15 Best Flexible Data Entry Jobs From Home To Start Today

15 Best Flexible Data Entry Jobs From Home To Start Today

It’s something that I have considered, as it would mean that I get to be at home with my daughter more, and it’s something that doesn’t need upfront costs like some other work from home jobs.

We will cover online jobs work from home and data entry jobs from home online.

How Much Can You Make From Data Entry?

If you want to make money online and you’re interested in being paid from home, data entry jobs can still fill up your wallet.

According to Indeed, the average hourly rate for a data entry clerk is $16 an hour, so data entry makes more than minimum wage in most states.

This is usually for entry-level online data entry jobs, so if you start getting experience under your belt, you could do data entry work and make $20+ an hour!

Best Beginner Level Data Entry Jobs From Home

1) Flexjobs

FlexJobs is a popular job site for entry-level beginners and pros alike, and one of the places that I head to first when it comes to looking for new job opportunities.

Despite it being a job board, there is plenty of remote work on there, and they even have a dedicated section just for data entry clerk jobs.

There is a fee to use the site, but it tends to be well worth it due to a large number of jobs available and the fact that they have someone check all of the job listings to make sure that they are legit.

2) We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a big website that lists only remote jobs, including online data entry positions – which is perfect for you if you are specifically looking to work at home!

There are high-quality job listings posted on here – it costs recruiters $299 to post a job on there, so it goes without saying that they will only post on there if it’s a decent job opportunity.

3) UpWork

Upwork is a hugely popular site for freelance workers, and there are plenty of remote data entry jobs on there for you.

On Upwork, you complete your profile and they will highlight the best jobs for you. You can of course search for data entry jobs manually, too.

4) Clickworker

You can sign up for free on Clickworker, and then complete your profile and complete some short assessments to show your abilities for data entry and other jobs.

The number of jobs available depends on how well you perform on the site, and if you do well this means that your earnings will also increase.

You can get paid either weekly or monthly through Paypal, which is handy – just remember the fees.

5) SigTrack

The work that you will be doing for this site focuses on voters – you will be checking if petition signers are voters or processing voter registrations and other related forms. This is one of those good data entry jobs from home part-time that you can do.

SigTrack work isn’t all year round, as it is based on when it is petition season. This is, therefore, a good option for something around those times, or if you are only interested in a seasonal job, but you will want to look for other work in addition to this. 

You will be paid via Paypal, and per unit of work based on your accuracy – it is, therefore, important that you are very accurate in your work, as they ask for 98% accuracy in order to fulfill your task.

6) Capital Typing

Capital Typing is an outsourcing company that focuses on online data entry and transcription positions, including entry-level positions.

There is a section on their website called ‘Jobs’ which is where you will find the current positions available, and they offer a competitive salary.

7) Working Solutions

Working Solutions is the highest-rated home agent company on Glassdoor, with excellent reviews, and is popular with many job seekers.

They offer work that includes remote data entry jobs. To join, you will have to fill out an online application and then complete some further assessments.

They will contact you within 2 weeks to let you know if you have been accepted or rejected. Once you have been accepted, you are able to review the available jobs and apply for any that are a good match for you.

8) AccuTran Global

woman working on laptop near window with cup of coffee

AccuTran Global is largely known as a transcription company, as that is where the majority of their work lies, but they do also have data entry jobs available as well.

They ask you to email your availability every Friday and will send you new work based on what you send them.

9) DionData Solutions

The thing that I like most about DionData Solutions is that they make a point to say that they know that more and more people are looking for flexible work, generally because they want to be at home with their kids and that they hope to provide work to help with that.

It’s a great place to sign up for data entry jobs, and the sign-up process is simple.

They ask that to work for them you are a US citizen, are proficient with computers, and can work on multiple projects to deadlines. 

10) Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services is a legit, great company to work for. Because of this, they ask that you have 2-3 years of experience in data entry, and they also require you to have a typing speed of 50 WPM with no errors (eek!).

They pay by project, so it is a good thing for you to be fast anyway, as the faster you go, the higher your pay by the hour.

They also require you to pay a small fee to remain on their database to alert you to future job openings.

11) Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications generally are looking for transcribers, but they do occasionally look for data entry, so be sure to keep an eye on it so that you can get the job!

They pay for each job, and the pay is dependent on your accuracy – the highest rates are reserved for those with near-perfect accuracy.

