30 Tiny Victories Worth Celebrating

30 Tiny Victories Worth Celebrating

I once heard that the bad things that happen tend to stand out as much as they do because most of what happens in our lifetime is good. This may be hard to believe if you’ve had a difficult week, month, or even a year of loss, pain, and hardship. While the sadness this creates can feel overwhelming, the negative things are more evident because they are the exception rather than the rule. Sadness and pain hold our attention because we compare them to the extraordinary good that is the normal that we experience. Some days may be hard to believe that at the moment, but it is true!

Celebrating Tiny Victories Erase Negativity And Sadness

Even though you might be able to acknowledge that most of life is good, there still are times that we struggle with feelings of gratitude. It’s important to have a proactive strategy to continually acknowledge the things in life that are worth celebrating. Not only is this an important skill for learning to be abundantly happy, but it is also a great way to stay motivated when you are setting goals for yourself.

Celebrating Tiny Victories Will Help You Reach Your Goals

“When you ditch the smallest debt first, you see progress—quick! That debt is out of your life forever.” – Dave Ramsey.

While this quote does have to do with finances, I think it makes a beautiful comparison to the importance of celebrating small victories, especially when you have a big goal. Your ultimate goal might be getting out of debt, losing a significant amount of weight, transforming your physique, moving to a new city, or starting a new career. These are all things that will take a considerable amount of time, focus, and dedication.

30 Tiny Victories Worth Celebrating

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Once you recognize that every step you take toward your big goals is worth celebrating, as Dave Ramsey said, see progress—quick! Recognizing progress keeps you on track, provides motivation, and gives you good reason to stay disciplined.

1. Getting Out of Bed in the Morning

Too often, we bypass the beauty of a new day, life, breath, and health, because we’re focused on the stress of kids, work, and paying bills. When your eyes open each morning, take a minute to say thank you, and breathe in and out slowly. There are no guarantees for tomorrow, and today is a gift.

2. Drinking Water

Access to clean water is something for which to be grateful and celebrate! Drinking plenty of water, especially at the beginning of your day, helps to keep a clear mind. Having a clear mind provides focus and energy, both of which will help you to achieve your larger goals. If you set and reach a daily goal of 80 to 100 ounces of water, it is worth celebrating this victory.

3. Having Coffee With A Friend

How many times have you said (or had a friend say), “We should get together soon!” only to lack the follow-through for making the time? We always prioritize what matters, so when meeting your friends for coffee, lunch, or dinner is a tiny victory worth celebrating. Not only are you investing in them, but good friends encourage you in your long-term goals.

4. Clean, Cozy Bedding

There’s no pleasure in life that’s too insignificant to celebrate. The same is true with new or freshly cleaned bed sheets. If finding time to do the laundry is difficult, schedule it at least once a week and improve your sleep with the comfort of cleanliness. Then, when you climb into your clean, cozy bed, celebrate this small victory.

5. Walking In Bare Feet

pull-on shorts on the beach

My grandma used to see me walking around the house barefoot, and she would say, “Oh honey, I wish I could do that!” At 16 years old, I didn’t think anything of it until she said something. I never thought forward to a time when either walking would be painful or difficult or walking in bare feet would be impossible. Take off your shoes, walk on the grass or on the beach, feel the sand between your toes, and celebrate!

6. A Healthy Body or Body Parts

If you’ve got a big goal of losing weight or transforming your physique, it’s easy to focus on what you don’t like about your body. Maybe it’s the extra weight around your middle, hips, or thighs. It’s all the “if-onlys.” If only I could lose the weight right here, if only I didn’t have these wrinkles, if only my face wasn’t showing the passing of time…Celebrate a healthy, functioning body that helps you to face the future.

7. Loving Family Members Despite Their Quirks

This might sound strange but remember, when those closest to you are driving you crazy, celebrate them and their lives. When kids, grandkids, your spouse, or Uncle Buck starts to get on your nerves, smile and remind yourself you’re not alone.

8. Eating A Healthy Meal

Woman Eating Healthy Meal in Kitchen

If eating cheap carbs like French fries and pizza has been your norm, focus on one healthy meal at a time. Rather than commit to eating healthy for the rest of your life, celebrate every meal that becomes a part of feeling better every day.

