your debts as soon as possible. Pay you debts as soon as possible because any money paid as interest is money thrown away.

18. Do not over do the booze. Drinking a few cocktails is okay, but regular binge drinking can lead to severe health problems.

19. Do not snack if you are not hungry. Mindless eating can lead to weight gain. So be sure not to eat when you are not hungry.

20. Buckle your seatbelt. Always buckle your seatbelt, even in a taxi.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

21. Always avoid being sunburned. Always wear sunscreen and sunglasses to avoid getting sunburned. Slip, slop, slap!

22. Always practice safe sex. Sexual intimacy is important but make sure your sexual health is a priority.

23. Do not rely on sleeping pills. Many sleep medications have side effects that can affect your daily function. Try other methods such as natural sleep aids, workouts and relaxation techniques.

24. Smell an orange. Scent of orange can improve mood and reduce stress. Eat a fresh orange and inhale its scent whenever you can.



50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

25. Try home workouts. Getting into healthy habits of working out at home is financially better than paying for gym membership.

26. Keep your change. Keep your loose change into a jar every day. After a month, take it to the bank and get some cash.

27. Be a smarter woman. Invest in personal development and education.

28. Cook. It is unrealistic to expect modern women to cook every meal. But it is a healthy habit to practice cooking at home.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

30. Wash your hands regularly. It may sound obvious but washing your hands is the best way to avoid getting sick.

31. Optimise and care for your fertility if you are planning on having kids.

32. Check your credit cards and bank statements regularly. It is a healthy habit to know where your money went and when it is coming in.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

33. Live your life. Stop the ‘compari-thon’, no one is you-er than you!

34. Check with your HR department. Check with your human resource department at work to see if there are some benefits you are not using.

35. Work on your goals. Most women invest in other people’s needs, goals and desires. It is time to start investing on your own dreams.

36. Take laughter seriously. Women need to know that the effects of laughter and workout are similar.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

37. Learn to love your work. According to research, 97% of people are unhappy at work. You need to learn to love your work, or change jobs!

38. Socialise. Socialising is an effective tool that helps to boost memory and intelligent performance.

39. Choose your personal exercise. The stress of not engaging in an exercise that you don’t enjoy can overshadow the benefits.

40. Get rid of guilt. Take steps to ditch mummy guilt. You’re doing an amazing job!


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

41. Do not let Google diagnose you. Google may know almost everything but it has no power to diagnose you. Google is not a doctor.

42. Take in constructive criticism objectively. Reducing defenses is a healthy habit that can be very effective in the long run.

43. Buy in bulk. It is cheaper to buy things in bulk and also saves time and energy.

44. Drink warm water with lemon for a cleansing effect.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

45. Make sure you eat balanced diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables and increase your vitality.

46. Ensure you take vitamins and minerals if your feel you are lacking. Minerals and vitamins help your body function properly.

47. Create a good balance between work and play. Even though you should love your work, you should seek a comfortable balance between work and play.

48. Eat fibre. If you are a busy woman, you should eat a high fibre breakfast.


50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

49. Practice random acts of courage. Fear is what stands between women and courage.

50. Love yourself!

What healthy habits do you practise everyday?

50 Healthy Habits for Every Woman | Stay At Home Mum

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