45 Men Give Honest Answers To What They Didn’t Know About Women Until They Started Living With Them

45 Men Give Honest Answers To What They Didn’t Know About Women Until They Started Living With Them

Going from living all on your own, with your family, or with a few roommates to moving in together with your partner is a huge step. For one, the romantic dynamic can become very different. You’re spending far more time together and you start dealing with mundane household issues like dividing up chores, syncing up your showering schedules, and claiming your side of the bed.

You start seeing your partner in a different light: you notice more of their quirks and how they behave when they fully let their guard down. It can be fun, endearing, and incredibly surprising.

The men of Reddit revealed all of the surprising things that they learned only after they moved in with a woman. We’ve collected the most fun and interesting responses from these two r/AskReddit threads to entertain and illuminate you, Pandas. Odds are, you might relate to a lot of these tales.

How was life changed for you after you moved in with your partner? How do you decide who does what chores? Do you have any advice for all the Pandas who haven’t yet lived with someone they love? Share your wisdom and experience in the comments. And if you'd like to read some more similar stories, check out Bored Panda's previous article right here.


How much they really don't like to wear bras.

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Seducing a woman you live with starts with doing the dishes...

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The toilet seat AND lid belong in the down position when it's not in use.

It looks better and the dog doesn't drink out of it.

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When it comes to getting along with anyone—whether it’s your partner, family member, friend, or coworker—what really helps is setting expectations, communicating openly, and clarifying boundaries if needed.

Nobody’s a mind-reader (as far as we can tell, at least), so if you’re upset about something or you’d like your partner to give you more of a hand with the cooking, cleaning, etc., it’s best to have an honest but friendly chat about it. Passive aggression won’t lead to anything good.


They’re just as gross and slobby as we are.

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That there is apparently a wrong way to put the milk in the fridge.

Also, if she can't sleep, I'm not allowed to either.

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They both, always have to pee yet don't feel like peeing. Basically a Schrödinger's bladder situation going on.

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However, living together with someone doesn’t mean that literally every single waking minute has to be spent together. That’s not too healthy. Both partners need to understand that having some privacy is completely fine.

People need some space and time to be alone with their thoughts and hobbies. You don’t have to sacrifice your entire life and personality just to keep your partner happy. On the flip side, you shouldn’t expect that your partner will overhaul everything about themselves just so you can keep living as you always did. Some compromises will have to be made, eventually. Figuring out what a shared life looks like is part of the fun.


Everything is scheduled around washing her hair.

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That they expect a spotless house but often drive cars that could make a Petri dish tap out.

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The hair. I just don’t understand how she can shed that much hair and not be bald. It’s literally everywhere.

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How totally feral and uncivilized I used to be. It turns out that sunscreen is a thing! Decorating your home can make it look really nice! Doctor's checkups are important!

There's a *reason* that men who are in relationships live longer.

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Now I understand why so much floor space in the grocery store is devoted to creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, remedies, band aids, hair management and makeup. Also why there's a whole industry devoted to products to hold and organize that stuff.

Also, evidently sheets need to be changed on a regular weekly schedule. Who knew?

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If they come home at night and don't expect you to be home, make some kind of you-specific, but non-threatening noise somewhere on the other side of the house BEFORE you say hi to them. DO NOT just pop you head around the corner and say hi. Girls coming home at night to an "empty" house are in pins and needles, even if they don't know it.

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Scented Candles are the f*****g bomb

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Nothing puts the fear of God into a woman like the threat of someone showing up unexpectedly & seeing how she really lives. Multiply that by a factor of 4 if it's her mother in law.


Better to be happy than right.





When they pee, it's really loud. Not the urine hitting the water, but when it comes out of them. I never knew.

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They rearrange a lot.

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Paper towels are expensive... the way my wife talks about them, they are woven from angel hairs and can’t be used without express written consent.
Same for Clorox wipes, but worse.

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Clothing. So much clothing! When I got married my wife moved in and brought 24 pairs of jeans! I counted them! A week after our honeymoon she told me "I have no clothes, saw some cool jeans at the mall"... mindblown! Here I just make do with 3 pairs!

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The act of showering is a detailed and complex process.

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They actually DO fart.

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When I moved to my current city, I moved in with a guy that has obviously been living on his own for awhile. He only bought toilet paper one roll at a time, because he felt like extra toilet paper was unnecessary clutter. By month two, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I bought multipack and kept it in my room.

I'm making him sound like a weird tight ass, and he really wasn't. I just don't think he had any understanding of how much toilet paper women use.


You can never know what's safe to put in the dryer.

Jeans never go in the dryer because they'll shrink and I just broke them in to a comfy fit.. except when they are now too loose and need to shrink a little so they show off my form and don't make me look fat.