12) DataPlus+

summer jobs for teachers woman typing while starting a blog

This is a company that provides services such as data entry, database programming, and business processing.

DataPlus+ is more of a traditional data entry company, which is perfect if it is data entry that you want to do.

As an independent contractor, you will be paid per project, and the speed at which you are able to go will also determine the fee that you are paid. So the faster you are, the more money that you will make!

13) GorgeWarehouse.com

When you work for this company, you will mainly be posting to websites and internal databases. Gorge Warehouse Websites hire a number of remote workers, which is great news for you!

They ask that you are able to type 30 words per minute, which is fairly average for beginners. Again, it’s one of those where the faster you can type than the more you should be able to get paid for your time doing data entry.

14) Ibotta

If you are in Colorado looking for remote data entry jobs, then this is the one for you! They only take on workers based there, even though it is a remote job.

Their jobs are snapped up quickly, so be sure to keep an eye on the Ibotta Jobs page to see if there are any openings.

The pay is $13 per hour and is typically on a part-time basis (perfect for working around the kids!).

15) Microworkers

This is a great site for when you have a bit of extra time to do data entry work and need some cash to fill in the gaps.

As the name implies, Microworkers is a site with “micro-jobs” – meaning that there are a lot of small tasks available that you can complete.

The jobs are quick, but please note that you are only paid if your work is approved, so be sure to check the percentage of work that is approved by the job poster before applying.

When you reach the $10 minimum threshold for payment, you will be paid via Paypal.

Skills Required For Data Entry Jobs From Home

woman holding cell phone near laptop computer

The skills that are required for data entry jobs aren’t as demanding as some other work-at-home roles, but there are requirements that you need to meet nevertheless.

There’s lots of room for growth, but even entry-level skills can be high-paying skills for data entry workers!

Computer Skills

You will need to have basic computer skills for data entry positions and be able to open any documents that you are sent to work on.

Knowledge of Computer Systems

Data entry of course means using computers and certain programs- so you need to know what’s what!

You will probably be sent work in different formats, so make sure that you are proficient at using the most typical formats: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.

Some data entry jobs may require additional knowledge of specific programs, so be sure to read the job listing carefully.

Typing Skills

Many job sites require you to have specific typing skills for data entry- generally that you are a fast and accurate typist and can type a certain amount of words per minute. You can take a practice test for typing, and see where you’re at and if you need practice.

Organizational Skills

When you’re hired to do data entry, you will sort out work that needs to be organized. So being able to sort out data into a more usable form will definitely have its advantages.

Not only that, working from home requires a high level of organization because you have to manage your own time and make sure that you can reach all of your deadlines.

Good Communication

One of the best qualities that you can bring to any employer, is being able to communicate well. Whether you work from home doing data entry or other remote jobs, this will be the key to opening many doors.

If you don’t understand something or need further clarification in order to do the job, make sure that you reach out straight away – they will appreciate you doing this.

Make sure that you stay on top of your emails and reply at least within 24/7.

Equipment For Data Entry Jobs

The best thing about data entry work is that there isn’t a lot that you need in order to get started.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually like having to shell out money for equipment before I have earned any money.

The equipment that you will need for data entry jobs includes:

  • A computer with high-speed Internet
  • Dual monitors – not all companies ask for this, but some have this as compulsory equipment for working for them. It helps a lot with transferring documents
  • Access to common programs on the computer. The more that you have available before you start, the easier it will be for you to complete the different tasks if they require various systems

Avoid Data Entry Job Scams

side view of a laptop on a desk

A lot of people are wary of starting a job from home, and they are right to be – there are a lot of scammers out there, unfortunately, but there are also a lot of decent legit jobs for you too.

There are some ways that you can avoid data entry job scams, which we can share with you.

Don’t Pay to Get a Job

There will be some job offers out there that ask you to pay a fee upfront for a job or for training, which is a big no-no.

You will NEVER have to pay upfront for any legitimate online data entry jobs (although remember that some of the job search sources we listed above do ask you to pay a small fee to remain in their applicant database long-term).

Also, beware of the scam that is going about where you are asked to deposit a check for business supplies in your own account – this is a fraudulent check and will never be asked by a legit company.

Claims A Very High Pay

If the ad claims that you can make thousands per week, don’t even bother looking for it – data entry jobs average about $16 an hour and you’d have to work over 40 hours a week to make even a thousand dollars. Beware of those promising more than what seems possible!

