44 Times Someone Brought Something To A Party That Ended Up Making It More Fun

44 Times Someone Brought Something To A Party That Ended Up Making It More Fun

It's not a secret that everybody loves a good party. You get to chat with your friends, meet new people and enjoy all these never-ending wonders of social gatherings. Staying at home, cosied up in bed with a phone in your hand is also very exciting – however, it's never a bad idea to connect with a person or two.

Socializing is significantly important for our physical and mental health, especially after facing such a horrific pandemic that turned our lives completely upside down. Most of us have already forgotten what it's like to party or how to organize one, so maybe this article will throw you a couple of ideas. 

"What's an underrated thing to bring to a party?" – an online user decided to ask fellow Redditors about the things that most folks don't ever consider bringing to social gatherings, but that, in theory, turned out to be pretty handy. 

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#1 Freeze Packs And Ice Cream Sandwiches

At my daughter's 15th bday party, some kid showed up with a heavy looking backpack. I immediately assumed it was full of beer and was watching him carefully. Nope, freeze packs and ice cream sandwiches for an outdoor party in July. That kid is going places.

Image credits: handsoffmypublicland

#2 Willingness To Clean Up

A willingness to help clean up.

Image credits: wrpigeek

#3 A Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer. Before covid there was some guy who would always bring one. He had some drinking game associated with it and would double as a way to know who needs a couch, an Uber, a buddy for the sidewalk, a buddy for the bus or just fine by themselves to walk home.

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#4 Sliced Watermelon

Always bring a big tub of sliced watermelon.

Everyone else is bringing booze and chips and burgers, but when that fresh, juicy watermelon hits the table everyone is instantly desperate for a slice.

Image credits: AndyVale

#5 Brownie Bites, Oreos And Milk

Went to a Super Bowl party with my brother once. He asked the hostess what we should bring. She said to surprise her. We went to the grocery store and got those little brownie bites, Oreos, and some Chips Ahoy . Then I headed toward the milk section. He goes, "What are you doing?" I go, "Who eats these without wanting milk? You gonna be the a**hole to drink all their milk? No. You gonna settle for tap water? No. So we're bringing milk with these." He was impressed. We show up and I'm carrying the milk. Hostesses boyfriend chuckles, "Why'd you bring milk?" I gave him basically the same spiel I had given my brother and everyone at the party had that, "Oh s**t" moment of how clutch that was.

Just tore my rotator cuff patting myself on the back for that one.

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#6 Bread And Spicy Cheese To Make Jalapeño Sandwiches

The best party guest we ever had brought bread, spicy cheese, and a griddle, and made 2 AM jalapeño grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone.

She was a LEGEND.

Image credits: SerpentineRPG

#7 A 6-Foot-Long Submarine Sandwich

Giant 6-ft submarine sandwich. I once brought one to a party and arrived right as the attendees finished a round of bong hits. They treated me like I was Jesus Christ himself.

Image credits: fulthrottlejazzhands

#8 Sugar Snap Peas

I was at a party and someone brought a whole bowl of home grown sugar snap peas and that s**t was fire.

Image credits: YouAreNotSugoi

#9 A Friendly Dog

If someone brought a friendly dog to a party I would be thrilled. Then I'd have someone to hang out in the corner with.

Image credits: MagpieMandible

#10 Fruit

Fruit. People get tired of junk food fast and then want something to freshen up. Fruits are tasty, sweet and guilt-free.

Image credits: PradaWny

#11 A Pinata

A pinata.

My partner brought one to a friends party, and I was super embarrassed about it. Until it was the biggest hit! pun intended All the 30 year olds and kids alike had the best time punching the pinata with boxing gloves. Highly recommend.

Image credits: Hippos-n-Corgis

#12 Pizza

pizza. the answer to any question is always pizza.

Image credits: dofikol4

#13 Soft Drinks

Healing potions. Generally the Cleric can keep everyone alive, but it’s a great backup option.

Oh wait, wrong kind of party. Soft drinks. It’s good for people who don’t drink, and it’s good for a mixer.

Image credits: kaoszombie

#14 Bread And Butter

My office used to do "goodie days" and would pass around a sign up sheet for what you were going to bring so that we wouldn't have too much of one type of thing. One of those days, I put on the sheet that I was bringing "bread and butter". The night before, I got my bread machine going and baked two loaves of different, crusty herb breads. At the office, I sliced them up, put them on a warming tray and had butter on the side. It was gone in a short time, and people were commenting, "I thought you were joking, but that turned out good."

Image credits: fredzout

#15 Huge Tray Of Mac And Cheese

Good food. Parties are mostly chips, junk food, and alcohol. I once brought a huge tray of homemade mac n cheese to a party and that s**t was gone in under ten minutes.

Edit: For everyone saying “but mac n cheese isn’t healthy” I just meant bringing good, homemade, hot food to a party will make you a superstar compared to potato chips, chocolate and candy that’s usually at a party. Yes mac n cheese isn’t healthy lol, but it’s super easy to make and who doesn’t like mac n cheese, especially super drunk people?

