15 popular things to buy from this luxury bedding brand

15 popular things to buy from this luxury bedding brand

15 popular things to buy from this luxury bedding brand— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

You might have already encountered some of the well-made, high-end products that Standard Textile Home is known for. That’s because their bath and bedroom goods are featured in the guestrooms of luxury hotels around the world. We tested their bedsheets and thought they were absolutely worth the price tag for the amount of comfort they brought.

We might not be doing a lot of traveling right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some hotel pleasures in the comfort of our homes. Below, 15 of the best-selling things you can get to make your own home feel like a 5-star hotel.

1. This robe that belongs at a 5-star spa

Spa Robe
Credit: Standard Textile Home

We’ll take one exfoliating full-body scrub please.

Sure, your version of a spa might be the bathroom you share with your spouse and less than fastidious kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some spa-like amenities. Take this shawl-collared robe, designed to look and feel like the cozy kinds you’d find yourself wrapped in, sipping complimentary bubbly after a hot stone massage. As one reviewer notes, “It is definitely a 5-star robe.” Grab your robe, pour yourself a mimosa, lock the bathroom door, and enjoy some me-time.

Get the Classic Spa Robe from Standard Textile Home for $79

2. These sheets that feel like a vacation

Satin sheets
Credit: Standard Textile Home

Hello, room service?

One of the best parts of staying at a high-end hotel is slipping into those cool, luxurious sheets at the end of the day. Bring that experience home with these luxe sateen sheets, which can actually be found in many fine hotels around the world. Go for the 4-piece sheet set (which includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases). One reviewer who uses these sheets says it's “hard to leave my bed.” But really, why would you want to?

Get the Sateen Sheet Set from Standard Textile Home for $149

3. A bath mat that belongs at the Ritz

Bath mat
Credit: Standard Textile Home

Let’s hit the mat.

Bath mats aren’t the sexiest home item. To be honest, we don’t even think about them half the time. But a really good one can seriously elevate your personal powder room. One reviewer compares this loop-stitched mat to one found during a stay at a Ritz Carlton – not a shabby endorsement. Says another, “The best bath mat I've had—it feels great on my feet, absorbs water and doesn't slide around.” We’re sold.

Get the Tufted Bath Mat from Standard Textile Home for $49

4. Towels that will have you walking on air

Bath towels
Credit: Standard Textile Home

A truly elevated experience.

People tend to use clouds as metaphors for things that are soft—and it makes sense. Who wouldn’t love to be wrapped in a big, fluffy, Care Bear-style cumulous? According to one happy reviewer, that’s exactly what being wrapped in these towels feels like. “My towels feel like clouds. Love them.” Other reviewers got more literal with their praise, noting that these plush, 100% zero-twist cotton were “soft and absorbent” and “have a luxury feel and size, yet dry quickly when hung.” Guess it makes sense that so many people are hung up on them.

Get the Plush Towels from Standard Textile Home for $109

5. The throw you’ve been searching for

Herringbone throw
Credit: Standard Textile Home

Throw caution to the wind and get it now.

There are certain home items that are hard to shop for. It’s not that they’re complicated, per se, but that there are just so many options that choosing The One can be overwhelming. Look no further, as one reviewer has found it for you. “Spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to find the right throw—so glad I chose this one,” she writes of this machine washable throw in a classy, understated herringbone knit. “It’s soft, heavy, and clearly of high quality. … You won’t regret this purchase.”

Get the Herringbone Throw from Standard Textile Home for $59

6. This ultra-luxe cashmere throw with contrasting sides

Cashmere throw
Credit: Standard Textile Home

You can never have too many throws.

Okay, we know we just said that you could look no further because the herringbone throw was The One, but soulmates are overrated. Better to keep your options open. Enter, this ultra-soft cashmere throw. “Beautiful and soft. I purchased it as a gift and they loved it! Now I may have to have one for myself,” reported one love-struck reviewer. With two contrasting sides in muted greys and pretty tassel accents, this lovely throw can be your main piece or your side piece. We don’t judge.

Get the Cashmere Reversible Tassel Throw from Standard Textile Home for $99

7. This item that will have you feeling like a wrap superstar

Bed skirt
Credit: Standard Textile Home

That’s a wrap on bed skirts, people.

Bed skirts are for our mothers and grandmothers. Modern home decorators are ditching the frilly skirts of yore for more minimalist bed wraps. Just ask this reviewer who noted, “I had a bed skirt on for years which I disliked, but the bed wrap looks very sleek and luxurious.” And for those unsure of stepping into new waters, don’t fear: “This bed wrap was very easy to install and looks AMAZING!” raves another. Consider the issue skirted.

Get the Circa Bed Wrap from Standard Textile Home for $149

8. Our favorite weighted blanket

Gravity Blanket
Credit: Standard Textile Home

We have so much anxiety that our anxiety has anxiety right now.

