17 Places to Get Eco-Friendly Bedding, Sheets, Linens and Towels

17 Places to Get Eco-Friendly Bedding, Sheets, Linens and Towels

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What a difference good organic sheets make. When you are all snuggled up in well-made sheets, it’s even harder to get out of bed in the morning. That’s why we think it’s appropriate to start blaming your lovely organic cotton sheets for your tendency of hitting the snooze button.

What to look for in ethical and eco-friendly bedding

Construction: Pay attention to the sheet’s staple. In other words, look at the length of the cotton fibers. The longer the staple, the better and more comfortable the sheets.

Natural, organic materials: Choose OEKO-TEX-certified sheets so that you don’t roll around in toxic chemicals. Choosing organic means that you’re supporting in a small way the spread of organic cotton farming practices, and proving that consumers will pay more for cotton that doesn’t require pesticides. Favor brands that use natural materials, such as organic cotton, linen and hemp. Other certifications to look for include Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), bluesign, Better Cotton Initiative, or Responsible Down Standard.

Fair labor and transparency: Just like choosing the material carefully, it’s important you pay attention to the brand’s manufacturing standards. We suggest you buy from brands that are transparent about where their product is made and those that pay fair wages and ensure a safe workplace. Certifications like Fair Trade and SA8000 make it easier for you to buy from brands that prioritize these crucial elements.

Sustainable packaging: Look out for brands that use packaging that contains recyclable or biodegradable materials, like recycled cardboard or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper.

[For an even better breakdown of all the textile certifications out there, check out this post.]

From cozy to classic, luxurious and basic, we have rounded up our favorite bedding to ensure you have a clean and comfortable sleep.


Made Trade

Made Trade is a curated online shop with the widest and largest selection of sustainable bedding for every style and budget.​ ​They are ​made from GOTS certified organic cotton, Tencel eucalyptus, linen, bamboo lyocell and more.​ ​Its products ​are eco-conscious, fair trade, vegan, and/or made in the USA, including sheets, duvets, pillows, blankets, and towels. ​On each product page, you can find information about the brand’s values and ethical practices, materials used, etc., so you can be an informed consumer (without spending a bunch of time researching). You can read more about Made Trade and why we love it here.


Delilah Home

Delilah Home carries a collection of GOTS organic cotton and non-toxic hemp sheets and towels. We’re big fans of Delilah Home’s ​100% organic ​hemp sheets, which​ ​are soft, lush and cooling bed sheets​ that ​don’t require any pesticides or fertilizers at the farm. Everything is made in Fair Trade factories, where the workers are paid above a living wage and work in safe environments. Delilah Home also gives back 10% of its profits to various environmental and community non-profits.

Alden Wicker, EcoCult’s founder, received a set of hemp sheets to try them out. She’s a night sweater, and these sheets are sweat-wicking that kept her comfortable. The texture is like linen, but a little bit nubbier. These sheets feel comforting, like curling up on your grandmother’s farmhouse couch for a nap.



On a mission to make shopping ethically easier, DoneGood is a marketplace that curates brands that create unique, high-quality products made in a way that’s good for people and the planet.  For the retailer, “good for people” means empowering workers, paying fair wages free of trafficking or child labor and unsafe working conditions. And “good for the planet” “means using eco-friendly production processes, non-toxic, organic​ or recycled materials, and taking other significant steps to keep our land, air and water clean.​ ​You can find​ an extensive selection of sustainable bedding, including sheets, duvets, pillows and mattress toppers.​



Founded in 1991, Coyuchi has the most comprehensive collection of home textiles out of the bunch, including sheets, towels, pillows, duvets, quilts, rugs, robes, shower curtains, and table linens. All products begin with 100% organic fibers and a traceable supply chain. It relies on guidelines set by the USDA National Organic Program, GOTS, Fairtrade USA, the Textile Exchange, and the International Labor Organization to ensure the products are made to the most sustainable and ethical standards.

Coyuchi offers several circularity programs, including a take-back program and one that repairs and recycles its customers’ sheets. Its packaging is made out of environmentally friendly materials, such as biodegradable poly bags, recycled paper and cardboard and organic cotton bags. Coyuchi has long-lasting relationships with suppliers, many small-to-medium-size family-run companies that use sustainable manufacturing practices, like water recycling, renewable energy, and reduced waste.

Alden has a set of jersey sheets from Coyuchi, and she shares they are like sleeping on a cloud. She also has a pair of pillows and a set of pillow covers.


SOL Organics

SOL sheets are made from 100% organic long-staple cotton, grown from non-GMO cottonseed and linen. The brand is Fairtrade certified and doesn’t use any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, formaldehyde, herbicides, endocrine disruptors, or phthalates. SOL seeks to provide “Fair Trade at a Fair Price,” so you can view its pricing model on its website. SOL also has a give-back program to provide funding for anti-racism, clean water, animal safety and anti-human trafficking efforts. 

Alden received a set of sheets and a duvet to try out, and mentions they are perfect for the summertime, as they are cool and crisp. The finishing is minimalist and high quality.


Under the Canopy

Under the Canopy makes certified organic bed linens and towels. When the brand can’t use organic textiles, it uses polyester down alternative made from recycled PET bottles. These sheets are incredibly affordable. Initially, we were suspicious, but the brand explained why. Under the Canopy’s supply chain is vertically integrated to cut costs and save on duty costs. The brand also has a lower thread count, which brings the price down.

After testing them out, our team concurs that they are well-made quality sheets. Its collection of duvets, shams, pillows, and sheets also comes in some super pretty, fun patterns.


