21 All-Star Tips for Sports Moms

21 All-Star Tips for Sports Moms

You and your kids are heading to sports games all the time. As a mom chauffeur and biggest fan, we know you need all the sports mom tips that you can get! Whether you’re at the batting cages, running them to basketball practice or hauling a van full of cheerleaders, being a sports mom is a lot of work (and a lot of fun).

Being a sports mom requires a lot of organization, patience, encouragement and time. But the rewards are so life-giving. Seeing your child’s beaming face after their first goal or home-run is worth every ounce of effort you’ve poured in.

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Genius Sports Mom Hacks & Tips

1. Muffin tin drink holders for mom duty

Hauling drinks for the team? This is a great tip for those days when you’re just stopping along the way home from work to pick up some drinks, but don’t want to have them spill all over your van.

Put a muffin tin in a small laundry basket. It’ll hold 12 drinks, and you don’t have to worry about spills! You’ll arrive at the field with drinks and straws for the team.  And, perhaps a warm, unspilled coffee for you to sit and relax with!

muffin tin in a basket for hauling drinks for the team

DIY Sports Mom Survival Kits

These ‘ouch’ kits are an important part of being a sports mom on or off the field. Aren’t moms always the hero when it comes to helping our kids feel better? These tips will help you gain brownie points and your kids will thank you for all of your forethought.

2. Frozen Aloe Vera Gel will score you a big mom win!

We all know what it’s like to be in the hot sun at the field on those long tournament days. Even though you’ve applied and reapplied sunscreen, your kiddo comes home suffering from sunburn. It is so great to have Frozen aloe vera gel ready in your freezer when you walk in the door! It works wonders to relieve tender skin.

aloe gel in ice cube trays for sunburn

3. Emergency on-the-go Med Box

Every mom on the go needs a little emergency box. You know the routine. As soon as you get the game, your kiddo tells you they’re not feeling well. No more rummaging through your hand-bag in hopes of finding what you need to get your kiddo back in the game. Allergies? Cramps? Sore muscles? A scraped knee? You’ve got it covered!

pill box turned into mom's emergency box

4. Rubbing Alcohol Ice Packs

Injuries are part of the game! Right? We watch our kids play hard. But unfortunately, they sometimes stress their muscles and feel some aches and pains. You will be their hero when you can send them to the freezer for a rubbing alcohol ice pack.

Make your own ice packs using 3 parts water to 1 part rubbing alcohol. Dye the contents blue if you want to make it obvious that it’s not just ice in the bag. This ice pack will not freeze completely, but it gets really cold, so you can put it on just about any part of the body easily.

homemade rubbing alcohol ice pacs

5. Essential first aid kit for all sports moms

And if you’re new to the sports mom arena, it’s always helpful to know what the more experienced moms carry in their bags. Here’s a good example with:

  • sunscreen
  • baby wipes
  • antibacterial wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • a first aid kit
  • bug spray… and more.

First aid supplies in a pouch for sports moms

6. Keep those hair elastics in one place

Yes, not having a hair elastic is considered an emergency! Keep enough hair elastics on hand to get you through the entire season. Put them on a carabiner to keep them organized.

hair elastics on a caribiner

7. Hair Emergency Kit

Small tins can come in so handy and this tin will be the lifesaver when hair gets in the way of saving a goal! Help your kiddos keep the hair out of their faces by keeping this hair emergency kit on hand. Seriously… it will come in so handy!

emergency hair storage container

All-star sports mom tips for cleaning!

8. Clean those Moldy Water Bottles

Did you leave another water bottle in a hot car for a few days? Mold… gross! But you don’t need to throw it out. There’s an easy way to get mold out of water bottles.

Just fill the bottle 2/3 full of hot water. Add 1 tsp. of bleach. Give it a good shake and let it sit for a few hours. Then throw it in the dishwasher or wash by hand with soapy water and Voila!