9. Using Cash Instead Of Credit

Sometimes credit cards can be used to save airline miles or cash back, but for many of us, they create an unnecessary temptation to purchase things we can’t afford. Celebrate at the store check-out counter when the cashier says, “cash or credit.” And you say, “Cash!” That’s one step closer to financial freedom.

10. Cleaning A Closet

Is your house trashed? When you’re overwhelmed by a messy and disorganized house that may even have some filthy spaces, start with one room. If one room is too overwhelming, clean one closet and celebrate! This will give the motivation to move on to the next space. You will see and feel the difference.

11. Soaking Up Sunshine

We need it! Real, sunny sunshine. Our bodies and minds need the natural vitamin D. Take pleasure in this natural way to transform your mindset.

12. Laughter

If you haven’t laughed today, find the time to remember a highlight or funny moment. If you have a friend who knows how to tickle your funny bone, give them a call.

13. Quiet Time

We all need quiet time. Even if you love being around family and friends, making time to experience a still, quiet morning or a tranquil sunset is a wonderful victory to celebrate.

14. Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

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If you own them, you know. If you don’t currently have a favorite pair, don’t stop until you find them.

15. Safety

Anytime you feel safe and free in your surroundings, celebrate those in your community who work to keep it that way.

16. Getting A Massage

You may not have always been able to afford luxuries like manicures, pedicures, and massages. Schedule a massage, relax, and celebrate this indulgence.

17. Air Conditioning

Ever had your AC go out in your home or car on the hottest day of the year? It’s a good reminder that when the heater is working on a cold day or the AC is working on a hot day; it’s a victory to celebrate and a time to be thankful.

18. Enjoying Your Favorite Drink

Women Drinking Wine as tiny victories

Moderation and balance are a must, but relaxing or toasting with your favorite drink are moments to celebrate.

19. Pets

Whether it’s your dog, cat, or baby goat in pajamas, our furry friends who never pass judgment are always happy to see us. They never miss a chance for a cuddle which is endlessly therapeutic. What a gift to celebrate!

20. A Kind Word

Receiving a kind word, compliment, or encouragement can really lift your spirits. If you’ve received kind words from someone else today, celebrate the smile it brings to your face. Make sure to pass it along to someone else.

21. Small Changes

Whether you’ve been waiting to see changes in the body with weight loss progress, mobility, or muscle, make sure you’re measuring and celebrating the incremental changes. If the change you desire is in your attitude or mindset, celebrate each time you choose a positive response over a negative one. Small changes are victories that deserve small celebrations.

22. Removing a Stain

It never fails; you’re wearing that new white blouse, and sure enough, you either spill something on it or see a spot and have no idea how it got there. When your stain treatment method works and the stain is gone, celebrate!

23. A Hot Shower

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After I ran the Hood-To-Coast relay with my team through Portland, Oregon, onto the Oregon coast, I felt grungier and dirtier than I had in my whole life. When I got home and jumped in the shower, I’d say it was the best shower I’ve ever had. An excellent reminder of the contrast of how good it feels to be clean after getting that dirty.

24. The Right Tools For The Job

There’s nothing worse than delving into a paint or craft project, only to realize you have dull scissors or the wrong size paintbrush. Each time you’re able to use tools that you love and that work perfectly for the project, whether it’s in the kitchen, around the home, or as part of the job, celebrate!

25. Good Hair Day

Any day you have hair on your head is a good day.

26. Smelling Good

Whether it’s fresh flowers and the smell of the great outdoors or that new car smell, the thoughtfulness of experiencing the world with your sense of smell is a beautiful thing.

27. A Deep Breath

The ability to stop, take a deep breath, and benefit from how it energizes you is indeed a victory worth celebrating.

28. The Touch and Warmth of a Loved One

High Functioning Autism

There are no guarantees for tomorrow, so take the time to hug and hold your loved ones. Memorize their warmth and how that feels.

29. Completing Small Tasks

Make a list of even the smallest “to-do’s.” The satisfaction of checking them off the list is highly motivating, and when the list has been completed, it’s time to celebrate.

30. Being Bad At Something

A professional athlete is confident because they already have the skill and stamina to dominate. The same is true with musicians or experienced laborers. The thing that is truly to be celebrated is the willingness to attempt new things, learn a new skill, or take a leap into something unknown. Being bad at something means you’re doing it for the first time, willing to take the risk, learn from it, and then eventually encourage someone else when they are at the beginning stages.

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