YaYa & Co.

YaYa & Co. is a retailer that sources luxury organic bedding and home goods from small manufacturers and artisans worldwide while educating them on saving electricity, water, and waste reduction. All of its bedding sets are made from organic cotton or linen certified by Fairtrade USA, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). With each purchase made off its website, the brand plants trees in the Amazon to help with habitat conservation for the species living in the protected area. YaYa & Co. only uses recyclable materials in its packaging and does not use cardboard inside to shape its bedding.

We tested the brand’s Rosie Organic Cotton sheets and they are strong and soft, keeping you cool at night and holding up well to repeated laundering. You’ll notice how natural they feel against your skin.


American Blossom Linens

American Blossom Linens sheets are made from traceable USA organic cotton, grown by American family farmers, and then manufactured in the USA by Thomaston Mills who has been making bedding since 1899. Its bedding uses West Texas Organic cotton and Foxfibre® Colored Cotton, which has a uniquely beautiful natural color but doesn’t need to be dyed (decreasing things like water waste and toxic chemical exposure). Its packaging is made from 100% recycled content and its partners have demonstrated commitments to transparent sourcing, renewable energy, minimizing resource utilization, and responsible waste management. Plus, the brand has free shipping and a generous Happiness Guarantee: you can return your sheets for a full refund within two years if you’re not satisfied. One of its customers said: “SOOOO COMFY!!! Washed and used the sheets and they are so soft and substantial. Love the fact that they are made by a family business.”



Looma’s sheets are handcrafted out of 100% organic long-staple cotton for superior softness. It relies entirely on direct trade with farming families in the Himalayan basin for its unique cotton. Each of its farms are certified as fairly and ethically run by Fairtrade America. You get a Forever Warranty with your purchase, and every foundation set sold sponsors one month of tuition for a student at the Hanuman Girls’ School in rural Rajasthan, India.


Grund America

Grund is a family-owned company that prioritizes manufacturing high-quality products in a socially responsible way. It sells bedding made of 100% certified organic cotton that is processed according to the strict Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which prohibits the use of toxic pesticides, dyes and finishing agents. Its 300 count, Sateen weave sheets collection is color-coordinated with the Grund organic cotton bath mat, towel, and throw blanket collections, which are also made of 100% organic cotton certified to the GOTS standard. Grund’s sheets bloom with every wash to deliver a softer, more sustainable sleep experience night after night. The brand is also a member of Goodweave International, which certifies its products are free of child labor.


Alterra Pure

Alterra Pure creates sustainable, luxuriously soft and comfortable bedding out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. The regenerative cotton farms it sources from rely on rainwater, without any irrigation. All of the water used for production is recovered, recycled, and reused. The cotton is also Fairtrade, but since most organic farmers are struggling, Alterra Pure goes above and beyond by funding projects that directly benefit those farmers. The brand is transparent about its practices with a dedicated page related to its supply chain. Its packaging begins with upcycled and recycled materials, which are then crafted into a reusable gift box.


The Citizenry

The Citizenry collaborates with workshops and artisans around the world, blending contemporary designs with traditional techniques. By partnering with craftsmen, its achieves premium quality and support Fair Trade standards. Everything you buy from The Citizenry is artisan made. Its team travels around the world to find the best craftspeople and the finest materials.


Farm to Home

Farm to Home makes 300-400 thread count 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sheets, along with towels, throws, comfy-lets (a thin comforter), decorative pillows and robes. Its price point is a bit more accessible than a lot of the other organic bedding brands we come across. Everything is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, ethically-made, and free of chlorine bleach or heavy metals. All of its packaging is eco-friendly and made with post-recycled paper.



Cariloha sheets are made out of viscose from bamboo that is sourced from the green hills of the Sichuan Province in China. Its bamboo sheets are super soft, breathable, and eco-friendly all at once. It also naturally repels odors and allergens, so it’s a great option for those with pets. The brand shares on its site the process of how its bamboo goes from plant to pillow. You can get Cariloha’s classic, percale, aloha resort sheets in a variety of beautiful neutrals.


Luxor Linens

Luxor Linens has a collection of eco-friendly bedding and organic towels that are made from Oeko-Tex certified organic Egyptian cotton, bamboo, silk and linen. It offers its customer to personalize it eco-friendly gift boxes with signature monogramming.


Parachute Home

Parachute’s bedding is manufactured by artisans who have been weaving world-class linens for over 80 years. Its designs each piece with a clean, modern aesthetic in mind. The Percale and Sateen fabrics are made of the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton and spun in one of Tuscany’s world-renowned mills. The Linen line is produced in the Guimarães region in northern Portugal, where textile production has thrived since the 18th century. The sheets are Oeko-Tex and Responsible Down Standard certified. For every Venice Set sold, it sends one life-saving malaria prevention bed net to people in need through Nothing But Nets, a global, grassroots campaign created by the United Nations Foundation to prevent malaria.


Boll & Branch

Being one of the first direct-to-consumer home goods brands to pave the way, Boll & Branch has gained a reputation for trustworthy and high-quality products. It sells 100% organic cotton and Fairtrade certified sheets and towels. The sateen and towel products are made with sustainable practices in India by people who earn respect and fair wages for their work, while the flannel products are made sustainably in Portugal by expert artisans that use cotton originating from Turkey. Its white gift boxes are made up of 80% recycled material, without laminations that prevent conventional boxes from being recycled. The boxes are produced in a socially and environmentally focused factory, which is SA8000 certified, an accreditation for social accountability in the workplace.

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