Moldy water bottle

9. Need those white sport shoes cleaned in a hurry?

We’ve all been at the game, only to look down at our kid’s shoes to see a big black smudge. You will be the mom hero when you grab your  magic eraser to clean white shoes  as they head onto the court.

clean dirty sports shoes

10. Use this essential sports cleaner

Baseball moms, take note. Sports Cleaner, when combined with Fels Naptha soap, can get out just about any stain… grass, dirt, ring around the collar… you name it.

What??? Finding this sports moms tip was probably the best life saver for me! I always wondered how the professionals get their uniforms cleaned so beautifully!

sports cleaner

Die-hard Sports Mom Tips for Organization

Being a sports mom takes a lot of organization. Just getting our kids to the games on time, fed and dressed, with all of their equipment in tow is a feat. I’m always on the lookout for more sports mom tips to help me nail this. You too?

11. Team reminder sheet

Don’t you hate it when you don’t remember the other teammates’ names and numbers? Attach this sheet to your bag so you’ll always remember!

coach's reminder list

12. Baseball necklace for each sports mom on your team

And isn’t it hard to remember who’s mom is who’s? You want to encourage the mom and the kiddo. Make easy softball or baseball necklaces for players or team moms using fender washers. You could even add the players name to the necklace. Cheap and easy!

Team moms baseball necklaces

13. Build your own drying rack for the stinky gear!

Sports equipment stinks! Build your own drying rack to let that gear air out in between uses. Great for football and hockey players. All you need is someone to magically get it from their bag onto the rack!

build a hockey drying rack

14. Dugout helmet organizer for the most genius sports mom tip!

Tired of picking up helmets off the ground or the scramble of finding the players helmet just before batting time? The dugout buddy here is made from two closet organizers and some stickers for the players’ names. Genius!

Dug out storage for helmets

Sports Mom Tips for the Win!

15. Good luck basket for the most awesome sports mom tip!

What kiddo doesn’t like a little surprise? Put a themed “good luck basket” together for the kids on the team. It may be corny, but it will give them all a boost before a big game.

Fun little gifts with inspirational notes

16. Coffee creamer containers for game snacks

Aren’t you tired of crushed snacks? Save your coffee creamer containers to take snacks to games and practices. Why have I never thought to reuse these before?

Coffee Mate storage uses

17. Basketball Treats

Our kiddos love treats! And having a sports themed treat is even better! Make easy basketball-themed treats with Oreos and dipping chocolate! Use orange candy melts for basketball, white for baseball, etc. Yummy and fun!

Chocolate basketball treats

Sports Mom Memorabilia

18. Jazz up a uniform hanger

What a great idea for a gift or for a craft activity to do with your cheerleader. Or, for. even more fun, gather the team together and do it as a team building activity! Jazz up and personalize a uniform hanger to add some extra pride for your child.

decorated uniform hanger

19. Revamp old trophies

Gather some old trophies from the far corners of your friend’s basements. Wouldn’t it be fun to award each player their own team coloured trophy? Or you could revamp those old trophies that your kiddo’s aren’t crazy about anymore and paint them to match their room decor. All you need is some spray paint, and now you have some cool pieces to use as decor in a sports-themed room!

hand painted reusable trophies

20. Create a team spirit wreath

Make an EASY team spirit wreath to display in your home (show some school pride) or to give on as a gift. I bet coaches would love it! Plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree, a straw wreath and something to go in the middle (like the license plate shown here) are all you need.

team spirit wreath

For those Fanatic Sports Moms!

21. Pop-up tents for rain or shine protection

These moms are brilliant! Their pop-up tents provide them with shade and keep them covered in case of rain. We know how many times we’ve been freezing cold or sunburned or drenched with rain wishing we had some kind of cover. And, since the zipper opens up, the kids can still hear their mom’s loud cheers! This idea is a keeper for sure.

Sports mom tip extraordinaire with pop up tent for each mom to keep out of sun and rain

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