Wonky Websites

Sometimes “companies” will contact you for data entry jobs after finding your profile on LinkedIn or something, but you won’t be able to find much about the company- that’s a red flag!

If the website is brand new or very poorly designed, turn away

Scammers will try and put up a website in an attempt to look more legit, but they won’t put a lot of time into it, so you can usually tell if the website is legit just from looking at it.

Is a Work From Home Data Entry Job Right for You?

For work from home data entry jobs, you will need to be ok with a lot of repetition, and it will probably be boring at times, to be honest.

It is a good place to start an entry-level when you are looking to work at home, as you can get your confidence up, and there is a low barrier to entry.

Not to worry though, if you give data entry a try and find out that it’s not for you, there are a lot of other jobs that you can do from home or extra ways of earning money instead, such as with survey sites.

BONUS – Other Work From Home Job Ideas

laptop phone and notebook on wood table with the word dream and a person holding a cup of coffee nearby

There are other similar work-from-home jobs out there that you could try if you think that data entry may not be your thing, or as a side hustle.

There are other flexible, remote jobs around which can earn you enough income to work from home part-time or full-time around your other commitments.


A good alternative to data entry work is proofreading. Proofreading is where you check over a document to pick up any errors such as grammar and spelling.

Proofreading is different from copyediting because you will not have to change any of the text, just the errors that you spot.

This is, therefore, a great entry-level job for someone who has high attention to detail and can spot errors easily when reading through the given text.

This is also another great opportunity to find a part-time job to make extra money or you can make this your new successful money-making career!

If you are thinking about giving this a go, sign up to Proofread Anywhere’s free workshop, which goes over the beginner stages of getting started and seeing if it’s for you.

Freelance Writing

Are you a good writer or willing to learn how to be? If you like writing compared to data entry, freelance writing is a creative way to make an income and work at home.

Take a look at sites such as Upwork, Freelance Writing Gigs, ProBlogger, etc, or reach out to local businesses to see if they have any writing work for you. We discussed a number of these avenues when we created a list of excellent stay at home mom jobs!


Starting a blog was a game-changer for us – we now earn 5 figures each month from our blog and work at home!

We both quit our regular jobs to work online full-time!

The main ways that people tend to earn money from their blog include:

  • Affiliate marketing. This is where you are recommending a product or service, and if someone clicks on your link and signs up or purchases, you will receive a small part of the sale price as commission.
  • Sponsored posts. We do very well with sponsored posts, and that is due to having good pageviews, an engaged audience, and great content. These are all factors that will determine how much you can get paid. Companies or brands will pay you to write an article about them specifically.
  • Products. If you create your own products, you create a passive income stream, and won’t be directing readers from your blog onto someone else’s site. Products that you could create could be things like eBooks, courses, etc.
  • Services. There are services that you could sell via your blog, such as coaching.

To learn how to start a blog of your own, have a read of our article on how to set it up.

Virtual Assistant

Woman in home office with computer using telephone smiling

Are you interested in doing more than just data entry for a company? Virtual assistants do data entry work and more to support businesses.

A virtual assistant is pretty much how it sounds – you will be working as an assistant or secretary, but entirely virtually, which is perfect for working from home.

There are lots of tasks that you could offer as a virtual assistant, such as:

  • Answering emails
  • Making phone calls/booking appointments
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Writing copy
  • Creating graphics
  • Managing communities e.g. Facebook groups
  • Organizing diaries and schedules
  • Editing videos
  • Project management
  • Running Facebook ads

For even more ideas of side hustles that could be full-fledged work at home opportunities, check out this list:

Start a Facebook Side Hustle – Want to make money using Facebook. There are plenty of small business owners in need of marketing help. The perfect flexible side hustle anyone can start. 

Become a Pinterest VA (virtual assistant) – Love being on Pinterest all day and all night? Why not help other online business owners market their business with your Pinterest skills? 

Flip Items on eBay and Amazon – Love going thrift shopping and finding neat things to turn into cash? Start your own flipping business today! 

Take Online Surveys – The perfect side hustle while you watch tv, wait in the doctor’s office, or even sit on the toilet. Yes, you can make money while you use the bathroom. 

What do you think, which of these jobs sounds like a good fit for you? Try a data entry job or any of these online jobs to make $20 per hour and more!

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