Image credits: titanic_trash

#16 Tamales

jdith123 said:

schmales replied:
Chicago? My favorite time during drunken nights was the tamale guy who would come in around 1 am to bars to sell his wife's tamales. $5 for 10+ tamales would make everyone's night... I loved that guy, he is a tri-state treasure ❤️

Image credits: jdith123

#17 6 Buckets Of Chicken

My roommates and I had a party in college. Some random friend of a friend quit his job at KFC that night and came over late. He brought like 6 buckets of chicken, huge trays full of sides and biscuits, and even a bunch of their chocolate cakes for dessert.

That dude was a legend and the hero of the party.

Image credits: ghostnthegraveyard

#18 A Bag Of Fortune Cookies

Bring a bag of fortune cookies.

Image credits: sommerfugl

#19 Pulled Pork And Some Buns

I brought a crock pot of pulled pork once with some buns and people lost their minds

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#20 M&M's And A Bucket Of KFC

I'm a Dad with high school aged kids. We have settle in with these things to bring to a party or cookout. They seem to go over really well and don't make my kids look bad.

1.A giant bag of M&Ms.

2.A Bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Image credits: PriveCo

#21 Waffle Iron And Cinnamon Rolls

Waffle iron and uncooked pillsbury cinnamon rolls. I did this once and the whole place loved me. Especially the drunkzillas. Good times.

Image credits: amjenn4x

#22 Ice

Basic-Distribution14 said:

doomer_irl replied:
I’ve never met anybody under 40 other than myself who brings ice to anything. People seriously undervalue it when you show up with it, too, then everyone realizes how useful it is over the night.

Image credits: Basic-Distribution14

#23 A Pineapple

A pineapple.

Image credits: level 1 santa_cruz_shredder

#24 Plate Of Bacon

My husband likes to bring a plate of bacon to parties and get togethers. I used to be annoyed but everyone always loves it and we've never brought any home.

Image credits: Booksandrainbows

#25 Sharpie Markers

Sharpie marker.

Writing your name on cups saves so many cups from being thrown out.

Image credits: livluvlaflrn3

#26 Cardboard Cutout Of Nicolas Cage

Life-size cardboard cut out of Nicolas Cage.

Image credits: Sudwestdelon

#27 Giant Stuffed Animals

One of my friends always used to bring different giant stuffed animals for people to take pictures with. By the end of the night he’d have a collage made that he’d give to the host. He got pretty creative with the animals and even started making backdrops too. Our themed parties were a ton of fun and everybody loved the pictures.

Image credits: Edge80

#28 White Castle

I brought a few white castle crave cases to a friend's house party. I know White Castle isn't necessarily the best or high quality fast food chain, but when you're drinking and hanging out with friends, there's almost nothing better. I must have made like 15 new friends that night.

Image credits: orange_cuse

#29 Popsicles

Depending on the time and who is high but I brought popsicles once and everyone destroyed a 200 pack of it. There was 0 children and like 15 adults

Image credits: Shadow1787

#30 Card Game

I knew a guy who always brought a good card game. Always had something new, but easy for a big group to learn quickly and everyone always had a good time.

Image credits: barbaramillicent

#31 Tums

Tums. If you're over 30, you'll understand.

#32 Coloring Books

If I know kids are going to be dragged along I like to bring coloring or something fun for them to do. Most of the time the kids are under 12 so they enjoy it and it also gives the parents a break

Image credits: No_Perspective8222

#33 A Bottle Opener

Bottle opener

#34 Wendy's

I used to work at Wendy's and would bag allllllllll the food we were throwing away at the end of the night and head over to my friends place. I still get people telling me stories about how a whole bag of chicken nuggets showed up out of the blue and "saved" someone's life lol. A taco bell 12 pack taco is usually what does the trick now. Snacks man always. Especially if you're going to show up late.

Image credits: alleycatkiller

#35 Utensils

Everyone thinks to bring food or drink but no one thinks to bring cups/plates/utensils/napkins

Image credits: soundboythriller

#36 Eggs


One time my roommates and I threw a party at our house that got way out of control. We were turning people away at the door. Then this dude shows up with like 300 eggs.

#37 Flowers

Flowers for your good bro

#38 Jenga

Jenga - anyone can play

#39 Breakfast Foods

Breakfast! You never know how long a party will keep going fir and alcohol makes everyone hungry

#40 Protein

If its a "everyone's bringing something to eat" kinda party, PROTEIN.

Everyone brings chips, soda, fruit platter, more chips, beer, candy, but no goddamn protein. Every time I go to one of those things I bring mini hot dogs and they're gone almost instantly.

Image credits: shampoo_mohawk_

#41 Buffalo Chicken Dip With Chips

Buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips

#42 McChicken Sandwiches

I brought a big bag of Mc chickens to a 420 party one time, right when I walked in I just started throwing them at people.

Image credits: Dewee69in

#43 Mario Party

Mario Party.

The more p***ed the partygoers the better.

Image credits: Wahooney

#44 Antler Ring Toss Game

Ring toss antler hats
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