We love weighted blankets, and Standard Textile Home happens to sell our favorite one—the coveted Gravity Blanket. This weighted blanket ticks all the boxes—it's cozy, it's easy to use, and it's gorgeous to boot. Weighted blankets are great for stress relief, they’re also just cozy AF. “I take mine with me from my bed to my couch. I use it to sleep or to watch tv. Straight up, would wear it as clothes if it was possible,” endorsed another reviewer.

Get the Gravity Weighted Blanket from Standard Textile Home for $189

9. These small-batch candles that burn for days

Credit: Standard Textile Home

C’mon baby, light our candles.

We’re spending a lot more time at home right now—like, a lot. So, anything that helps make home more of a sanctuary is in high demand. Like candles. This gift set of hand-poured, small-batch candles made with essential oils are favorites among reviewers. One says, "I need to stock up on them as I’ve been burning through them while working from home. Pun intended.” With 50 hours of burn time per candle, we’re thinking it’s a match. Pun intended.

Get the Standard Textile Home Candle from Standard Textile Home for $9

10. These balls that make doing laundry fun, kind of

Dryer balls
Credit: Standard Textile Home

We’re going balls to the wall in the laundry room.

Laundry: It’s smelly, it’s boring, and these days, it feels more than ever like it never ends. So, a lot of us are looking for products to help make the drudgery of laundry more enjoyable – and successful. These all-natural dryer balls made in Nepal from 100% New Zealand Wool are designed to work like dryer sheets – without the waste or sickly-sweet scents. “love these...beats dryer sheets...no wrinkles in my clothes,” raves one reviewer, while another notes that they both “reduced drying time and increased the fluffiness of our laundry.”

Get the Wool Dryer Balls from Standard Textile Home for $15

11. These pillows that make every night feel like a staycation

Hotel pillows
Credit: Standard Textile Home

We’ll pillow fight you for them.

Not everyone likes a down pillow, and these pillows provide an extremely appealing alternative. Made with two outer chambers of soft gel fiber surrounding an inner chamber of high-resiliency garneted polyester, these babies are both soft and breathable. One happy reviewer commented that they gave her the “best night’s sleep since I stayed at the 5-star hotel that I discovered them in.” Yet another reviewer also first experienced these pillows while on vacation, purchasing them when she got home. “While on vacation and staying in a hotel, I had a beautiful night of rest, something I had not had for a long time. It was the pillow!” Staycation mode activated.

Get the Soft Down Alternative Pillows from Standard Textile Home for $89

12. This luxury mattress booster that will upgrade your pad

Mattress pad
Credit: Standard Textile Home

Talk about padding the bill.

Buying a mattress pad is a bit like doing taxes. Nobody wants to, but if you don’t, you’ll end up in trouble… getting a good night’s sleep, that is. We’ve done the work for you and found this mattress pad, favored by many luxury hotels around the world. The plush pad is waterproof and designed for a soundless sleep—it’s not made from squeaky vinyl like some lesser models. Take it from this reviewer, who says “This product defines the word ‘pad.’ It's very well made with a thick pad, making all other so-called mattress pads pale in comparison.”

Get the Comfort Cloud Mattress Pad from Standard Textile Home for $129

13. This duvet set that solves all your duvet issues

Sateen duvet
Credit: Standard Textile Home

You duvet you.

Duvets can be tricky. They look great, but it can be hard to get the right fit. We’ve all known the pain of waking up with our duvet bunched in a lump at the bottom of an ill-fitting cover, having slipped down in the night. Not so this sateen number, which comes with bottom button closures and ties in all corners to secure the duvet inside. “The ties to keep the insert in place are perfectly matched to the loops in the duvet,” raves one reviewer, while another praises, “This duvet cover is incredibly silky with a soft sheen next to the skin and very breathable, which is important for getting the perfect sleep temperature.”

Get the Sateen Duvet Set from Standard Textile Home for $169

14. This unisex robe that everyone loves

Waffle robe
Credit: Standard Textile Home

Get one for your partner while you’re at it.

They say that envy is the highest form of flattery. If that’s true, then this robe nailed it. “I purchased the waffle robe for myself and my husband liked it so much, I ordered one for him too,” writes one reviewer. Twinning! This shawl-collared robe comes with two sets of belt loops to keep it secure and ultra-deep pockets – all the better for storing snacks while lounging so you don’t have to leave the couch.

Get the Shawl Collar Waffle Robe from Standard Textile Home for $79

15. Towels for optimum coziness

Stripe towels
Credit: Standard Textile Home

We’re throwing in the towel – and buying even more towels.

Have these towels on hand to wow guests—or just hoard them for yourself. These soft, absorbent towels are made from extra-long staple cotton and marked by yarn-dyed dobby detail and a bold stripe that comes in a variety of attractive shades. According to reviewers, they are “beautiful…thick, plush, and soft.” Better yet, they “wrap you in coziness.” Really, all we want right now is to be wrapped in coziness, thanks.

Get the Classic Bold Stripe Towels from Standard Textile Home for $49

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