Ditto for shirts, pjs, workout clothes... basically any peice of clothing needs to be precleared for the dryer every wash

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that the best time to clean the house is right before we have to leave to go somewhere.

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I learned that their vaginal secretions bleach their underwear over time. Empirically I knew their bajingos have a basic pH, but I didn't expect them to bleach their underwear just by wearing it.

EDIT: Bajingos have an acidic pH. I was drinking last night and messed up my pH scale. Either way, acid washed jeans are essentially bleached too, so the fact that their bajingos bleach their underoos still applies.

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A little late, and this could be more due to me having a busy bee of a girlfriend, but, there is never a ‘Do Nothing’ day. It’s always gotta be groceries or shopping or something of the sort.


The bathtub drain gets clogged by long hair very, very easily. Which is why it gets pasted on the walls of the shower. Any attempts to prevent one will result in the other.

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That the difference of "I'm not hungry at all" and "I'm going to eat you alive because I'm desperately hungry" is about 5 seconds.

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That no matter what time you leave the house they will always remember that ONE thing they have to go back in for after you locked the door.

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Thank you! My girlfriend schedules our DVR to record at least 6 variations of shows which might as well be called Rich Women Screaming At Each Other While Eating $30 Salads


Taking a shower is a huge process for my wife and daughters. There are 7 different soaps that each do different things. 21 different shampoo and conditioner bottles that I knock over every time stepping in and out of the shower. There are razors all over. Oh, and I use the same towel for like 3 weeks. They need fresh, clean towels every shower. And, I never knew that people actually used those little square towels. There’s also some poofy, thing that hangs from the shower head. No idea what that’s for. I’ve had to buy 2 extra suction cup shower tray thingys to house all their showering needs. I’ve also learned that when I go to the store to buy something, I will always get the wrong thing. There is often several different types and brands of the products that I need to purchase and i will always pick the wrong one. Women’s brains are amazing at remembering that s**t.


The amount of time it takes for them to decide where to go to dinner to them eventually being ready to go is very frustrating.

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They can never finish what they pour.

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For a year, I lived with four girls when i was in college.

I don’t have a sister and at the time never had a serious girlfriend.

I learned a lot about cycles.

Theirs synced up. I didn’t know that was a thing. During that time, or dare I say, period.....it was so much fun dealing with the tearful emotional anguish of things like, “who ate my macaroni and cheese!?!!”

I was like, why have my roommates all gone psychotic at the same time?


Women have objectively better sense of smell than us. What stinks to them is mild for us.


the toilet seat thing isn't just some kind of tv trope/ cliché. they really do fall in the toilet and it really does piss them off.... you'd think they'd learn to fucking look before they sat down...


They aren't always right, but they are never wrong. :)


Mornings are a sort of tribal ritual. There are better days for which we are blessed with astral forgiveness and kindness directly from f*****g Jupiter or something because she'll shower and put on make up and know what to wear in half an hour.

Then there are the other days.

The borderline nervous breakdown because she doesn't have clothes or that hue of blue doesn't match her sweater. Any feeble attempt to help will be met with contempt, any attempt to mind your own business will get you in trouble for not caring. And the make up trap, oh God the make up trap. Listen, you never want to say that the make up doesn't match or look good. Just don't even try.


They say they want to be at home with you, but they want you to take them out. Where? Anywhere. Give your first 23 suggestions and they are shot down.


If they see an empty chair, that’s where the purse, the coat, and the scarf go. Nevermind that the coat rack is 5 feet from said chair. So many chairs in our place rendered unusable by all the stuff she lays on them.


The amount of shoes is ridiculous.

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they drink a lot of wine when they are sad

or when they are stressed

or when they feel like drinking a lot of wine aka most evenings

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"Do you have anything for the washing machine?" actually means:

* get off your a*s and go through the whole house to collect all of the clothes, dishes, and garbage bins

* give me the clothes that you are currently *wearing*, even though you just put them on 30 minutes ago

* wash, dry and put away the dishes

* empty all of the bins, take the trash out, put new liners into the bins

* wipe down all the benches

* clean the toilets

* vacuum and mop the floors; and

* be ready to be abused and called a lazy bastard because, even though it was never mentioned at any point, today was the day she decided that you should have worked out for yourself that the shower screen needed re-caulking. *In the bathroom that you are not allowed to use.*


Women seem to have triple the minor health issues that I do. She goes through headaches, feels fat, knee hurts, hand hurts, this hurts, that hurts, tired, bleeding, ovaries attempting to eat it's self, boobs sore, on and on. As a guy, When I work 12 hour shifts my back hurts, and my feet hurts. Das it.

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They have some kind of spell that makes any coffee table I've had become magic. Leave pizza and beer on the table. Boom! Gone the next day. Don't feel like cleaning your dishes. Boom! Clean the next day. It's f*****g amazing!
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