39 Trends That Gen Zers Wish That Millennials Wouldn’t Have Started, Shared In This Online Group

39 Trends That Gen Zers Wish That Millennials Wouldn’t Have Started, Shared In This Online Group

There have been a lot of talks and discussions about how different generations are and how that affects them understanding each other and getting along. Having this in mind, Reddit user @Prolificvisions decided to ask: “Gen Z, what are some trends, ideologies, social things, etc. that millennials did that you're not going to continue?” The question that got 12.4k upvotes got generation Z naming things that they find weird and annoying, such as not having any privacy or choosing a stable job that they don’t like instead of going for their dream. They also named some of the rather funny answers such as getting rid of the fashion of “weird-a** eyebrows.” 

If you are Gen Z, what things would you say “bye” to? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Identity politics. F**king hate it. I don't give a s**t what your skin color is, what your genitals are, or which genitals you want to f**k. I'm just gonna treat you like a person.

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Dependance on social media. When you take a step back and realize how ridiculous its gotten.

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Saying "gay" to mean stupid/dumb

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Lip injections.

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I'm hoping to God that this whole 'getting offended on other people's behalf' is not something you guys are continuing.

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Assign stereotypes to people born in certain years.

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Weird a** eyebrows

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Giving our kids phones/tablets from a young age

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I say this as a "millennial" (though must point out the lines between the two are blurred aren't they?) -


I have friends also in their early 30s who had kids young. In high school now, teenagers. NONE of that age group use Facebook. It's an "old person's thing" to them. Though being 12/13 it is invariably described as "gay", but you get my point.

As someone who works in the music industry, we plough literally millions (collectively) into Facebook ads each year. But within the next few years it will no longer be our primary social media target.

Which is a shame, because as one of the first and most established social media platforms, it has great advertising tools.

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Collecting user data for advertising purposes.

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impact font memes and saying "only 90's kids remember this" are high on the list

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Work for money, not for passion.

I know it’s depressing but recently a lot of younger millennials were talking about how they want to do something they like. My coach is getting a PhD in history, My economics teacher is going to Law School because she doesn’t make enough etc. and I just can’t think of a reason to justify that much debt. Basically they’re putting themselves in tons of debt to make enough money in something they enjoy. I can’t see a reason to justify it enough. I just want to find a field I’m GOOD at and don’t hate.

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Man bun hairstyle

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My parents let me have 0 privacy

Def not continuing that

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I think self deprivation humor is dying and I think millennials started it.

Like it’s seriously getting old when people say they are depressed as a joke.

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The Skrillex cut I’m hoping it will be seen as the mullet 2.0 that it is before too long.

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cancel culture

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Thinking the world is going to end at the turn of a new generation

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Looking at generations differently.

No ones gives a damn f--k about which generation you belong, just be nice.

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Being nerdy will no longer be a negative aspect

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I'm a millenial but my cousin is Gen Z and when we hang out she refuses to watch Star Trek. So based on a sample size of one, Gen Z is going to kill the Star Trek franchise.

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Make fun of kids that play fortnite, like seriously just let kids have fun

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Not letting the kids have opinion

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Getting a degree in art history and wondering why I’m not employed

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Drinking ipa beer, thats a no go from me

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Making fun of the teenagers of the nest generation and gatekeeping mental illnesses

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Born in '98, so I don't know which side of the debate I'm on (personally, I think millenial = pre-2000, so I think I'm a millenial).

Cable television. I really think making TV for streaming services is where we should end up.

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An organic lifestyle seems expensive and kind of dumb. Organic life style meaning buying food that is significantly more expensive but has an organic label on it.

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Avocado toast

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Not knowing how to invest and losing like 10% of your wealth every year.

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Top-sheets. I’ve never seen the point in those

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Early 2000 fashion, hot dog that was bad. I want anyone who contributed to that to cry over their mistakes.

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Based on the surveys I've seen, Gen Z apparently thinks millennials are complaining about nothing in regard to the economy. Benefit of not graduating right as the economy crashed, I guess. See a lot of them refusing to vote, too.

this is what I get for not updating my data. 30% of eligible Gen Z voters turned out for the 2018 midterms, which is far better than I expected. My bad.

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wearing scarfs all year round

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Being social

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